Ben Affleck Went on Colbert for Damage Control: It Was ‘Meh’

Last night Ben Affleck appeared on The Late Show in an ill-fitting suit to try and save face the night before Justice League stumbles into its opening weekend. It was obvious that his publicist’s main goal was to remind people that Ben is sorry for touching that woman’s boob and that he’s donating all his Harvey Weinstein/Miramax money to charity, because they didn’t talk about Justice League whatsoever…

Instead, Colbert brought up how Good Will Hunting is 20 years old and Ben relived some of his glory day memories when Harvey Weinstein let him romp around his personal harem with Matt Damon without all these pesky sexual harassment tweets.

“Times were simpler back then,” says the old man who wishes water fountains were still segregated (it’s kind of the same thing here).

Of course the subject of Ben’s sexual harassment history came up (per his publicists request) and Stephen Colbert tossed him up some softball questions and big fake pats on the back for being such a brave soldier for feminism. He eventually brought up this remorseful story of how he was accused of touching a woman’s breast while giving her a hug. Funny… I don’t really remember that one. I do however, remember him grabbing multiple asses at a gala party, sliding his finger between a woman’s buttcheeks, and saying jack shit about his brother Casey’s dickplay on the set of I’m Still Here — but that’s not this one, nor one that was brought up during his interview with Colbert (+34 gaslighting XP).

Oh, then at the end Stephen Colbert reminds everyone that Justice League comes out tomorrow (which is actually today)…

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