Basic Instinct 2 Uncensored Promo Reel

February 6th, 2006 // 64 Comments


  1. Donald Rack

    Fake boobs suck. Everybody knows that.

  2. fame is funny

    what…was daryl hannah busy or something?

    and #45…she wasn’t acting in Casino…that was real footage of her…

  3. Vichus Smith

    I think either the link’s dead or i suck.

  4. Oh, ok. The video’s on the actual YouTube site, but it won’t play here.

  5. Jayne

    I’m sad that David Thewlis in this movie.
    That’ only concern.

    Michelle Pfeifer > Sharon Stone
    Just thought..I’d say it.

  6. ranesing

    A dirt sandwich is better than Sharon Stone.

  7. Wild Rose

    Wow, it says the video is unavailable..could they have pulled it that quickly?

  8. blackblackheart

    The last movie I saw Sharon Stone in was “The Flinstones”. =/

  9. ShanDourdan

    I’m getting that same ‘unavailable’ message too. Wow, they work quickly.Guess Sharon must be feeling the backlash of this fim already.

    Kind of freaks me out a lil that I actually wanted to see it though.

  10. Solaera

    That was pretty funny. I suppose some idiot thinks circulating this ‘trailer’ will drum up interest in the film. No way would I spend money to see that dreck in a theater. With so much good porn out there why on earth would anyone be tempted to spend time viewing some aging c-lister being pounded by some dorky looking guy. Bet most of that won’t be in the theater version anyway. Have to wait for the un-rated dvd version, which, judging by what I just saw won’t be long after it is released.

  11. lastangelman

    I’m sorry, you’ll have to remove this link, this promo reel hasn’t played since the day after you posted . YouTube must have taken the promo down at the request of the producers.

  12. grady

    you guys are all cracked, i remember when sliver hit HBO, it was one of the greatest thing that could have happened in my formative years, now i am going to celebrate this newly formed “artistic” sharon stone (think halle barry) the way that she would intend; i will get a date, the good kind (the kind you pay by the hour) walk right into that theater (i may have to drive to vegas, because i doubt it will be playing in any house in Salt Lake) and ask them for a large popcorn, half full then stand there proud and cut a hole in the bottom of it right in there in the concession line, oh god this will be the greatest thing since, um the video release of basic instinct one i guess.

  13. galdo

    wow nice

  14. I love her in this movie. Of course first was much better, but the second edition was as bad..

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