Ben Affleck is Donating Weinstein Residuals to Charity Too

A week after his buddy Kevin Smith declared that he was donating all of his Weinstein-tainted residual checks to charity, Ben Affleck has decided to follow suit in an attempt to distance himself from that guy who got too handsy with that TV reporter. Fat Batman is currently balls-deep in promoting the new Justice League movie and Warner Bros probably has a small PR army working around the clock to make sure he doesn’t tweet or say anything that could make the release any shittier. Considering that the movie will still probably bank nine figures, it’s hard to think that Ben’s finances are really going to be reeling from the loss of that Good Will Hunting quarterly check.

That being said, Affleck’s gesture is being widely skewered simply for the fact that he’ll say some shit like “more women need to be pushed to power” and that sexual harassment has to also be “a men’s issue,” then say jack shit when pressed on his kid brother Casey Affleck. Throw that on top of the fact that nobody asked for a Fat Batman in the first place and you’ve got yourself one hell of a public image disaster.

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