Barack Obama to Lindsay Lohan: ‘Please stop talking’

September 17th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Barack Obama’s campaign is doing its best to distance itself from Lindsay Lohan after she endorsed the Democratic candidate on her blog while calling Sarah Palin a “media obsessed homophobe.” Lindsay wanted to be involved with the campaign by hosting events to attract young voters, but Obama’s people have wisely decided not to pursue a questionable fire-crotch endorsement. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

However, a top source in the Barack Obama team tells me the actress ”is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.”
Given Lohan’s past problems, plus ongoing brushes with controversy, I’ve learned the campaign quietly told the actress ”thanks, but no thanks,” but in far more diplomatic terms.

I’ve obtained a copy of the e-mail sent to Lindsay Lohan from Obama headquarters:

Dear Ms. Lohan,

Don’t make him take out his pimp hand.

Obama/Biden ’08 Campaign Team

Photos: Splash News

  1. havoc



  2. Kelsy

    HA HA you fucking dumb ass, don’t know what you wanna be, gay, straight, can’t act worth of shit, look 20 years older than you are, drunk, washed up loser. That is too fucking funny! Shut the fuck up..your opinion means SHIT!

  3. Dork

    Why…he’s a loser just like her

  4. Slut

    The smartest thing Obama has done so far….

  5. Pretty

    ewwwwwwww her makeup doesn’t match her freckle 1940′s body.

    Hey Lindsay, shut the fuck up and go munch on that dirty carpet of yours you call Sam.

  6. Lola

    I really don’t know how or why this ginger-whore keeps getting work in Hollywood…. A lying hypocrite who has the nerve to call someone a homophobe and media hungry? Um, isn’t that a perfect description of YOUR OWN FAMILY BITCH? And she’s never came out to say she’s in a relationship with that butch 30yr old dyke, yet she can call someone out their name?
    Ho-han, fuck you, your retarded father, your media-crazed mother, talent-less mutant sister, and your carpet-munching butch bitch

  7. Mo


    I AGREE. That was pretty damn funny. WTG, Fishpeople.

  8. Cv

    Dear Ms. Lohan:

    I would like for you to go on the stump with Barry Obama. BTW, how was the $28,000 a plate dinner last night? You know Hollywood is just like the rest of the country right? Make sure you bring you wife/husband with you.

    Sen. John McCain

  9. mike jones

    uhg i cant stand this whole blond plus super fair freckly skin thing going on here

  10. Go Barack Ombama on me

    @8 go tell Cindy that she looks like a fucking old lady whore.

    Good Day
    Love Your Precious,
    Barack Ombama

  11. Tracy

    first she is addicted to alcohol, then to cocaine, now she is addicted to manly looking lesbo DJ’s…lets hope her next addiction is speedballs so we don’t have to keep reading stupid shit about her other then her obituary.

  12. Obama Girl

    OoOOOOoOO OoOOOoo my OOoOoOObama

  13. ShittyPiss

    Dumb bitch. Good for Obama, his campaign doesn’t need hepatitis.

  14. can i get a hoot hoot

    She wants to put a video on Youtube and be the next Obama whore

  15. Anonymous

    That is utterly classic. That shows how much her popularity has taken a dive. Go far, far away, Hohan, take your useless family with you and never come back. I wonder how long it will be before Dina chimes in with her angry comments. Completely useless people.

  16. nipolian

    Looks like Obama just lost the pseudo dyke, sluts that agree to take it in the ass while in a bathroom stall vote.

  17. Imagination

    This is just a variant of what I would be saying to Lindsay Lohan: “Stop talking. It ruins it for me.”

  18. very first time something smart is out of her mouth and not in…;)

  19. Beauty Mark

    I think its perfect that in the background it says, “UGLY BETTY”

    FITS LINDSAY TO A TEE! How fucking ironic! ……. ;)

  20. Girl100

    Palin has values….Lindsay does not! She needs to keep her trap shut.

  21. @11

    What’s wrong with whores? Way to hold back women’s rights, douche.

  22. thejames1982


    my bad, 11. i meant number 10

  23. Chocolate Rain! LiLo should keep up her active support for candidape Obongo!
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    Chocolate Rain! They would rather sleep all day and eat watermelon!
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    Chocolate Rain! So all the ni66ers would die in agony!
    Chocolate Rain! I dedicate this post and the very special blue linked Tay Zonday video to all of the stupid stupid STUPID white sheeple who take the quadrennial ritual of engineered consent between jewtools candidape Obongo and Juan McCainez seriously. You have nothing to worry about; both candidates (or candidape, as the case may be) are absolutely GUARANTEED to be taking their orders from Tel Aviv.

    Yours truly,

    Ni66er Tay Zonday

  24. Barack Obama 2008

    OOOOOO hell nah!
    This bitch again! Fuck you, you stupid freckle faced Annie! I say it once, I say itz again! Don’t make a brotha pimp slap you!

    -Barack Obama

  25. Go Barack Ombama on me

    @22 go suck my chocolatly ballz nigga.

    “My bad.” <- god your so fucking white, loser

  26. ShittyPiss

    Chocolate Rain, if I ever met you I would beat your family to death with your scabby republican corpse.

  27. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    She appears to be seriously ill. Again….. DIE!

  28. Kim Kardashian

    HEY! This story is horrible, because I’m not included.


    Speaking of voting, vote of me on Dancing With The Star!


  29. norton

    This is better than any SNL skit I’ve seen in the past 10 years or so.

    At least the candidate sees the clear disconnect between Hollywood’s freak show and the rest of the country.

    I wonder when his campaign tells Pam Anderson to shut the fuck up?

  30. tp

    Dear Lindsey…

    You look like a crack-whore. Eat a sandwich.

  31. Mick

    I can understand Obama’s team not wanting Lindsay to host parties and such for them. The problem is that it’s not looking very good when they ask her to stop…. They should just ignored her all together.

  32. veggi

    There’s no right way to say this, but shittyPiss made me laugh..

  33. Paolo Maldini

    How pathetic of a human being are you when a guy running for President who has been BSing his way to prominence for years and who wants any vote he can get in any way he can get it, whose constituency is made up largely of blacks who live off the public coffirs and others who hate Bush because they are poor and failures in life etc, does not want your support.

    That rejection in itself has to be worse then any name anyone could ever call this skank.

  34. Dude from Roots

    Your name is not Barack Obama. It’s Toby!!!!

  35. Larry Craig

    @16 — he never had it to begin with

  36. I love the pic where she is blowing the kiss. She is so sexy. I want to be her. I think she is sooooo …ok can’t do it.

    Hey how long can you drive a car with the low oil light on??

  37. Cliff Clavin

    I not a Obama supporter. But numb-nuts like #34, make me want to see Obama win just to piss off those jagoffs

  38. Redneck Inbreds for McCain

    #33 no I hate Bush because he is an incompetent moron who has ruined the country and killed thousands of our soldiers who didn’t need to die. I hate McCain because racist inbred fucks like yourself think he is great.

    Hopefully if McCain is elected he brings back the draft so all the tough talking moron rebulicans on here can go of to war and put thier asses were thier mouths are.

    Remember kids, your parents don’t have to be related in order for you to be a rebulican, but it helps.

  39. Oh ok

    @38. Should we talk about some past accomplishements that drove the country into the ground?

    -Decoupling the dollar from Gold.
    -Raping the Social Security fund
    -Utilizing “equivalent rent” instead of true housing cost to adjust inflation numbers.
    -Free trade
    -Wall Street greed in the mortgage lending sector

    You can’t pin it on one person nimrod.

  40. Dude from Roots

    #37 – “I not a Obama supporter”

    You probably not old enough to vote either. Really nice grammar.

  41. Oh ok

    Oops…. that’s “accomplishments”

  42. Cliff Clavin

    “You probably not old enough” …..touche asshole. Looks like your grammar sucks shit.

  43. SUN

    Ms Lohan — step away from the bronzer!

  44. Mick

    41, lol! You are SO right.

  45. Dude from Roots

    #43 – It was clearly way over your head, so let me explain it to you. I will try not to use any big words.

    I was mocking you.

  46. Cliff Clavin


  47. oye

    Lol #38, so true!

  48. CJ

    What’s with the acne that no one will take the time to photoshop? That’s a strong statement when you don’t rate enough to be photoshopped.

  49. Dee

    HAHAHAHAHA dumb uneducated druggie.

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