Ben Affleck’s Back Tattoo Isn’t In ‘Live By Night,’ That’s Strange

Live By Night is already a critical and financial bomb for Ben Affleck. So imagine how awesome he must feel that it’s now a crucial piece of evidence in proving to the world that he really did get a shitty Phoenix tattoo on his back, and no, it was not “fake for a movie” like he tried to say it was after both Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez dragged his ass for it. Which was a pretty stupid lie because this happened the second it hit theaters and exactly nine people went to see it. Via Pajiba:

And because I’m a one-trick pony.

ben affleck vaping crying eye shadow
♫ Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry ♫
“Guy can’t even get a fackin’ tattoo in this fackin’ town. Tahmy Touchdown thought it was cool!”
♫ Precious kisses words that burn me ♫
“Fack it, I’m not doin’ Batman no moah!”
♫ Lovers never ask you why ♫
“Eh, who am I kiddin’? I need the money to get Calvin pissin’ on Mahvel right on my calf. It’s gonna be fackin’ sweet.”
♫ In my heart the fires burning ♫

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Photo: FameFlynet