Ben Affleck is America’s Next Top Sexual Predator

Ben Affleck has tweeted himself into the crosshairs of the current sexual predator inquisition that’s developing by the minute. This afternoon Ben apologized, seemingly out of nowhere, to Hilarie Burton for flicking her tit on TRL 14 years ago. Twitter is seeing Ben’s apolotweet as a disingenuous attempt at PR damage control since Rose McGowan, leader of the inquisition, called him out for playing dumb about his buddy, Harvey Weinstein.

Now attention has turned to examine Affleck’s relationship with women throughout the years. For starters, fat Batman was groomed into an industry fixture by Weinstein himself. Weinstein took a gamble on Good Will Hunting when Affleck was doing shitty Kevin Smith movies (Miramax as well). Then there’s his kid brother Casey, who will surely be getting a lot more coverage in the next few days now that calling out sexual predators is en vogue.

Then this interview from 2004, where Ben Affleck (during his J-Lo days) talks about a reporter’s tits while wrangling her in his lap for five minutes, surfaces. It’s just as rapey as it sounds, and Ben sounds pretty drunk.

As if the Justice League movie didn’t have enough box office obstacles, toss “pissed off women” on the list of people who won’t be seeing that movie.