Barack Obama to Lindsay Lohan: ‘Please stop talking’

Barack Obama’s campaign is doing its best to distance itself from Lindsay Lohan after she endorsed the Democratic candidate on her blog while calling Sarah Palin a “media obsessed homophobe.” Lindsay wanted to be involved with the campaign by hosting events to attract young voters, but Obama’s people have wisely decided not to pursue a questionable fire-crotch endorsement. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

However, a top source in the Barack Obama team tells me the actress ”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.”
Given Lohan’s past problems, plus ongoing brushes with controversy, I’ve learned the campaign quietly told the actress ”thanks, but no thanks,” but in far more diplomatic terms.

I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent to Lindsay Lohan from Obama headquarters:

Dear Ms. Lohan,

Don’t make him take out his pimp hand.

Obama/Biden ’08 Campaign Team

Photos: Splash News