Ben Affleck is a Wickid Hahdass Now

Photo Boy | January 6, 2011 - 4:23 pm

“What? No wahfle cones? I’m puttin’ this whole ice cream pahlah in my reahview.”

Here’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner taking their daughter out for ice cream yesterday where things got a little tense when Ben start flipping off the paparazzi. I guess because they actually came in the door and stared snapping pictures, who knows? But is it me or does Jennifer Garner have that look on her face like a wife who’s about to get beat when she gets home? I mean, Christ, Ben Affleck’s anger is palpable and the beard isn’t helping. It’s like looking at a murder scene before it even happens.

JENNIFER: So how was your ice cream?
BEN: Ice cream? How was my ice cream? I’ll give you ice cream. *drives car off cliff*
VIOLET: I’m in the car, too, assholllllleeeesss….


Wow, this, uh, this got really dark, didn’t it? Hey, look, a naked chick! *runs away*

Photos: Flynet