Basic Instinct 2 Uncensored Promo Reel

February 6th, 2006 // 64 Comments


  1. CoJo

    Sharon who?

    Yeah, exactly.

  2. Populist

    Haven’t seen the promo, but is it something like Sharon Stone seducing Michael Douglas while they live in the same retirement village? Just guessing, but foreplay could be comparing cosmetic surgery scars.

  3. Looks pretty sexy. I should check with my cardiologist to make sure it’s okay to see it, though. I’ll also stop by my gastroenterologist to make sure I can survive barfing repeatedly at the site of dinosaur vagina.

  4. LaydeeBug

    Hold the phone! What!? Sharon Stone playing the same role? Is she producing it because I can’t see anyone in their right mind casting her in it, let alone actually creating it. GOD damn those Hollywood people! Sequels suck!!! They just gotta milk everything and beat every friggin horse til it is just guts and cartilage. Oh wait, there’s some hair left…BEAT IT!!!! Ah, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  5. CoJo

    Maybe she figures, it made her famous once…maybe it will make her famous again!

  6. I’d bang her. She’s a good looking older woman.

    I bet she’s a whore in real life though lol

  7. good god – sharon is SO desperate she made a freaking porno. so not attractive. desperation is not sexy.

  8. Magus

    so it IS true : pornos now are more than the pizza / cable guy showing at the woman’s house to bang her brains out

    where’s Jenna Jameson ?

    wait, this is not a porno ?

  9. Sheva

    Well this is what happens to the older Hollywood chicks.
    Desperation becomes their trademark.

  10. sikofdis

    From a lot of your comments it sounds like many of you actually revere the first one? At least this one looks unabashedly trashy with no delusions or pretense of being anything else.

  11. Drew

    WOW that movie looks horrible. It looks like something that should be on cinemax late at night. I think the only thing that movie has going for it is all the gratuitous sex going on.

  12. HollyJ

    LOL@ dinosaur vagina!


  13. thenewjesus

    what pisses me off is the only requirement for the guy in the lead role was that he had to bang the hell outta Sharon Stone and then be pissed off about it, which means any of us coulda been movie stars.

  14. spamnews

    Um, ok, I beat off to it about 20 times before the stupid tape ended. Now what? Geez that’s long. The promo reel too.

  15. chelleann66

    Post #3 — I’m laughing my butt off – thanks uncommonamerican!!!

  16. DuckBoy

    all of you can say what you want, but Sharon Stone looks HOT! She’s definately bangin in that movie (regardless of how much plastic surgery she has had done, or how much of a whore she might be).

  17. Tracy

    That was awful. I want to stab my eyes out with a pen after seeing all that geriatric screwing. Whatever shred of a career Sharon Stone had before this garbage is now officially dead.

  18. Joe Mamma

    She is one flop away from doing bukkake, and I don’t mean noodles.

  19. amma

    Too bad, I liked the first Basic Instinct, it was pretty good.
    And btw, it really is dinosaur vag…Until a couple of years ago, Sharon and I lived in the same city–a small city. And in person, she is a buttah face.

  20. Aimtrue

    Wow Pixar does some great work! Sharron Stone’s body looks like a bag of pudding mixed with gravel, but the promo looks great! Nice work.

  21. Whatever

    OMG! Is that Charlotte-Goddess-Rampling in that cheap cum-feast of a movie?!?

    “what pisses me off is the only requirement for the guy in the lead role was that he had to bang the hell outta Sharon Stone and then be pissed off about it”
    New Jesus, you would be pissed off too if you had to bang old hookers for a living.

  22. Realistic

    What’s the big deal?! Her body parts are actually younger in this one than they were in the first movie.

  23. ESQ

    I finally realized why Hollywood couples end up breaking up more times than my girlfriend changes her tampon…It is difficult seeing your significant other on screen having crazy sex with someone other than yourself…When I went to college in Arizona and Sharon Stone has a house out there, (at least at one time she did) when I saw her out and about not made up, I though she looked good. Let’s hope this movie lives up to the climax it has created through this promo reel.

  24. Miss Skyline

    I agree with comment 18 . . .that looks like something that’d be on Cinemax or Showtime late at night.

    Holy fake breasticles, Batman!

  25. velvetsuperstar

    I thought Sharon Stone didn’t abide by Plastic Surgery?? I thought she condemned plastic surgery but those titties do not stay THAT round against gravity for no one!

    I may be wrong but I’m sure she was against plastic surgery… maybe fake tits are so rampant in Hollywood they’re not constitued as fake anymore…

  26. Kimbo

    Apparently I’m in the minority here, cuz I thought that looked fairly hot. Not GOOD, but kinda hot as a porno, which seems to be the only thing it has going for itself. -shrug-


    That’s hot… except for the dead people. Maybe when some of you grow up you’ll like girls too.

  28. Mary45

    It’s nice to see the old ho’s doing there thing too. Frankly, I really tired of Paris Hilton every damn day. P.S. not only plastic surgery but lots of make-up. I recently saw Sharon at Ago here in LA and she looked like a hag.

  29. QuiteFrog

    Ok, think it would have been a better porn with a guy who could actually act….but then again acting isn’t a requirement in a porno is it LOL

  30. ohyeah

    Kind of reminds me of the second Cruel Intentions; not as good, but more sexed-up. Definately border-line porn. Way to kill your career, Sharon. Bravo!

  31. andrewthezeppo

    The Crypt Keeper is back!!!

  32. I hear Ron Jeremy turned this role down…

  33. I know she’s old, but in that trailer, she looks amazing. Maybe it’s just the blurry quality of the video, but she looks like she just hit 30.

  34. Redd Foxx

    What is wrong with producers these days? The only reason anyone watched the first one was for the vag shot, which wasn’t good. Now you can hop online and see vag WHENEVER YOU WANT. Plus, who wants to see old bag vagina?

    It’s like making love to an old catcher’s mitt. And really, this reel just shows everything that people would pay to see in the movie, so why see the movie?


  35. Lord_Jesus

    Catwoman now this, yeah old Flapalottapus is trying to hard to maintain her popularity.. as would any sane guy on this planet.. i’d hit it.

  36. derekd

    Is it me or does this movie look likes its total shit? And as everyone has pointed out, who wants to see to grandma porn? Labia reduction anyone?

  37. DannyJames

    that looks like one of those movies thats on cinemax after midnight. who the fuck is sharon stone? why is she getting pounded in every other scene in that movie? since when are softcore pornos movie theatre material? what the fuck is wrong with this country? who will want to see that? god!

  38. Lord_Jesus

    Catwoman now this, yeah old Flapalottapus is trying to hard to maintain her popularity.. as would any sane guy on this planet.. i’d hit it.

  39. Sweet_cheeks

    oh god, it’s the naked grim keeper

    good lord she is hideous, that’s how lindsey will look when she’s 40 and still anorexic ( lets hope )

  40. She looks like she has been hittin’ the pipe for a couple of years. They sure used alot of “cover up” to make her look, I guess in that scene attractive.

    In my own opinion Sharon should get into producing smaller gigs. Her days of acting for looks are over.

  41. Drew

    There are screenshots from that promo. Looks like Stone got a set of implants and they look horrible.

  42. funkygoldmedallions

    As Comic Book Guy would say, “Best movie trailer ever.”

  43. Donald Rack

    Yeah, I thought she got implants. Shame, she had a nice set and now she just has huge bowling balls on her chest.

  44. frangly

    It’s too bad that Americans think women have to look fake, especially as they age. European filmmakers use women who look healthy and fit, but real, not like Barbie dolls.

    I thought Stone was pathetic in the first one. Now she’s slipped to grotesquely pathetic.

  45. happy_bunny

    That’s a body double if I’ve ever seen one.
    Stone kicked ass in Casino. I think she’s underrated. But then she does movies like this and it makes it very hard to defend her.
    She hasn’t worked in a while, okay? The woman’s got a mortgage. Damn!

  46. escapevelocity

    #39: actually, lindsay kinda looks like that now.

  47. escapevelocity

    #39: i take it back… sharon stone looks hotter than lindsay.

  48. thekief4

    Man this movie is going to be bad. Like Pauley Shore bad.

  49. peener

    Here’s a more concise version, with only the nudity and gore, in slow motion and brightened for better visibility:
    This was prepared by LANDSCAPER. Spread it around!

  50. DrDanny

    You guys are weird. She’s outrageously fine looking almost without reference to her age.
    So what if she can’t act, and so what if she’s had some surgical enhancements along the way?


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