Ben Affleck Had The Kids This Weekend, It Went Great

Normally, Jennifer Garner takes her children to church on Sundays. But somehow Ben Affleck had the kids all weekend and managed to look exactly like Ben Affleck being stuck with his kids all weekend. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t giddy right now.

ben affleck kids church
“Why were you asleep on the kitchen floor this morning? Mom never sleeps on the kitchen floor. Is that why you were crying?”

ben affleck churck kids asleep wall
“Daddy! You’re sleeping against the wall. I can’t get through!”
You’re sleeping against the wall…”

ben affleck kids church
“You know Samuel is wearing sweatpants and suspenders, right? Mom never dresses him in sweatpants and suspenders.”
“If Daddy died, which one of you wants these shoes? They’re good shoes.”

ben affleck kids church
“Are you okay to drive? Mom says to call her if you’re not okay to drive.”
“Jesus Christ, Violet. I’m okay to drive.” *walks into fender, tumbles over hood*

ben affleck kids weekend
“I no tell police you have children in car, Mr. Affleck. Enjoy movie.”
“You’re a good man, Pagoda.”

ben affleck kids weekend
“Dad, where are our fruit snacks? Oh my god, are you using your teeth?!”
“Mmfut fup, Mffiolet!”

ben affleck fan parking lot
ben affleck fan parking lot
“Whoa. Whoa shit…”

ben affleck fan parking lot
“Uh, picture?”

ben affleck fan parking lot
“DAD! Fuck her or get in the car! Jesus.”
“Shut up, Violet!”

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