Barack Obama to Lindsay Lohan: ‘Please stop talking’

September 17th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Barack Obama’s campaign is doing its best to distance itself from Lindsay Lohan after she endorsed the Democratic candidate on her blog while calling Sarah Palin a “media obsessed homophobe.” Lindsay wanted to be involved with the campaign by hosting events to attract young voters, but Obama’s people have wisely decided not to pursue a questionable fire-crotch endorsement. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

However, a top source in the Barack Obama team tells me the actress ”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.”
Given Lohan’s past problems, plus ongoing brushes with controversy, I’ve learned the campaign quietly told the actress ”thanks, but no thanks,” but in far more diplomatic terms.

I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent to Lindsay Lohan from Obama headquarters:

Dear Ms. Lohan,

Don’t make him take out his pimp hand.

Obama/Biden ’08 Campaign Team

Photos: Splash News

  1. can i get a hoot hoot

    So he’s turning away the crackwhore vote?

  2. CJ

    #38 Hopefully if McCain is elected he brings back the draft so all the tough talking moron rebulicans on here can go of to war and put thier asses were thier mouths are.

    Politics and your lack of knowledge regarding the draft aside, calling anyone a moron when you clearly have no spelling or grammar skills is downright ballsy!!!

  3. Ted from LA

    HEY!!! Between the freckles on her left shoulder I found Waldo.

  4. All crypto-Khazars are covered in their own shit & piss

    @ #26: Spoken like a true crypto-Khazar (“jew”) covered in shit and piss; bravo! Now go out and slaughter more Armenians (amaleks in jew-speak), Slavs, and Palestinians; you know you want to.

  5. Danklin24

    Stupid fucks. It doesnt matter if she’s a party girl or if she used to snort coke like it was going out of style, if she can get your candidate votes who gives a shit? Obama is going to lose this one. Nice job guys.

  6. Effyeray

    Faggotry such as yours is why this country is fucked. Repub this and Dem that. If your such a simpleton fuck that all of your views can be summed up by one party, you DO NOT deserve a vote. Also, if you are Not a communist or socialist but support Obama you haven’t done much research. And for fuck’s sake you retard, thr draft is something dems push, not republicans you fucking idiot.

  7. Matthew

    please miss hohan your carrer is done a long time ago with you mug shot (or the dude mugshot) and please keep the politcal comments to yourself.

  8. Stupid fucking goyim(cattle) . . . like the “choice” between Juan McCainez or candidape Barking Obongo is going to make a difference . . .

  9. Right Fury

    hahhalolhahlolhahahhhahhhaaaa. I cannot stop laughing at you fools.

    POSTER CHILD for the democratic party and they turn her away.

    Broken home? check
    Criminal dad? check
    WHACKED out mom? check
    Drug problem? check
    Alcohol prob.? check
    Sexually confused and/or lesbian? check
    Failed rehab attempts>3? check

    @56 QFT

  10. Ryan

    “Pimp Hand”


    God Bless The Republicans….Velocirapotors running with kids! It’s all true……

    Ryan the Canadian

  11. Ryan

    I meant “Velociraptors”…extra “o” there….sorry…I have been smelling paint all day……..


    Ha! Burned by a Marxist! Life IS good!

  13. Barack Hussein Obama

    Is Barack Obama gonna have to choke a bitch?

  14. Vanilla

    Am I the only oen who noticed she looks terrible? She has way to much bronzer on her face, her complexion looks awful, and she looks far too skinny for her boobs, which are obviously fake. (sorry guys, no girl that skinny has boobs that big). Lindsey, please stop tanning, dye your hair back to red, and gain five pounds!

  15. Me

    LOL!!!! That’s what you get you dumb bitch Lindsey! I hope you read all these remarks on your stupid ass blog. I bet you will because this bullshit media stuff us what you live for….Hmmmm actually it’s all you are known for. So shut you mouth please cause we don’t care about a has been, untalented, washed up, drunk, wanna be lesbian, loser like YOU!

  16. Jimbo


    That’s funny, what you just described sounds a lot like Sarah Palin’s family. Can’t wait to see her on Jerry Springer and Maury Povich

  17. birthdayboy

    black culture=violence against women. fucking hilarious yet again.

    the “joke” fails even on its own dumbass terms.

  18. Right Fury

    @ jimbo

    Your statement lacks even one single fact. That’s the demoncrat way, so I’m not all that surprised.

  19. JT

    I swear to God she keeps getting skinnier and skinner while her boobs get bigger and bigger.

  20. ka

    You guys are idiots, wasting time debating politics in a comments section of a celebrity gossip site. How productive.

  21. Bigo

    She blows kisses like she used to blow dicks! LOL

  22. bete noir

    #37 – Sorry, but #34 was funny. And I’m black.

    Of course, he told that joke in my face, I’d have to beat the shit out of him. But it’s funny as hell online.

    Just sayin……

  23. concerned mother

    Lindsy Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britanny Spears & sister……all these ho’s…..their mommas should have aborted them.

    Where are these girls parents? Do they even have any?

  24. Steve

    @ Ryan #61 well maybe you should get a job so you can afford some real drugs ;)

    Seroiusly, when will the members of the Film Actors Guild realize that the more they open their limo lib mouths the more mainstream America goes the other way. Hopefully..never.

  25. Smoke that jew pole, you stupid stupid STUPID goyim(cattle). Stupid sheeple . . . WAKE UP ASSHOLES!!!

  26. Abigail

    so what if lindsey lohan wants to voice her opinion since its her frist amendment right to do so. at least she has the right opinion unlike all the mysogynistic homophobic repugnicans here. all the high school dropouts want to judge her when they dont eevn have a fucking college degree. good for her to want change w gay womyn being treated as second class fucking citizens. their treated worse than african americans were 50 years ago. obama went to harvard which is alot more than any of you pigs ever did. he supports womyn and gay rights. he supports the right to chose. i wish the vet kong had aborted mccain. then we might actualy have some change in this country.

  27. md

    shitty piss and LOLA ur 2 funny and amen!

  28. md

    shitty piss and LOLA ur 2 funny and amen!

  29. naaaaaay

    1.ha ha

    2. i seriously cannot stop looking at her hair, its disgusting, she looks like a horse. she needs to chop it off, its giving me the shivers, i need to puke now.

  30. jesus

    the ho is just trying to be relevant. pathetic.

  31. Boggled

    She is almost as ugly as she is stupid. That is an accomplishment.

  32. jim

    This bitch needs to talk less and show her tits more. Same goes for that wrinkled old whore, Pam Anderson.

    Seriously, though, what hurts Barry more: Lindsay’s endorsement or Al Qaeda’s endorsement???

  33. Chelle

    She’s so skinny, she’s got that Giant Head look going on.

    And her eyes look like two piss holes in the snow.

    It must really hurt that Barack just had a huge fundraiser done by that fat old grandma of a gasbag Barbra Streisand but he won’t let Lindsay stump for him.

  34. Right Fury

    Had to revisit this one.

    You know obama is crying in his felafel, because Mr. Lohan gave him a verbal beatdown.


  35. Would you expect a dumb bitch such as this one to support anything else but a Liberal party?

  36. Ther are a few women who are able of giving you only MISERY folks!!
    Thisone pictured here is one of them.
    STAY ALLERT for lilo, please!!

  37. Britboysarehot

    What’s with her teeth? They look fake or she really needs braces.

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