It’s Ben Affleck’s Batman’s Costume

May 13th, 2014 // 25 Comments
Batman Costume Ben Affleck Batmobile

Yesterday, Zack Snyder teased an image of the new Batmobile‘s ass with a promise of revealing the whole thing today. Which he just did along with Ben Affleck‘s new Batman costume albeit in black and white. And because I’m a giant, sexless nerd who just hyperventilated himself to orgasm, I clicked a bunch of filters I don’t understand on Photoshop to try and lighten it up gave up and used Google Image to find this:

Batman Costume Ben Affleck Batmobile

That is definitely a Frank Miller-esque Batman costume. I’ll give them that. Now show me on the utility belt where Batman keeps his card-counter. Or does he make Robin crawl around the vents with an X-ray camera? Because small boys are good at into getting into tight spaces. Almost like they’re made for- *gets hit in the face with Chris Hansen-arang*

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  1. Batsuit apparently has veins?

    Meh. veins > nipples

    • at least it doesn’t have a big plastic dick cup this time.

    • And a big bat-shaped nipple pasty.

    • …here’s my question: in comic books, i get it, it’s artistic license, and it makes the images more dynamic and cool looking, but, in live action movies, when they have costumes where the muscles appear to be super lean and striated (and now veiny) are they implying ultra skin tight material? …which i’m kinda ok with spidey, lantern, or flash, maybe even supes, but, in the case of batman; how’s that practical? (theoretically, conceptually) …is it designed my edna mode? yeah, it’s definitely muthafukin cool looking as shit, but, it kinda takes me out of the movie a little…

      • gumbypokey

        Couldn’t say, but these are still early days. The final cut may see a change in aesthetic nuances here or there. I agree with you, it looks friggin’ awesome. I don’t understand where the artistic directors were coming from with this choice. It would certainly be at home in the comic books but live-action always forces me to critique the practicality of things I’m seeing on screen – it shits me. Definitely a raw, visceral departure from what we saw in Nolan’s movies, which featured a more modern military-inspired look IMO.

        I was first going to reply with “chill dude, stop over analyzing”, which I have just done myself. I’ll be in the corner shame-eating a greasy pizza.

      • JimBB

        If real life had anything to do with Batman’s costume, he wouldn’t be wearing that stupid cape.

  2. Juch

    “This Batman suit is great! It totally covers up the Spanx. Much better than the control-top panty hose I had to wear under my Daredevil costume.”

  3. That photo is actually in color.

    Well, at least it’s not saturated in blue and orange…

    • dennis

      Not color but monochrome. Some people have been photoshopping the Batsuit in classic blue/gray combo which actually looks pretty good.

      Black Batman has been done since the 80′s.

  4. malaka

    so bluntman got the munchies and ate chronic??
    its like batman just gave up on life…

  5. Looks like the muscles come packed into the suit, so Ben Affleck won’t need to hit the gym too hard. It looks great btw. How will it stand next to Henry Cavill’s Superman remains to be seen.

  6. Short Round

    Looks like the Hulk and Batman costumes had a torrid affair and instead of giving the baby to January Jones they accidentally mailed it to Ben Affleck.

  7. Someone is going to make some money selling roids.

  8. cajunhawk

    The Darkness…it surrounds me…cloaks me…helps me count cards.

  9. Cock Dr

    Batman with a Boston accent. Will be hard to prevent outburst of laughter when Ben starts emoting.

  10. …should be Shaftman and Throbbing!

  11. anonymous

    A Batman suit with built-in muscles complete with vascularity is cheating.

    But then again versus Superman, Batman is going to have to cheat or make Kryptonite rain from the sky.

  12. Everything related to this production is so underwhelming… man, wake me up when “Gotham” is premiering.

  13. Batman, the steroids edition. When is his next MMA fight?

  14. Looks like they just recycled that ridiculous Bane costume from the Clooney Batman and Robin flick and threw a cape, cowl, and utility belt on it.

    • I don’t think, officially, that that Clooney Batman and Robin movie exists anymore. Kinda like Supermans III and IV. “Superman meets Richard Pryor? The fuck have you been smoking?”

  15. It’s okay to flinch now, Captain America. No one will blame you.

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