Bella Hadid Doing Model Things and Other News

I guess the Hugh Jackman musical about famed elephant torturer P.T. Barnum is a white-washed, family friendly circle jerk. [LaineyGossip]

Kellyanne Conway may look like Skeletor going to Easter brunch in this video, but goddamn do I respect her resilience. [TMZ]

Rob Lowe thinks he saw Bigfoot. Alright… [PageSix]

Here are some $150 T-shirts that will let everyone know you are a true piece of shit. [DrunkenStepfather]

Niall Horan is definitely trying to shove all kinds of things inside Katy Perry but is playing it coy. [E!]

Tomi Lahren is back and still leaving out a lot of details in her ‘reporting’. [TooFab]

Here’s a video of DJ Khaled’s baby crying when Justin Bieber touches him. It’s great. [BreatheHeavy]

Someone paid $3 million for R2-D2 and I just ate a sandwich for $9.38 that I thought was overpriced. [Newser]

Sorry Emilia Clarke, but sexism isn’t really as bad as racism on account of police don’t shoot you for doing nothing but being a woman in the wrong part of town… [CeleBitchy]