Bella Hadid Is Ready For The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Full Disclosure: We’re literally just killing time until The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because there’s not a goddamn thing going on outside of our new reality star president essentially daring the Electoral College not to vote for him, so he can say he could’ve been president, but the system was rigged against him, so how about you rubes get your news from Trump TV from now on? Which is the current lie I’m telling myself because delusion is fun.

Anyway, here’s Bella Hadid getting ready for the VS Fashion Show, which she’s apparently walking in because of all those posts I wrote about her boobs and butt. Granted, I have zero evidence to back that up, but only pussies care about facts in our new, great America. So if anyone needs me, I’ll be doing Batman shit in space with your mom.

Morning!!! Getting excited for Paris!!!!! @victoriassecret ❤️✈️ Lets go!!!!!! ❤️ #vsfs2016 ❤️✨

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