It’s Ben Affleck’s Batman’s Costume

Yesterday, Zack Snyder teased an image of the new Batmobile’s ass with a promise of revealing the whole thing today. Which he just did along with Ben Affleck’s new Batman costume albeit in black and white. And because I’m a giant, sexless nerd who just hyperventilated himself to orgasm, I clicked a bunch of filters I don’t understand on Photoshop to try and lighten it up gave up and used Google Image to find this:

Batman Costume Ben Affleck Batmobile

That is definitely a Frank Miller-esque Batman costume. I’ll give them that. Now show me on the utility belt where Batman keeps his card-counter. Or does he make Robin crawl around the vents with an X-ray camera? Because small boys are good at into getting into tight spaces. Almost like they’re made for- *gets hit in the face with Chris Hansen-arang*

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