‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Wants To Say Hi

March 4th, 2014 // 14 Comments
Batman Arkham Knight
WATCH: 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Official Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins was a fill-in title kicked to WB Montreal who had nothing to do with Arkham City or Arkham Asylum and it fucking showed. However, the purpose of Origins was to milk some cash out of the franchise off the heels of City‘s success while Rocksteady finished up the final installment which we now know is Batman: Arkham Knight (above). A proper return to the series with Kevin Conroy voicing Batman as he goddamn should. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to explain to my penis why I felt the need to write this post and doom it to the Negative-Laid Zone forever. Except, never mind, here comes the mirror thing already. Bye, buddy!

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  1. I’m forming a circle with my thumb and fingers and moving it up and down in the general vicinity of my junkyard. I’m making the sound it makes when you pull a plastic straw back and forth through the lid.

    And this concludes my review of the new Batman video game trailer.

  2. Looks nice. Since it’s only on the new consoles I’ll be playing it in about two years when the price drops for the PS4.

  3. Mel Blanc : Bugs Bunny
    Peter Cullen : Optimus Prime
    Kevin Conroy : Batman
    When these actors die (or since they died), no one can ever play these characters again, never ever ever.

  4. No Wii U version? Then fuck it.

  5. dennis

    I got around 25% of Origins before I started getting the Fatal Error Ozzy. I still don’t know if they fixed it. After a couple months I quit trying.

  6. cmonreally

    This game alone will be the best validation of why I bought a PS4. I expect to be calling off work that week.

  7. dayum, what a trailer. they are about to get my money.

  8. Johnny Barbells

    …i’m being 100% serious …i think it’s time hollywood abandoned all live-action superhero films and started concentrating solely on all-CGI productions …and the teams who create the cinematics for video games, along with paul dini, robert kirkman, and gendy tartakovsky, should write/direct all of them …i believe that is the only way we will ever get a product that genuinely honors the true spirit of, and is truly faithful to, the comic book superheroes we know & love.

  9. Johnny Barbells

    …did you see justice league: war …crap writing, but the general plot, animation, character design, and action were kinda awesome.

    • It was great movie. I loved seeing them work together. Have you ever seen the Flashpoint Paradox movie?

    • Justice League: War was surprisingly good (Along with Flashpoint) except for one thing that entirely held the movie back: Jason O’Mara’s voice acting. Just, goddammit, he’s all wrong. They should really get Will Arnett, or at least not cast Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke in the next one who would voice a much better Batman than O’Mara.

      And with that I go watch my penis retreat into my body.

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