The ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Leaked, And, Uh, Yeah…

Yesterday, Disney released a goddamn phenomenal trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that’s still leaving nerds twitching and made Zack Snyder’s Twitter teaser for Batman V Superman look like absolute clown shoes. So the last thing DC Comics needed was for the full trailer to try and compete with Star Wars which is exactly what happened when a bootleg version was leaked online last night. Which now puts Warner Bros. in the position of either trying to pull all of these down or just going ahead and releasing an official version and hope people still aren’t sitting around making lightsaber noises. And after watching this thing, I’d say wait it out. You want to wait it out because, Jesus Christ, this is some Joel Schumacher-looking shit minus the nipples. I get they’re trying to look completely different than Marvel, but yeesh. *preorders ticket* Fucking yeesh.

UPDATE: Here’s the official trailer that Warner Bros. finally released after letting everyone on the Internet watch a bootleg for an entire business day. And it’s literally the exact same shit-show you watched before, only this time in HD. Because that was the problem.

Photo: Warner Bros.