Barbra Streisand goes braless

September 22nd, 2006 // 158 Comments

I don’t know what I’ve said in the past two years that might make anybody even remotely think I’d be interested in seeing Barbra Streisand braless, but reader Pagan felt it necessary to share this wonderful sight with me. And it’s ironic to call it a sight, because after seeing it you won’t be doing any of that ever again. The shot was taken at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, although it might as well have been hell.



    Looks like an ass on a chest.

  2. Philip Ramirez

    if only I was signed in…

  3. Chantelle83

    Oh no no no no! My eyeeess!

    I’m guessing this is what Tara Reid will look like in a few decades.

  4. NotANiceGirl

    Oh somebody help me! I feel like I’ve just stared at an eclipse & thrown up in my mouth at the same time.

  5. jrzmommy

    ….and I never meant to say anything mean-spirited to anyone, and I’m sorry about the times I wasn’t a good member of your flock, dear lord, and for all the times I followed the devil and not the word of God, but please dear heavenly father, please make the pain I now feel after THAT go away.

  6. llllllllll


  7. iluvfirecrotches

    wow… wow…. now im blind. why would you do that? I almost miss paris hilton now, almost

  8. bigponie

    I will never order flap-jacks ever again.

  9. What is the definition of gross?

    Kissing “Bare-bra” Streisan and she slips you the tongue.

    Blah what a disturbing thought.

    “Yes, madam, I am drunk. But in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.” – Opening Soon!


  10. llllllllll

    #3-No, Tara Reid’s body will melt and sag to the floor but her fake breast will remain firm and perky and nipples ponting to the heavens.

  11. nicholelibra

    I usually don’t comment on looks, but there’s no excuse for that. Put them Over-the-shoulder-boulders in a bra before you trip over one of them.

  12. llllllllll


  13. mikaosky

    OMG I’m blind!

  14. YourRetarded

    Props to the woman so efficient she can get a pedicure and a mammogram at the same time.

  15. DrBob2607

    Jesus… Looking at this lovely photo of “Babs” reminds me, for some sick twisted reason, of the late, great Marty Feldman..

    Oh Dear God, make the bad woman stop..

  16. jrzmommy

    What ever posessed her to not wear a bra? Yes, it may be en vogue for SOME women to not wear a bra, but usually they’re 20 and their tits are firm and taut. Senior citizens resembling rhinos are not suitable candidates for this look, BABS!


    You have check out Angry Ferrets (click my name for the link) and Cock-Ninjas (click link below) latest threads.

    They’re beyond hilarious.
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    (No Mr Superficial, this post is not in any way, shape, or form a “promotional comment”)

  18. elbobcat

    It’s nice that she’s taken time off from her hobby of barking at passersby and suing environmental activists to revive her washed up career but did she really need to show us something no one ever wanted to see?

    And is that really her or Howard Stern with blond hair?

  19. danielle

    oh my gosh, i am dying of laughter #1..SO funny.

    i guess Bras are no good to a woman over the age of 60, or is it 70? Anyways, she’d better not make any sudden jerks of the body..she could very well put an eye out with those coconuts…oops…i meant watermelons.

  20. Mmm, you know what I want for breakfast?


    I dunno why, but after seeing that pic, I want some pancakes.

    Bahbwah would sport some serious wood if she knew that we were actually talking about her!

    Brain – you get 10% commission on all my blog bitches, baby.

  21. PunjabPete

    Fish you total goddman bastard…

    It is not even before noon yet… How the hell can I see something like that before noon?????


  22. pinky_nip

    You think that’s gross, just picture Brolin titty-fucking her.

  23. While I think her breasts are fine, especially for a woman her age… I do think a bra would have been a better choice. And guys, if you think a woman’s breats look saggy when we get older… wait until you see what happens to your balls! Oh the joy!


  24. llllllllll

    Come on guys, what about the bra’s feelings and well being?…poor thing must hang on for dear life each and everyday…I think that deserves a day off once in a while… don’t you care…don’t you have a heart?

  25. jrzmommy

    Now i’ve heard of gunts, but what do you call an ass-chest?

  26. bigponie

    That reminds me, I need a new pair of speed bags, I wonder if she willing to sell one of hers for a dollar.

  27. cruzzz_control

    Anybody like some syrup on them pancakes ?

  28. PunjabPete

    So flustered… cannot even spell….

  29. @22 – you are the king.

  30. clamofdeath

    she’s finally succeeded in drawing attention away from her nose

  31. NotANiceGirl

    #22 I think Sags oops, Babs and Brolin must have so much fun role-playing. He’s the milk maid & she’s the cow!

  32. jrzmommy

    Didn’t Clinton fuck her?

  33. NotANiceGirl

    Maybe jrz he’d fuck anything…look at the cankles on hillary

  34. Douchebag

    Nice Knee toppers

  35. Big Daddy Cool

    You guys are nuts! Those are AWESOME! Gimme, gimme, gimme.

  36. I’ll have to have a big dinner tonight. Because I just lost my lunch.

  37. I could have gone my whole life without seeing this! But when you look at them, they follow you and you can’t look away!


    I didn’t know you could get breast implants at that age. Nothing revives a career better than a little NIP/TUCK/SAGINDDDs

  39. RichPort

    I now know what it would be like to put lumpy oatmeal in tube socks. Her chest looks like a silhouette staring at the ground.

  40. llllllllll

    #37 yeah, kinda like the Mona Lisa

  41. We should all go to Bab’s website, the place where she posts her rantings about politics and the environment, and protest this public travesty. She’s never – ever- been attractive, yet she’s always dressed as provocative as a Jessica Alba. You would think age would temper her, but she’s a rich Jew with an ego the size of her asschest. How could she leave the house like that? I mean, there’s no way she could’ve forgot her bra – when she put on her panties they had to have covered her nipples.

  42. griffmills

    sing now “the way they were”

  43. NotANiceGirl

    42> The words must be changed… mammories, sagging lower all the time…

  44. jrzmommy

    42–Mammories, light the corners of my mind…..misty water-colored Mammories….of the way they were…..

  45. elbobcat

    @41 – Good god! I hope she did put panties on. It’s bad enough seeing her asschest but I can’t bear the thought of her without them. That’s all we need now is an 80 yo Lindsey Lohan.

  46. jrzmommy

    43–OH you got me by a hair, and much better lyrics.

  47. NotANiceGirl

    46- I just saw that! Great minds…

  48. NewPortJoey

    “Yes, I greast fed Jason until he was 18, and look what happenned!” Thanks for the Mammaries

  49. Doober

    Those tits can reach the center of the earth.

  50. mikeski

    “What’s Up, Doc”?

    Not those.

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