Ben Affleck Lost $75 Million With ‘Live By Night,’ Not Good

“So, Ben, how many of these you have to do now?”
“Are they all going to be shot in the dark?”
“I don’t fucking know…”

In case Ben Affleck doesn’t look like he’s going to walk into traffic enough these days, Variety reports that Live By Night lost $75 million on top of confirming to the world that, yes, Ben Affleck got a phoenix tattoo on his back in real life because he’s a 17-year-old girl on spring break.

The expensive gangster picture was a passion project for Ben Affleck, who directed, wrote, produced, and starred in the story of a Florida rum runner. But critics ripped the picture, calling it dramatically inert and a muddle. That’s left Warner Bros., the studio behind the film flop, looking at a $75 million loss, according to insiders with knowledge of its financing and rival studio executives.

While this screws Ben Affleck’s creative freedom at Warner Bros., Forbes reports he can turn things around if Justice League is a succ- BAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, I couldn’t finish that sentence. I tried. Zack Snyder’s directing it! The same Zack Snyder who went, “You know what would be great? If Batman stopped fighting Superman because their moms have the same name, and then he got really sad.” Ah, God, I’m a nerd. Roll the meme.

ben affleck vaping
♫ Ooh, baby, do you know what that’s worth? ♫
“Fack those guys. I don’t need anybody.”
♫ Ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♫
“Siri, call Tahm. — Tahm, it’s Ben. I need you. — Fine. Fack your Supah Bowl!”
♫ When the night falls down ♫
“Siri, call Matt. — Matt, it’s Ben. I need… why the fack do I hear Tahm?”
♫ I wait for you and you come around… ♫

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Photo: Warner Bros./Empire