‘The LEGO Movie’ Nailed ‘Batman V Superman’ Before It Was Cool

If you haven’t seen The LEGO Movie, 1. Your life is empty. 2. This post probably isn’t going to do much for you, so as a token of my goodwill, please feel free to look at any boob on the site free of charge. In the meantime, here’s the Batman V Superman trailer mashup I’ve been hoping someone would make since the second I saw, “DARKNESS, NO PARENTS,” in the comments. It lines up so perfectly, every single person involved with the production of BvS:DOJATM who said, or even just thought the words “dark and gritty” should take a moment and realize how much they just got owned by a 90-minute LEGO commercial before they even shot a single frame. Or, wait a minute, were you actually taking notes from it? Oh.. oh GOD…

(h/t Patrick)

And here’s the boring Christopher Reeve and Adam West recut if anyone gives a shit:

Photo: Warner Bros.