Barbara Streisand

“Singer Barbra Streisand has been ordered to pay a six-figure sum to an amateur photographer whom she had sued for $10m (?5.5m) in a privacy dispute.”

What’s that, Barbra? You’re a whiny little bitch? The idea that this filthy rich celebrity decided to sue an amateur photographer for $10 million is somewhere along the lines of lunacy.

“But he took a picture of my multimillion dollar estate!”

Are you out of your mind? I don’t care what kind of problem you have with stalkers, suing a non celebrity/CEO for $10 million is just plain stupid. Is it possible that celebrities are so warped in their own little worlds that they don’t realize that a normal human being can’t pay $10 million? I hate celebrities who have no appreciation for what they have and what’s been given to them. They make 100x the average person’s salary and all they can do is bitch about how fans keep bothering them. And on occasion, their millions of dollars just aren’t enough so they have to go and sue some Joe Schmoe for $10 million more.

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