‘Because When You Take the Bus… You Get There.’

October 14th, 2010 // 26 Comments

Truthfully, I’ve been 8/5ths convinced this entire T.I. suicide rescue was a planned publicity stunt from the.. jump. *adjusts tie* That was until I learned the deep, spiritual words T.I. used to talk the man down. Words not unlike hearing Jesus calmly say your name in the middle of a storm. Or a really, really tough game of Halo. TMZ reports:

No matter how bad things get they get better … if you unplug the game then you don’t get extra men.”

Or the rocket launcher. Then you might as well kill your- Oh, right.

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  1. Rough, for the ethical treatment of dominos

    And he didn’t dive head first after that? Probably was a stunt.

  2. gogo

    Shouldn t have scratched my butt.. could ve been first now

  3. T.I. ? is this a real person? I mean I know he’s a real person, but they keep saying his name like we should recognize it and I swear I’ve never heard of this person before.

  4. He should have held out and made T.I. promise not to make any more albums.

  5. It's Still TAB

    But does this still count as “Community Service?”

  6. donald

    It was at the top of the building housing the number one urban radio station in Atlanta.

    The DJ (Cause it’s his show) is a butt boy for TI.

    TI is reporting back to jain in two days.

    Just sayin.

  7. donald

    Whoops, reporting to jail for a probation violation in two days.

  8. N/A

    Fear of a Black Hat quote FTW

  9. Nice tie adjust. Rodney Dangerfield definitely would’ve approved :)

  10. Hecubus

    Well, he certainly looks like somebody who lives solely for the purposes of getting more men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  11. harry satchel

    Caption: “Are you sure that apple was washed?”

  12. He is unquestionably looks like a bigwig who lives exclusively for the intention of receiving more men. Not that there’s whatever thing erroneous with that.

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  13. onceler

    ooh, from ‘Fear of a Black Hat’? I believe the full quote is ‘when you take that bus … you get there.’

  14. Torgo

    Bravo for the “Fear of A Black Hat” reference!

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