Let’s See How Badly Ben Affleck Wants To Die Today

Wow. Um, holy shit.

So here’s Ben Affleck grabbing a smoke in London yesterday and not at all looking like a man desperately longing for one of those European terrorist attacks you see on the news all the time. Nope, this is a guy who’s crushing it. Totally crushing it. Just living life.

ben affleck london

“Just keep your eyes closed, and you won’t see them looking at your tits. Just keep ‘em closed, Ben. Keep ‘em closed…”

UPDATE: Apparently Ben Affleck took Violet to the same showing of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child as Margot Robbie, so I’m guessing this happened right before these pics:

“I’m telling mom you wouldn’t stop talking to that Margot lady.”
“God fucking… Pull over. I need a smoke.”
“I said PULL OVER.”

ben affleck smoking
“You understand me…”

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Photos: AKM-GSI

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