Ben Roethlisberger Got Punched

A bunch of you sent this one in, so here’s Ben Roethlisberger getting sucker-punched by Richard Seymour of the Raiders after the Steelers scored a touchdown during Sunday’s game. Seymour, who was ejected after the hit, has since been fined $25,000, but claims he’s not sure what happened. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

“It was a lot of ongoing, and you’re out there to protect yourself. It’s still no excuse. I’m not sure exactly what happened on the play. I just turned around, and he just ran up on me quick. It was just natural reaction.”

“He just ran up on me quick.” No way. In a football game? What are the odds?

Anyway, I’m assuming a lot of you sent this clip in because of the Rapistberger post, but my reaction was pretty much your typical football fan response. It went from, “HA!” because random sucker punches are always hilarious to, “Wow, what a fucking idiot,” because, wow, what a fucking idiot. Then I verbally abused my robot butler for not instructing the hookers to make sandwiches. So, again, your typical response.