Ben Affleck is a Wickid Hahdass Now

January 6th, 2011 // 88 Comments

“What? No wahfle cones? I’m puttin’ this whole ice cream pahlah in my reahview.”

Here’s Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner taking their daughter out for ice cream yesterday where things got a little tense when Ben start flipping off the paparazzi. I guess because they actually came in the door and stared snapping pictures, who knows? But is it me or does Jennifer Garner have that look on her face like a wife who’s about to get beat when she gets home? I mean, Christ, Ben Affleck’s anger is palpable and the beard isn’t helping. It’s like looking at a murder scene before it even happens.

JENNIFER: So how was your ice cream?
BEN: Ice cream? How was my ice cream? I’ll give you ice cream. *drives car off cliff*
VIOLET: I’m in the car, too, assholllllleeeesss….


Wow, this, uh, this got really dark, didn’t it? Hey, look, a naked chick! *runs away*

Photos: Flynet


  1. dumbass

    who’s that tranny hanging out behind him?

  2. Get it right ya retahd

    it’s “wickid hahdass”

  3. abby

    dear god, they’ve kidnapped abigail breslin.

  4. HRH Adam

    People should leave him alone when hes with his kid, you know, and just let him not experience any sort of tradeoffs for earning $35 million a year for a few months of work

  5. dude!

    Eh, ya have no kids, right, fish?

  6. bahlsach

    i think her look is likely more about the fact that Ben is flicking people off and making a scene in front of their child. Oddly enough people taking pictures of them is doing less harm than Ben’s behavior.

      • qwerty

        Paps can’t harm this kid any more than she’s already been harmed.Her mother made a fucking career out of getting papped with her kids every single day

      • amy chicken sandwich

        qwerty–what, so she’s not supposed to go outside? How can one make a living off of OTHERs taking pictures of them walking around–mostly in sweatpants and sunglasses.

      • Carolyn

        They seem to be pretty decent parents. I’ve never seen him react this way to the paps, but when they follow his family in a store and get in their faces I don’t blame him for showing the middle finger. Of course the price of fame is a loss of privacy, but for the most part I think they handle their lives well.

  7. Mortimer Duke

    Id be on edge to if I had to have sex with Skeletor back there.

    Im sure when hes doing that pasty man face hump, he dreams of J. Lo soft Puerto Rican butt and how that was the last time he felt like a man.

    • Ah, yes…I’m sure she made him feel like a real man when they were at the tables in AC and he left a $500 chip tip for the croupier when he won a buttload (sorry) at blackjack. And Lopez snatched it back and put down a $100 chip instead because she thought he tipped too much.
      She would’ve had his scrotum in a ziplock sack 30 seconds after the wedding if he’d been deluded enough to wed her castrating (massive) ass.

      • Cock Dr

        No kidding! If that’s true…J-Lo is such a BITCH.

      • He liked to gamble (may still like to, for all I know) and she thought it was a waste of money. Apparently her mom loves the slots and she won’t even part with a quarter. Hey, regardless of whether you dislike gambling and think your guy is being dumb with his money, you don’t emasculate him by playing mommy in front of everyone and police him when he chooses how to blow his allowance.
        I would have made her blow the dealer as an apology but that’s just me. ;)

  8. Leo

    Never mind Ben. What makes me raise a brow is the difference between the clothing of the parents and their daughter. Jennifer wears a coat and boots, but her daughter is let out of the house in flip-flops???

  9. Dirk the impailer...

    Shooting the birdie at a scumbag papariazi — no problem.

    But shooting the birdie with your very young kid standing right there — totally and completely douchebag-level classless!!!!

  10. Zoe

    What we missed was a minute earlier when Harrison Ford walked by and said “nice job copying my career, fathead”.

  11. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    how the heck are they in boots and jackets and the kid in t-shirt and flip-flops??

  12. One scoop or two Ben?

    One. Asshole.

  13. DKNY

    Wickid pissah

  14. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    Lovely, kind of like a Rockwell

  15. useless

    If we were governed by Anglos, the papsmears would be strung up on trees and dangling til they rot. Scum.

  16. Heyzeus Hosay

    I’m not feelin’ any douchebaggy-ness coming from the Aff here. I kinda can understand….the paps are assholes and him and his are kinda like the nicest hollywood family around. i would be kinda miffed myself. just kinda

    But Jen does look a bit peeved…kinda like, “really Ben, must you?”

  17. Nancy Cuntlosi

    Death to the aggressive papparrazi. the ones kindly earning a living may live.

  18. slapkatyperry

    The man is trying to spend time with his family, What’s he going to do jump out of a phone booth dressed as superman?

  19. Cock Dr

    He is probably just so goddamn tired of people everywhere all the time taking pictures of his kids.

    • lightdragon

      if that was so then he wouldn’t have called them to take his picture.

      • Carolyn

        And how do we know he did that?

      • The Listener

        Since he’s giving them the bird, I doubt he called them. Also, most celebs hate for paparazzi to take photos of their young children unless their children are already involved in acting. The paps were likely somewhere nearby when they spotted his family and decided to follow them into the shop and take photos.

        Celebs should know that an angry reaction like that will make the photos more valuable because it’s not something that is photographed every day.

  20. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    This is what makes me want to stop read this stuff. Sometimes it’s funny but I would be pissed as hell in their shoes.

  21. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    Both of them are pretty jacked, so if there was a fight I’d put my money on Ben and Jennifer to kick some ass.

    That being said, can’t they just let them take their kid to get ice cream without having to take a fucking photo of it?

  22. McFeely Smackup

    While I think we can all appreciate getting tired of having your photo taken, I think Ben has lost track of the fact that IT’S HIS JOB.

    Actors don’t get paid millions of dollars for a couple weeks work because they deserve it, it’s all part of the “famous person lifestyle” that they seem to enjoy so much. You don’t get to say “I want the money, but I don’t want my picture taken” any more than the rest of us can tell our bosses “I want to get paid, but I don’t want to do any work”.

    Ben, if you don’t want to have your picture taken, thats fine. Take your money and go live a quiet life of solitude. I’ll be the first one to defend you if you STOP BEING A FUCKING ACTOR…but as long as you make your living being famous, shut up, stick that finger up your ass, and smile for the camera.

    • kaz

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • amy chicken sandwich

      While I would usually agree with you, it looks to me like he is trying to enjoy some time with his family at an ice-cream shop. The paps don’t have to come in and take pictures of his little girl. I just think there is a time and place for it. I mean, I’d love to be famous (and most everyone else would love it, the money anyway), and sure I’d have to deal with some photos here and there. But by no means would I enjoy picture-raping for the most mudane of tasks.

    • Lux

      Considering people wake up at 4 am to get on buses to do public welfare jobs to feed their kids, getting your fucking picture taken is barely hard knocks.

    • crazypants

      WRONG – He’s a husband and dad taking his family for a fucking ice cream cone when 1 or many douches with flash cameras come into the joint and start snapping pictures of his wife and very young daughter.

      Movie premiere, red carper affair, product launch, etc. – snap away, take all the pictures you want.

      A private, quite normal moment with your wife and kid, back the fuck off.

      • Allie

        Why are you on a celebrity website then?

        I agree with McFeeley. You’re getting paid $10 million for two-three months work (on average) — then shut up and smile for the camera.

  23. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    omg she is so cute!

  24. Turd Ferguson

    Come on Ben.
    We know you paid the paps in an effort to remain relevant.

  25. jumpin_j

    Oh gahd yah and Nomah’s fahkin Gawd in Fenway Pahk!

  26. kanyeisgay

    BENGAY !

  27. Rough of virtue

    Show some respect for the future of Boston politic non entities…

  28. Mandy

    I don’t blame Ben for this. I doubt he cares that HIS picture is being taken – it’s his kid that he is worried about. I know people say “He’s an actor, it’s his job to get his picture taken by the paparazzi”, which I normally agree with, but that doesn’t mean he should have to subject his kid to the same problem too.

    • mcfeely smackup

      That’s like dangling a baby in a swamp and saying it’s not fair that alligators bit off his feet. Ben had the right to live a quiet normal life, but he chose not to. He subjected his kid to this lifestyle, and continues to. He could check out and raise his kid in the quiet fields of fucking Kansas…but he doesn’t want to.

      So FUCK him.

      • Stephanie

        Dearest mcfeely smackup,
        Actors have the right to privacy. Just because he is an Actor does not mean he chose to give up a normal family life. He should have the ability to go get ice cream in New York City or in Kansas and NOT have his picture taken with his children.

      • amy chicken sandwich

        Oh come on Mcfeely. As many pictures as he’s smiled for and you get upset over one “bird” shot? Maybe he’s having a bad day–or like the other posters said–maybe he doesn’t like them taking pictures of his little girl. Maybe he politely asked them to stop and they didn’t. Who knows. Famous people can’t just stay indoors at all times. And not everyone has happy every single day. I can’t imagine being famous and wanting to go to the pool or beach. Those have it the worst–except for the ones that pose for it.

  29. INMATE 12236969

    Aw this reminds me of the Berkeley trailer park Ben and I grew up in—we’d flip off the pig farmer every time he caught us with those pigs. Aw growing up in Berkeley; Peace and Love—Peace and Love. Squeal like a pig baby.

  30. Ed

    He should be happy someone thinks he’s relevant.

    Best Ben Affleck joke ever was on Conan years ago:
    “Did you hear Jennifer Garner is pregnant? Yeah, it’s Ben Affleck’s first successful release in years.”

  31. You can tell he’s mad because he’s giving them the WHOLE bird.

  32. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Violets Auntie
    Commented on this photo:

    Papa don’t belong inside an establishment, they should have been thrown out. They crossed the line.

  33. Jeni Vita

    Ben Affleck: “I’m Still Here”

  34. noooooooooo

    Pretty sure this whole story is wrong.

    Ben and the pap’s went for ice cream, everyone was having grand old time until suddenly, one of the pap’s questions Ben about some extra sprinkles. Ben tucks his wallet away slowly, turns around and asks “You want some fucking EXTRA sprinkles?”. At this point there’s tension in the air, Jennifer ducks back with her kid as the other pap’s drop their ice cream realizing the mood just died.

    Look at the hand placement to the pocket, he’s putting away the wallet, the treat is over and now the ungrateful one is getting retribution by snapping a few shots of a freebie day gone wrong. What a bastard though, everyone loves free ice cream and all of a sudden it turns all aggro because free wasn’t enough.

    Or I just made all that shit up because it seemed more interesting in general.

    • I love you guys

      Hilarious. That’s the best shit I’ve read all day. “Ben tucks his wallet away slowly, turns around and asks “You want some fucking EXTRA sprinkles?” Loves it.

  35. wim

    pssssst: he has four fingers more on his right hand.

  36. Wants meds

    Ben dated Winona’s then BFF, Gwyneth Paltrow. As far as scaring/scarring Violet, judging from the pictures, she never actually was in position to see her dad.
    Jen does look doubly irritated, though.

  37. datroof

    It should be legal to mace the paps, then as they roll around on the ground screaming in pain, kick them down the nearest flight of stairs. You should be allowed to run them over when they block your car, then put it in reverse and back over them again just to be sure you got them good.

    If you put it to me to save the life of a shit-encrusted cockroach or a paparazzi, I’d choose the cockroach without a second thought. Then laugh as the pap was dragged away to his doom. Ideally a painful one I get to watch and take pictures of.

    No matter how much of a douchebag a celebrity may be, and they can be pretty colossal douchebags, when there is a conflict, I always side with them over the subhuman filth that is a pap.

  38. mimi

    It’s not that I would happily have sex with him (and his wife), but Ben Affleck’s job is not only to be an actor, but also a (great) director. Gone Baby Gone and The Town are two tremendous movies.
    Most people here do not seem to know.
    But obviously, most people here are assholes.

  39. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    Why the hell would they make their daughter wear summer clothes in winter?!!!

  40. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    Mom and Dad got on coats, check. Mom also got on full tights and knee boots, check. Kid is bare legged in flip flops, no coat. WTF

  41. Phred

    Sorry, but I have no sympathy. You play the fame game and reap its exceptional rewards you have to then accept everything that comes with it, and with good humor. Can’t have it both ways. Can’t be a multi-million dollar paid actor one minute and then the next just an ordinary bloke taking out his family for ice cream. Garner looks pissed at him for good reason.
    Of course, ‘ol Ben probably does try to be cool most of the time but, like all of us, sometimes just can’t deal. Difference is we’re not photographed by strangers when it happens. And no matter how many times he might’ve kept his cool it only takes once for it to blow his image. Oh well, boo hoo. Guess he can console himself by crying into his big bag money.

    • dumbass

      How did he ‘blow his image’? I thought his image was he’s an asshole married to a tranny?

    • Allie

      Very true … and well said.

      As someone else mentioned earlier, fame IS a lifestyle and it’s a CHOICE. Be a world-famous actor or be an anonymous nobody – you can’t have it both ways.

      Besides, his wife stages like a MILLION photo-ops with those two kids so no-one should be boo-hooing about that kid getting her picture taken. Seeing her father lose his sh*t is probably far more detrimental to her than having her picture taken (again).

      Anyway, there seems to be more going on with him than just a bad day. The Blake Lively cheating rumors, alcoholism, maybe a gambling problem – he’s certainly seems unhappy. And she doesn’t seem too thrilled with him either.

      He should get out now before she gets knocked up AGAIN in an another attempt to save their dying marriage.

  42. Nikki

    They asked him where Matt Damon was.

  43. someone

    I don’t blame him for being mad, the paps should have stayed outside….

  44. icon

    “Jennifer Garner have that look on her face like a wife who’s about to get beat when she gets home?”

    Are you kidding me? She is a tough chick, if anything he might be the one to be worried about going home.

  45. Marceelf

    Jennifer Garner always seems to be ignoring the paps and concentrating on her kids. Then you add in The Great Santini on your ice cream run and suddenly Violet starts wetting her pants. How Benita reacts sets the mood for his family. Jen needs to quit it and forget it!

  46. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    I feel for the guy. I am noticing that more and more gossip sites have sections that are entirely dedicated to the kids of celebrities. And while I enjoy looking at all the cute kid photos just as much as the next guy, I sometimes wonder if the paparazzi interfere too much with famous parents. Garner and Affleck seem to be trying to lead a pretty engaged and normal life with their girls–sports, playgrounds, grocery shopping, normal clothes and hair styles, ice cream stops and lots of affection–but it has got to be hard getting buzzed by photogs so often and so persistently.

  47. Grace

    Man, Jennifer Garner looks way too skinny here :/ Her cheekbones look like they’re about to cut through her skin–not in a good way, and her eyes are way sunken in.

  48. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    I can understand being frustrated with the paparazzi, but that’s just immature to flip the bird in a public place in front of your child.

  49. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    no shit. photographing his wife and daughter coming out of the toilet. i’d be pissed as hell, too. back the eff off.

  50. Ben Affleck Flips Off Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    We all have bad day (s). I see him in family sometimes – his just a regular JOE. Move-on.

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