Ben Affleck’s Not Directing The Justice League

“Alright, Flash, in this shot, Wonder Woman’s going to gently rest her giant Amazon penis on your back.”
“Got it. Wait, what?”

Presumably because his days are filled with finding new and inventive ways to sneak babies into Jennifer Garner’s uterus, Ben Affleck will not be directing a Justice League movie despite reports that Warner Bros. approached him because, “Dude, did you see how much money Marvel made with The Avengers? It was like a bazillion dollars.” Deadline reports:

After putting his acting career in the dumper with questionable choices like Gigli, Affleck admirably scripted a second act for himself with his writing and directing skills, and did it by taking on unexpected, thoughtful films. His reps clearly denied he would take this, and why would he want to direct a Justice League movie, unless he himself had figured out a way to make one that would compare favorably with Joss Whedon’s billion dollar Marvel smash The Avengers?

Keep in mind, Ben Affleck has said he only wants to direct movies he stars in, so that means he’d have to play a member of the Justice League which everyone assumes would be the rebooted Batman. Except I’d like to throw my hat in the ring by saying it’d probably be Black Lightning because Ben Affleck’s a huge racist. I saw him break Michael Clarke Duncan’s knees once. True story.

Photos: Alex Ross/DC Comics, Splash News, WENN