Ben Affleck Is Back on the Sauce, I Guess

Ben Affleck has been spotted hitting the booze multiple times recently, particularly last weekend at the Emmy’s with his new girlfriend. Sure, Ben Affleck’s new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus seems grounded enough to not allow him to go on a Bahston lahgah bendah, but it’s still kind of strange seeing a guy who has had so many problems with the sauce in the past casually sip on an old fashioned with Larry David.

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Unlike many hennish gossipers out there, I don’t think that Shookus is the “enabler” in this relationship. Even while Ben was with Jennifer Garner he was gambling, banging waitresses, and pounding Bahston lahgahs, so if his new girlfriend has whipped him into shape to be able to enjoy a cocktail from time to time (she did win an Emmy that night), good on them.

Alcoholism is a bitch. I would know. I’ve had four gin and Fresca’s this morning and I still can’t find this story to be interesting. Let’s just see what happens as the day goes on, eh?