Barron Hilton keeps the family name strong

Officers arrested Paris’ little brother Barron Hilton for DUI yesterday. The 18-year-old apparently had a 0.14 BAC and a fake ID on him, according to NY Daily News:

Witnesses said the allegedly tanked-up teen was driving around the station in circles – chased by two men in a gray pickup who eventually confiscated his keys.
“He was wandering around the gas station just looking very drunk,” said Manuel Olloh, who works at the gas station. “He was walking really, really funny.”

The first person Barron called to bail him out was his big(footed) sister Paris. She didn’t feel like coughing up the two grand to spring him and neither did her parents. TMZ reports:

We’re told Paris rejected her brother’s request, telling her 18-year-old brother, “You’re going to learn your lesson.” TMZ also knows Paris was “very upset and very disappointed in him.”

Moral lessons from Paris Hilton? I, uh – oh no. Not again! *head explodes*

Photo: Pacific Coast News