Are Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Getting Back Together?

Oh yeah, this guy totally wants back in.

Last summer, Ben Affleck’s marriage became an embarrassing train wreck of nanny-fucking, moobs, and douche-mobiles. Then in March, his career became an almost equally impressive shitshow thanks to Batman V Superman where he played a murderous, gun-toting Batman who falls apart and cries like a little bitch if your moms have the same name. Except now he’s trying to rise from the ashes of both – Phoenix tattoo reference. Boom. – because not only did Warner Bros. make him an executive producer on Justice League to keep Zack Snyder in line, but now there’s word he’s trying to put his marriage back together. Which I’m going to kick over to Lainey Gossip who has the best running commentary hands down on the mechanizations of Bennifer Garner. Also, this story has the wrong kind of boobs, because have I mentioned Ben Affleck has them? Ben Affleck has boobs. It’s a miracle they don’t lactate.

PEOPLE Magazine Reports That Ben Affleck Wants Jennifer Garner Back – Lainey Gossip

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