Comic-Con: ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Despite a release date that’s almost two years from now, DC Comics had to have something to show at Comic-Con or Marvel would walk right over them even more than they already are, so Zack Snyder showed up on Saturday and amazingly put up a fight by dropping an official photo of Wonder Woman’s costume along with footage of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He even got Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot to walk out even though they didn’t say a single word and Batfleck and Snap Neck Superman just looked at each other like two boxers before a fight. Which almost would’ve been badass if they didn’t pose for a selfie with Chris Hardwick afterward. Chris Hardwick is ass cancer.

Anyway, here’s Wonder Woman’s costume which despite proving Zack Snyder has to make everything look like 300, went over pretty fucking well. I talk a lot of shit about Marvel making films out of obscure space comics with a talking raccoon while DC’s still scrambling to get Batman and Superman in the same movie, but people pay attention when they drop shit like this. Also, they solved the boob problem by building them into her armor which is important because Wonder Woman is a feminist icon whose worth should be determined by the size and shape of her breasts. Susan B. Anthony wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Costume

And here’s a leaked image from the sizzle real which shows Batfleck in a power suit that he’ll presumably use to fight Superman:

Batman Power Suit Batman V Superman

Which is pulled directly from the pages of The Dark Knight Returns even though it took place decades after forming the Justice League. But sometimes the best way to make new friends is exploiting their weaknesses before beating them relentlessly in the face with an entire town’s electricity. That’s how I met Photo Boy if you count malt liquor as a super-powered Batsuit. Which I do.

Batman Superman Fight Dark Knight Returns

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