Ben Roethlisberger Got Punched

November 22nd, 2010 // 74 Comments
Ben Roethlisberger

A bunch of you sent this one in, so here’s Ben Roethlisberger getting sucker-punched by Richard Seymour of the Raiders after the Steelers scored a touchdown during Sunday’s game. Seymour, who was ejected after the hit, has since been fined $25,000, but claims he’s not sure what happened. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports:

“It was a lot of ongoing, and you’re out there to protect yourself. It’s still no excuse. I’m not sure exactly what happened on the play. I just turned around, and he just ran up on me quick. It was just natural reaction.”

“He just ran up on me quick.” No way. In a football game? What are the odds?

Anyway, I’m assuming a lot of you sent this clip in because of the Rapistberger post, but my reaction was pretty much your typical football fan response. It went from, “HA!” because random sucker punches are always hilarious to, “Wow, what a fucking idiot,” because, wow, what a fucking idiot. Then I verbally abused my robot butler for not instructing the hookers to make sandwiches. So, again, your typical response.


  1. me

    works for me

  2. Richard Seymour is just a really big advocate for women’s rights. That, or he thought Big Ben was sneaking up to rape him.

  3. he a rapist yo

    so hes allowed to rape women and go back to playing a sport? he probably hit the girl he raped harder than that, and hes got a fuckin helmet on? what a fuckin pussy it wasnt even a punch his fist wasnt even closed. well at least with all this pussy ass ness he will be able to rape people more. OH WAIT. thats a bad thing! why isnt he in prison again?

    • LolaLovely

      Because he’s clearly a pillar of modern society. I mean come on, he runs around in tight pants and throws a football! Obviously we can’t put someone of such monumental stature in prison. That would be crazy. He just contributes way too much to American culture. My God man…

    • Justin

      he’s probably not in prison because no criminal charges have ever been filed against him you fucking idiot.

  4. KC

    Give Seymour a medal.

  5. welldoneson

    WTF, he didn’t say anything to Seymour, he was moving towards his teammate Foster. Seymour is apparently and idiot; don’t you think he would have had a chance later without being caught? I don’t think Roth said anything to Seymour.

    • seymourz

      and idiot? lololol

    • anonymous

      Apparently the tv cameras didn’t show where Ben grabbed Seymour’s ass and whispering something about ruffies in Seymour’s Gatorade.

    • PL

      Seymour is awesome and Roth is a prick who deserves to get punched in the face every day. He definitely said something to him. Quit defending a rapist you loser.

      • pcb11

        i do believe seymour admitted to not hearing BR say anything, so, uh, who’s the loser here PL? way to ready the post.

  6. s'up bitches

    Seymour did it on purpose, but then again, Ben is a total asshole that thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants, so good job Seymour. I think it was worth the 25 K. By the way, that wasn’t a punch. It was an open palmed shove.

  7. poopsmith

    haha the showboating dick deserved it. fuck the steelers

  8. nasty_mike

    As mentioned, open handed != punch, it’s a shove or slap. I guess that kind of exaggeration is what you get when pussies pad up so much to play a contact sport.

  9. Colin

    It’s okay, he’s Ben Roethlisberger. Or does that excuse only work for rape?

  10. Jay

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!

  11. anonymous

    hope Ben Rapistberger remembers that helpless feeling he had on the field when a big football player got him on his back against his will the next time he tries date raping.

  12. Ladnar

    I’d hit that.

  13. Robert Acquafresca

    Ben forgot where he was because of the head injury while driving his motorcycle. You cant tell Seymour to “suck it” and “you know you want it” without getting slugged.

    Good thing Ben had a helmet on this time.

  14. ghost

    I saw an article about this earlier. I hope the next guy who hits Roethlisberger kills him.

    • Bob

      Wow, you are the kind of person society doesn’t need. Be careful what you project onto other people.

      • mike

        ghost is absolutely right…hes a RAPIST you moron. maybe Bob is the kind of person society doesnt need…people that sympathize with rapists!!
        so u feel bad for Vick too? he only tortured dogs.

  15. Evil

    This is bullshit. He instigated the whole thing.

  16. If only he had something on that would protect his head and face.

  17. mfb

    you’re all jagoffs……ben didn’t rape anyone, seymour’s a jagoff, raiders are jagoffs, football haters are jagoffs…..jagoffs!!!

  18. brian

    good thing he was wearing a helmet

  19. JJJJJJ

    I love how hockey gets such a bad name when the exact same shit happens in football, except in the NFL it’s not fighting…just sucker punching. Anyway, he deserved it for verbally taunting him during his celebration. Nothing like a punch to the mouth to let a little white weener boy pussy ass of a quarterback know that it’s time for him to shut his hole.

  20. Gando

    I thought we made already a few things very clear right!? Don’t let “questionable” people whisper you things in your ear and use your (global) power wisely.

  21. Elaine

    Ben went off on the guy and he popped him. That’s it, either guy would have an excuse against the other. Seymour punched Ben and that’s the way it’s going to look. The End.

  22. Mutt

    I’m assuming that none of you watch soccer. What Rapistberger did was called, “taking a dive”. A professional football player gets slapped in the helmet, and all of a sudden he’s lying on the ground and acts like he doesn’t know where he is, like a car hit him? Good acting job.

  23. Fool

    Thats an open handed slap, to a man in body armour wearing a shock proof helmet and he went down like a 6 year old girl versus a speeding truck.

    Go look at some of the tackles in the Wales v Fiji or England v Samoa rugby union games from last weekend….there are some legal shots in there that would have killed him on that performance.

  24. Elaine

    Of course, he took a dive. NFL players are some of the best actors are our days.

  25. tod

    the raiders suck
    pittsburgh is good
    just watch the scoreboards
    cant argue scoreboard

  26. Eh, that wasn’t a punch, that was a shove that Roethlisberger oversold to draw a penalty. That aside, I still think it’s funny.

  27. Welcome to the NFL bitch…….


  28. Leonidas

    you Yanks… What exactly is this thing you call “DEE-fense”? Is it anything like what the English-speaking world refers to as “de-FENSE”?

    • dumbass

      maybe you should bone up on how to say that in german, cuz next time the krauts blitzkrieg your gay limey asses, we’re liable to just let them have their way with you since we’re tired of all your ingrateful jibber jabber. and tell your queen to shave her snatch, i’m getting tired of picking her pubes out of my teeth.

      • Leonidas

        I’m not a brit, I’m just someone who knows how to speak English properly (ie someone who completed primary school). Not sure what this has to do with WWII, but I’m sure that if Hitler and the Blitzkrieg come looking for trouble again, you Yanks will jump in at number 99 and pretend to save the day again.

  29. jojo

    Now was this for the rape? Or the “rape” rape?

  30. Hmm

    I don’t watch American Football. I watch rugby, it’s not nearly as coma inducing.

  31. meg

    A black guy’s “natural reaction” is to throw a punch? Nooooo….

  32. yling

    I hope someone next clocks that dog-killer Michael Vick, as long as it’s open season on cheap-shotting quarterbacks.

  33. Saxton Hale

    First if all, he got acquitted on the rape charges. Hell, i don’t even think they had enough evidence to actually CHARGE him with anything. I know it happened twice, but has anyone ever thought that maybe…MAYBE those those women where just trying to get the fame or money that would come with dating him and he turned them down? How else do you get back at a celebrity? ( I HATE calling sports stars that, but that’s just how it is nowadays) They file some bullshit rape charges and hope the justice system will be just as prejudiced towards the woman in the situation as you all are. Well, turns out they aren’t and thank Butkus for it. Obviously, I’m not a steelers fan, I actually can’t stand them and I agree that this is being blown WAY out of proportion. If you can take a sack from Rice, you can take a shove. I hate how the league is turning into a bunch of sissies about getting a little shit shoved on them. So in short, I call for the lynching of Goodell. That is all.

    • Bony Homo

      Bullshit. There were plenty of witnesses – and the justice system was *hardly* prejudiced towards the woman in this case. Do your research please.
      Just another example of the rich and famous getting away with shit that would get most ppl thrown in jail and raped by the buttpirates. And then put on a sex offender list once they’re free.
      Like Algore and Clinton before him…

      • Saxton Hale

        First of all, witness testimony isn’t admissible in court. Secondly, while I’m no fan of Clinton, he did absolutely nothing to get put on a sex offender list. Do people actually remember WHY he got into trouble? He lied under oath, that’s a completely different subject than being a sexual offender. Thirdly, he had cops with him in the club at the time. There was no hard evidence against him, had the girl actually presented anything other than just people saying what they saw she might have had a case. So, please, do your research.

  34. I dont care much for Rothlesberger however in this case i feel Seymore should be charged with assault. Agressive play is one thing but a blatant cheap shot is not called for or should be tollerated. At the least he should be banned for the rest of the year.

  35. zug

    My High School football team could beat the Raiders. Wait, they are from Frisco… should be re-named the San Fran Salad Tossers (Or Ass Raiders). If James Harrison would have hit the opposing quarterback, he would have been fined 6 figures, and suspended. There are NFL rules, and then Rules for Harrison apparently. Raiders can suck Pelosi’s dick.

  36. andieman

    Now that’s what I call a “face palm”!

  37. Jack

    i am so glad seymore did this. As a raider fan i know love richard seymore. And as a fan of women not being raped I love him even more.

  38. SevanSins

    Karma thought it was Ben’s turn to get hit in the face by a Dick.

  39. beck

    good.. fuck him

  40. steak_knife

    i like that The Superficial posts stories about football. it makes this site seem a lot less gay.

  41. Ben Roethlisberger
    R Scarborough
    Commented on this photo:

    I would like to do it myself. I mean who really likes him anyway. Big Ben Who? Big Ben Cry Baby. Thats what I thought!!!!!!.

  42. GG1000

    I don’t condone it, but if you’re gonna slug someone, Mr. “Feminist of the Year” B.R. is a great choice.

  43. Raiders Suck

    What did you expect, he’s a Raider. They are all thugs and criminals, and their fans are all deadbeats and drains on the welfare system. Thats why there is a huge increase in the sale of Raiders gear on the 1st and 15th of every month..

  44. Davinci

    Imagine if he didnt have a helmet on?

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