Barack H. Obama: The 44th President of The United States

January 20th, 2009 // 390 Comments

President Barack Hussein Obama was officially sworn in just moments ago to a mammoth crowd in Washington, D.C. Whether you voted for him, or not. Believe in his message of change, or remain apprehensive. A monumental moment in America’s history happened today that will be one for the history books.

Now, about my 401k….

Dedicated to the GDAB and my brother Josh for serving his country.

Official Presidential Photo: Change.Gov

  1. Yoshi99

    Hey, Superficial — you guys impress once again. Thanks for taking the time to recognize this historical moment. You’re true professionals.

    As for #349, Obama could solve the financial crisis, achieve world peace and buy every man, woman and child a Bentley, and you’d STILL complain. Who do you think the president was talking to when he told us to “leave childish things behind”? Ding! You’re right! It’s YOU!

    And #350, every major news wire started off their stories with “Barack Hussein Obama.” And, no, Limppaw is not a major news source.

  2. Yoshi99

    “340. Sheva – January 21, 2009 4:54 PM
    Maybe we should ask Pakistan to have this guy sent to a room at one of the Dixie Chick’s homes. I mean we don’t want to hurt his feelings or anything.
    He’s just misunderstood.”

    Or maybe you should check your history. Bush wanted to buddy up with the Pakistanis. Obama said he’ll track these guys down and blow them to smithereens in Pakistan or wherever they lie.

    I really don’t get conservatives — they can’t actually debate the facts or the real issues. They just make things up so they have a strawman to knock down. Guess it’s the product of our failed education system.

  3. K

    Nice touch: “H.” instead of “Hussein.” Better ring to it, I suppose?

  4. Sheva

    Yoshi, you are really dense. President Obama, may God bless him and this country because I got some bad news for you. He is not going to solve the financial problems in the economy or make world peace.

    So when do the B-52s fly over Pakistan? Obama’s campaign comment about Pakistan was unfortunate at best.

    If you want to learn anything and stop being a child try reading the where the region’s security issues are covered very well. Then when Obama makes a misstep on a comment about Pakistan, at least you will have a clue. You clearly are inspired by campaign rhetoric, not education.

    And for the record, you clearly don’t have a clue what the US has been doing in Pakistan the past months, merely described by you as you describe as wanting to “buddy up.”

    I’ve studied Pakistan for about twenty years. You want to pawn off your inane comments about education? Please continue.

    Can’t wait to hear this delineation on the “buddy up” policy vs. “blowing up.”
    Oh and for the record, let me say right out of the gate, you’re a fucking dope.

  5. Sheva, sorry to burst your ignorant bubble, but I’m born and raised in New York City… from streets you’d never dare walk let alone drive through. But thanks for playing. And I was just kidding about letting your eyes cross by looking at my zipper dragon. While I generally love dellusional chicks with daddy issues, something tells me you’re a 40 something bearded white guy who cleans his grandmother’s bedpan in lieu of an actual job. Your tough guy talk is as convincing as W saying the economy has hit a rough patch. I’d gamble you’ve only been to NYC as a tourist.

    What? Politico tire of your directionless rants? Redstate ban you for having lower than their standard “IQ must be greater than or equal to waist size” qualification?

  6. Massa'

    It’s like Planet of the Apes now here in the US.

    We gotta bring back slavery to restore order to the blacks. The only time black people were useful and organized in the history of Earth was when they were slaves….it’s not too late…

  7. Massa’, Sheva… Sheva, Massa’…

  8. Sheva

    Oh yeah RichPoop, bring it baby. You were born and raised in the City, so tell us where and what school. You don’t really consider Redhook the city do you? Or fucking Bayside.

    And yes, I doubt that anyway plays with you in your zipper region other than your hand.

    Like many poor conclusions drawn from your imagination, I am not a she. And I’ve played basketball in may of those neighborhoods you claim I’d never dare to walk.

    And the Politico is for kids who think they are too highbrow for Huffpoo. Regardless, they all have the same religious beliefs. When they feel it, it’s true.

    So instead of aping some racist person, tell us about your tough neighborhood. Sounds like you are from fucking Canarsie. Yeah, you a gangster.

    I’ll meet you at the diamond on Astor Place anytime you like. Then we’ll see what your gay potty mouth will back up. And then I’ll take a skateboard from a kid and crack it over your stupid head.

  9. Sheva, seriously, you’re a joke, and your political stance is laughable. I grew up in pre-gentrified Harlem you crackpot. And your increasingly angry and violent fantasies only mean I’m forcing you to confront your serious lack of testicular fortitude, your still raw emotions over botched potty training, and your growing lack of confidence in your parroted policy positions. You’re not a historian, a tough guy, or an intellectual. So go walk the mean streets of the the Village and allow your homophobic sneers to get you in a hole you can’t climb out of. Based on your lack of originality and your pretend toughness, I’d say any kid whose skateboard you tried to take would beat you like a whore holding back on her pimp.

    Again, nice try, and thanks for playing.

  10. Sheva

    Pre-gentrified Harlem. Isn’t that where the white whores spawned their bastard client seed and then turned tricks up on Malcolm way. Did you watch mommy work under the bright lights? Anyway, if you were from Harlem then that would explain a lot and I’m sorry if I said anything to upset you. Like that any New Yorker doesn’t buy into the Slimes and Village Voice creed.

    You know what, youz wight. I didn’t stray to often north of 96th street. It’s okay to side up with Obama if you are similar in that half black, half white kinda way. Shoot, whether all or part black, I wouldn’t fault anyone for being behind the guy. That’s a lot of emotional weight. But the rest of us will be looking at him for his work not his genetics.

    My positions are my own you douchebag. At least yesterday you tried to be entertaining. The Zell Miller line was actually funny and I gave you a lot of credit.

    Today, you are just misdirecting a lot of mommy issues. I got tired of fighting with your commie friends on the corners with their “Daily Worker” newspaper a long time ago. Must be hard to lose Gus Hall and Angela Davis to the Soviet Union’s payroll while you still cry about the innocence of the Rosenbergs.

    Here I just come for some lowbrow fun. But at least yesterday you gave it the old City College try. Today you are just low rent or SRO.

    Now go get some condoms from the clinic for mommy. Sista haz ta getz paid.

  11. Sheva

    And and RichPoro, freedom triumphs over socialism any day.

  12. The rough streets of the Upper East Side… give up Sheva.

  13. Sheva

    Rich poo, nope. No one calls East Harlem the Upper East Side.
    So you aren’t coherent, even at a minimum here.

  14. I get the feeling Sheva enjoys flailing about wildly… like a blind man covered in honey who bumped into hornet’s nest…

  15. Sheva

    I get the feeling Richpoo misses old Harlem when crack was available in the hood to residents at a discount.

  16. Really Sheva? My 3 year old has better come backs… I swear… the Fish sure has fallen from the days of snappy one liners. Now we have delusional quacks who, out of fgear, didn’t “stray to often north of 96th street…” confusing geography and claiming themselves as Harlemites… we have fallen far indeed. Let me guess your next retort… “Hey Richpoo… tell your mom to stop wearing different color lipsticks, she’s making a rainbow on my dick…” You should be proud.

  17. Sheva

    You are making less and less sense Richpoo. You have posted some good one liners in your time but today just ain’t your day.

    Yeah I didn’t stray often north of 96th St. Why the fuck would I? Even if momma was cheaper, crackers never would get a discount.

    Your kid is going to grow up hating your guts. Because you are fucking incoherent today. And dementia only goes one way, downhill.

    Alright if you want to redeem yourself then give some insight into how the US under the new President will deal with Iran.

    For some background (which you no doubt need) here’s a defector from the mullah’s crew to provide some context.

    C’mon bring something to the table. Because the repeated lame insults is really getting boring.

  18. Sheva

    Or don’t Richpoo. I just heard about the bailout plan: for fucking terrorists.

    Now why would a terrorist even consider anything less than their barbarism that meets NO STANDARD of international warfare? They will get their full US “constitutional” rights.

    Time to start thinking about getting away from ground zero. It’s only a matter of time now.

    Those fucking cave dwellers are doing high fives right now along with their ACLU allies. They are emboldened and so are the mullahs.

  19. Amaranth

    Sheva I actually enjoyed your write ups towards RichPort LMAO

    May I add that a real Harlem ganster will not write up online in a website called “TheSuperficial” hahaha

    Most likely he is black and he wants to defend the man who has the same color skin as himself and not care about what he is saying/dictating.

    Check out this link below, he was probably one of those people Howard Stern interviewed in Harlem LMAO

  20. Amaranth

    I’m sorry I forgot to add this video link LMAO, I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing this video that I almost crapped my pants! HAHAHAHA

  21. Jenny

    Mighty kind of him to grace us with his American Flag lapel pin….this time

  22. Sheva

    Have no problem with RichPort supporting Obama because he identifies with the guy. Hardly can fault someone for what many have done for ages in identity politics. And the US has had the Democrat Party leading the way to making the US a balkanized set of groups out to get their entitlements at the expense of other groups.

    It’s about as far from the MLK creed as you can get but it is what it is.

    Besides, the requirement that taxpayer money to international family planning groups not use our money for abortions was rescinded today.

    Ironically, this makes Obama the new endorser of killing more black/dark babies not only at home but abroad.

    Whether you are for abortion or not or somewhere in-between, you are a hostage to a policy of funding abortions abroad.

    That ironically means more dead babies of minorities.

    The last President did more to save people around the globe with AIDS, with a hugely successful program in Africa and other places, thus saving many, many lives.

    And this one in one day has done more to destroy that same life.

  23. Sheva, are you really this naive, or am I being punk’d? Please procreate… my son’s McNuggets ain’t exactly gonna make themselves…

  24. Sheva

    RichPort, halting the confessed 9-11 conspirators’ trial and then saying that they will now be prosecuted with traffic tickets is not scaring any terrorist.

    It’s fucking awesome knowing that terrorist have the same rights as OJ.

    So far there have been dozens of those Al Qaeda terrorists released that went back to their day jobs: terrorism. Last count was 60 of those bastards found their way back into the game after release.

    No doubt more will be doing so when the naive wishful thinking of Obama brings death to Americans. If your kid loses his life well, at least you can take heart in knowing you ensured the full rights of those very terrorists.

    Any terrorist operation under consideration just went into overdrive. They will be looking to turn your kid into chow. Call it a slightly mistimed partial birth abortion.

    What’s one more black kid aborted anyway?

    Now who’s fucking naive?

  25. I’m not Black, you quack, but, again, thanks for playing. I suggest you buy some land in Montana and build an emergency shelter for that day the evildoers come to get you. Make sure to stock up on the canned good and any Made in USA products still left (meaning no Walmart for you). Your misdirected paranoia actually borders on psychosis… you should have that looked at. You’re not funny, make no relevant points, are as confused politcally as anyone I’ve had the displeasure of attempting to school, and misinformed. And you squawk alot. I sincerely doubt you live in NYC, because your type doesn’t last long here… I’m no gangster. That’s just stereotypical idiocy. And I have to say, the fact that President Obama makes people like you tremble in extreme pussiness lets me know our nation has made the right choice.

    Now excuse me… I have to go back to working on this time machine so I can shoot the person who signed the permit that let the hospital you were born in be built.

  26. Sheva

    I didn’t say you were black Richpoo only that you might identify with your daddy who you can’t identify since mama was up on Malcolm Way in Harlem turning tricks. It must have hurt when the kids laughed at you saying they knew what your moma does.

    You couldn’t school anyone on anything. You are a fucking twit who sees what you believe. You wouldn’t know the difference between a fact and your ass.

    And when did I fucking call you a gangster. I called you out to Astor Place.
    In doing so, I am ONLY calling you a pussy. Oh and a bastard.

    And I can assure you that Iran’s mullahs, their terrorist proxies and pals from the Islamic Brotherhood and affiliates are not trembling at the sight of Obama and his endorsement to give them US citizenship rights should they be caught anywhere on the planet killing civilians.

    Yeah, I’m sure they are fucking scared to death now.

    Hope they fucking release these fucking terrorists in your backyard. Because the ACLU will be making sure that day comes.

    Fuck you, fuck Obama bin lyin and fuck the ACLU.

  27. The only thing you can assure me of, is that you’re a shit talking cock.

  28. Khalid the 9-11 hero mastermind

    Thank you America for voting for Obama. I was on my way to death row but thanks to you I have a real good shot at killing a lot more Americans than I did on 9-11.

    We can do better. And we will. We promise.

    Can anyone get me the phone number to OJ’s lawyer?

  29. Khalid the 9-11 hero mastermind

    Rich stop blowing your three year old and you’ll have less piss in your mouth.

  30. Sheva

    Well Richpoo guess I won’t be going uptown for that Harlem education.
    You fucking brainwashed fool reality is going to hit real soon. Obama’s first executive order is save the 9-11 terrorists.

    And the 9-11 families are right behind the terrorists to feel the CHANGE.

  31. Terrorists Pacifier

    Holy crap, Obama has signed off on protecting terrorists the world over. These orders he just signed give them more protections than in most countries in the UN.

    Well he did say if there was a conflict, he’d side with the muslims.
    But right out of the gate?

    At least Bill Clinton had the excuse of not having had the worst attack on America in its history. WoW.

  32. Orange County

    What’s the first words a terrorist anywhere in the world says when captured?
    “Take me to Obama.”

  33. AlQaeda#1

    Okay you got me. Now take me to Obama. I want a nice place near the White House. I am ready to negotiate.


  34. Captain Hero

    @ 56

    ” still find it comical that the Lefty Loons were all up in arms about Sarah Palins lack of experience and she was “Heartbeat” away from the presidency and in the same breath endorsed and voted for a guy that has even less experience “FOR” President.

    Good luck BHO and God Bless America.”
    ummm…you’re conviniently forgetting about the almost 2 whole years of vetting that Obama had to endure leading up to Election Day.

    So I’d say Obama’s 24 months of constantly getting grilled on various foreign and domestic issues far outweigh Palin’s month and a half of not speaking to the media. I mean, thats what the vetting process is all about isn’t it? Making sure a candidate is at least half way qualified for the job?

    Lastly, let me ask you who the last President we had was where people were worried about his qualifications for the job. I’ll give you a hint, his initials were JFK and he turned out to be a fine President until he was murdered.

  35. DEE


  36. whatever

    “So I’d say Obama’s 24 months of constantly getting grilled on various foreign and domestic issues far outweigh Palin’s month and a half of not speaking to the media.”

    Constantly getting grilled?

    Are you kidding me?

    Here’s your typical B. Hussein Obama ‘grilling’ interview: “How do you handle being such a wonderful person? How will you handle the praise you receive after bringing us hope and change? Can I suck you off now?” ‘

    If Obama ever faced a real interview with hard questions, and was pressed for specifics to back up his stupid theories and plans, he would crumble and cry like a baby.

    Here’s how Obama deals with just one hard question from a single big bad reporter:

    Guess Obama’s not used to a reporter who doesn’t drop straight to his knees.

  37. whatever


    One way ticket to foreign country…check.

    Shredded Social Security and Selective Service cards…check.

    Knowing I’ll be on a beach somewhere when America finally collapses under the weight of an arrogant, stupid, bloated, trillion-dollar-deficit government run by a clueless twit who couldn’t make it as a community organizer…PRICELESS.

    It’s sad to see America falling from super power to third world status, but maybe China will make a better super power. We’ll find out in about a decade. Maybe sooner.

  38. Mike

    What’s the nickname for the first black gay president? Badblack Oooohboobaaaah!

  39. Barak did not win the election if it were not for George Bush and Sarah Palin, so thanks!

  40. mark

    All you Dumb Asses who praised this idiot and elected him. I bet you would really like to kick yourself in the ass now? Black,White Green or Blue,,,He’s 1 dumb suma bitch. Please dont elect this dip shit again, we all need a job.

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