Bella Hadid’s Boobs Are At Cannes And More

Gisele may have accidentally spilled the beans that Tom “bend the rules” Brady tried to hide his concussions last season to play sportsball without a doctor’s note. [TMZ]

The guy that Taylor Swift is dating (who probably plays Xbox with Ed Sheeran) might be the most bulletproof Englishman on the planet. I want to hate him, but he’s kind of crushing shit. [NickSwift]

While I feel gross blasting someone as cool as Elle King on one of these websites, she had a divorce and people are writing about it. [Dlisted]

I don’t think Johnny Depp is going to stop being an eccentric boozehound who blows his money on stupid shit anytime soon, despite what Disney tries to say. [LaineyGossip]

Amy Schumer’s raunchy jokes about her being a slut are about to get real again – she’s single. [CeleBitchy]

I’m extremely confused about the gravity in this picture of an almost naked Halle Berry. [TooFab]

First Will & Grace, now Rosanne. Why are we bringing back all of these shows from the 90’s because they are “more relevant now than ever”? The cluster-fuck, hardcore porn world we call 2017 makes the 90’s look like Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood.* [E.W.]

*Prediction: Zombie Mr. Rodgers will have his own reanimation by 2019*