Someone Made A Fake ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Trailer With Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor Already

I was going to write a post about Kate Gosselin suing Jon’s dick off for hacking the hell out of her computers so his friend could write a book about her, but neither one of them dies at the end so who gives a shit? Instead, here’s a fan-made Batman Vs. Superman trailer by YouTube user Soylent Brak 1 featuring Ben Affleck as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor because a site nobody’s heard of before said that’s happening, so naturally the entire Internet believes it. At any rate, the whole thing kind of works except for the part where it shows Hollywood it can simply reuse old footage from other shit and people will be like, “Yes, this. I like this stuff I’ve seen in a different order with this other stuff I’ve also seen.” Why bother filming anything anymore?

h/t io9