Basketball Blows But Money Is Cool

So it’s playoff season in the NBA, which means that every bar, everywhere, is ruined until July. Because, basketball.

Boring, yes. But yet…there’s profit to be made off of this festering sore in our spring/summer calendar. DraftKings is offering up a $75,000 Sharpshooter pool going live on Friday April 24th at 7:00pm. Sign-up’s free, pick some players to “play” as your money-making minions, & be virtually gifted one of 5,800 cash prizes by doing very, very little (1st place=$5K).

Basically free money up for grabs, as if Donald Sterling’s prostate finally overwhelmed the rest of his decrepit corpse and the executor of his estate said “fuck it, let’s just give this away next Saturday.”

Here is how to enter:
1. Draft Your 8 Man NBA Roster Here
2. Watch the games as scoring updates live on
3. Finish in the top 5.800 scores and get paid after the San Antonio vs Los Angeles game!


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