Barack H. Obama: The 44th President of The United States

January 20th, 2009 // 390 Comments

President Barack Hussein Obama was officially sworn in just moments ago to a mammoth crowd in Washington, D.C. Whether you voted for him, or not. Believe in his message of change, or remain apprehensive. A monumental moment in America’s history happened today that will be one for the history books.

Now, about my 401k….

Dedicated to the GDAB and my brother Josh for serving his country.

Official Presidential Photo: Change.Gov

  1. All the news...


    He’s black,
    He’s “dishy,” particularly for people who found Dumbo the Flying Elephant attractive.
    He’s black.
    Once, while leading troops in battle, he… oh… right… he didn’t do that. Never mind.
    He’s black.
    He’s led several marches for Civil Rights… oh, right… he didn’t do that, either.
    Did I mention he’s black? Yes?
    As the CEO of Exxon, he’s gained valuable experience in dealing with foreign governments at their highest level. Oh… right… he didn’t do that, either. In fact, he couldn’t even get a FUCKING TENURE TRACK POSITION at a university – even with all of his “amazing” degrees and “massive intellect.”
    And, of course: He’s black.

    Sure sounds qualified to me! I particularly like the one specific he gave at today’s speech about it “not mattering whether government is too big or too small, but whether it works.” Now THOSE are the words of a real student of history and PoliSci.

    My leg is tingling, for sure.

    Tonight over the mantle I’m going to hang one of my business suits to remind me that our leader is a total, complete, empty suit.

    Maybe I’ll choose a black suit. It seems appropriate.

  2. effyeray

    The question of the day:
    Now how do the lazy good for nothings complain about the system holding them down and not being able to catch a break “cuz of da man”?

  3. Sara Palin

    Now let’s all thank Fox news for a wonderful eight years.

  4. Whatever.

    Tell me what “CHANGE we can believe in” means and then I’ll listen. I’d like to know what POLICIES he believes in. I want to know HOW he’s going to fix the mess we’re in. I’ve heard a lot of rhetoric, now I want to hear some solutions that don’t involve nationalizing what’s left of the American banking system or funding the problem with more taxpayer money.

    $150 Million for an inaugural ceremony? There’s controlled spending for you… I’m sure there’s going to be some CHANGES going on. I’m just not sure the kind that everyone had in mind.

  5. President Obama isn’t 1/8 black #16 LOL. His father is pitch black, and Im black with two parents that are of the same skin tone as his. As a result I have the same skin tone as well. Does this make me 1/2 white? I do NOT think so.

  6. kent

    I still find it comical that the Lefty Loons were all up in arms about Sarah Palins lack of experience and she was “Heartbeat” away from the presidency and in the same breath endorsed and voted for a guy that has even less experience “FOR” President.

    Good luck BHO and God Bless America.

  7. Repub Kool-Aid Drinker

    Everything is just about perfect right now in the country, so I hope Obama doesn’t try to change much. A little tweak here and there is all we need.

  8. mimi

    Get ready for Jesus, ya’ll

  9. Britney Spears

    Darn it, y’all. I thought that dead man was in da prez spot. I better go take off my celebration clothes…



  11. .

    ABOUT TIME! I’m a registered republican, but I voted for this guy.

    All hell would break loose if that damn IMPalin got in there.

    AMEN! God bless the USA!

  12. truth

    A bunch of white guys got this country into some huge messes (Iraq, Wall Street) then bailed out and walked away as rich men with no shame. Against that backdrop, all the jabs at Obama’s race are absurd. This country chose another path, not rashly, but purposefully, after watching the wreckage accumulate. A tiny percentage of the population is still angry about that, and apparently they all know this web address.

  13. snelly

    he looks like curious george, is biden the man in the yellow hat?

  14. Deacon Jones

    You see the look of relief on Dubya’s face?? hahaha

    I wonder what was actually going thru his mind for 20 minutes sitting there, because I guaran-fucking-tee he didn’t maintain attention.

    “aheHE…can’t wait to get me some of those bacon wrapped scallops on airforce one..heHE”

  15. Kim

    Okay, Mikey, stop seeking attention with multiple posts….you’re probably posting multiple times under different names….second, for all the people screaming Obama is “overrated”, “all talk”, and “will be a disappointment,” where is your crystal ball? Yeah, it won’t be perfect, he said that in his speech, but what if he turns out to be a really good President? Are you gonna put your foot in your mouth in 4 or 8 years or will you just try to save face by nitpicking about something else? People like you remind of those idiots in the late 80s, early 90s that thought AIDS was spread by the air and toilet seats and made asses of themselves on television. Where are those people now? Well, they would like to think that they either a) never said anything that stupid b) plead ignorance and apologize for being uneducated and stupid. What will you say in 4 or 8 years when the “Apocalypse” you see with your crystal ball doesn’t happen? It’s his FIRST day as President, shut up for now!

  16. Uncle Jesse Duke

    Don’t mind Obama. How could he be any worse than the last 2 clowns who held the office, Clinton and Bush?

    But that wife is a different story. She still looks pissed and a bit phony trying to pretend she is patriotic. And the media portraits her as being so beautiful, but did you ever get a look at her backside? Bigger than the national deficit.

  17. Bee

    Well said Truth…well said!

    If he makes mistakes… it wouldn’t be any different that the previous 43 presidents who made mistakes so you guys have no point with that. He’s biracial, hes international…he represents all of us and its wonderful!

  18. Bee

    Well said Truth…well said!

    If he makes mistakes… it wouldn’t be any different that the previous 43 presidents who made mistakes so you guys have no point with that. He’s biracial, hes global…he represents all of us and its wonderful!

    I appreciate the writer for being so passionate about this…its kinda hot.

  19. Bee

    scratch comment 67 lol

  20. Hi everyone! Anything new today..?

  21. Bee

    To 66, Uncle Jesse…don’t you know most of the male populaton loves a fat ass nowadays…as long as its firm. Im no lesbian but Mrs. Obamas got a nice one! Why do you think all these chicks are running around getting rear implants?

  22. Yea - blah blah

    With what this man wants to do to the country, websites like these have numbered days…I figure since they will tax the crap out of everyone, create no more jobs, keep letting the jobs we do have slip out of the country, and pretty much suck every available penny from the public coffers for thier own special interests. I honestly believe that these “professional politicians” need to go the way of the dodo bird (and take Heidi and Spencer with you). They adhere to 1 rule and 1 rule only….lie, lie, lie. This guy has said “We need change!” now it seems that his “change” will be a few years away or in his next term (hes thinking THAT far ahead) and until them all we get is change..the kind that jingles not the kind that folds. I am a solid middle class worker with 1 child and own my own home but due to the tax laws – i have had to PAY every year – now tell me I will actually break even after this guy gets to running things…..I doubt it.

    Oh and to all you Bush haters..I am pretty damn sure you cashed your stimulus STFU!

  23. American

    Just what we need — another black family in PUBLIC HOUSING !

  24. Sebastián

    “I would have had respect for him if he would have used the $50,000,000 plus for helping the country not for a bunch of parties like FDR did. Small ceremony, chicken salad, down to business. That would have earned my respect.”

    Of course, we all know, the FDR presidency (well, presidencIES) was a complete and utter failure. He left the economy in shambles and wasn´t able to keep America secure.

    He should have followed George’s example (having people in the parade protest your election and throw eggs at you, which doesn’t cost a dime) and hope for his same luck

  25. Beau

    He is just like the rest of the assclowns before him. If he wanted my respect, spend the millions on the USA and not on a party! Do what FDR did; quiet ceremony, chicken salad for a few close people, get to work

  26. JazzHands

    who the fuck cares… black man, white man… he bought the election, has no experience, has said nothing, how I HOPE HE DOES SOMETHING.. how is this fucking history… will it be history for the next president; regardless of color??? fucking A…. who care!

    Just do something Obama… I know i’ll be disappointed.

  27. Spurious


  28. Bee

    White supremacists are hilarious. Maybe I should take up anthropoligy…

  29. Tee

    Starting today I am going to talk about ‘Hope’, ‘Change’, and chant ‘Yes We Can’ like a Kool Aid-drinking zombie, just because it has been repeated so much and shoved down my throat. I love propaganda.

  30. Tee

    Starting today I am going to talk about ‘Hope’, ‘Change’, and chant ‘Yes We Can’ like a Kool Aid-drinking zombie, just because it has been repeated so much and shoved down my throat. I love propaganda.

  31. Bee2


    You’d better start with remedial spelling, first…

  32. God Bless America

    I am a Republican who knows that this man is in office ONLY because he’s black (or half black, whatever). All of his loyal followers bought into the hype of Obama being the next messiah. He’s an unqualified man who was late for every senate meeting he had to attend. Has anyone here ever seen Manchurian Candidate?

    I hope, for the sake of this country and our future, that this man has smart people standing behind him. I don’t want to see him fail, because we all fall, but maybe his choices and actions will open up peoples eyes to what he really is. A man who is not qualified to run this country.

    I stood behind Bush for most of his administration, but the same applies here as with Obama. Bush seemed like the perfect person to run the country, we voted him into office twice, but people’s opinions changed. LEARN FROM HISTORY PEOPLE! He may seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but just wait…….

  33. Kristi Wither

    So what if he’s the first African American President? I won’t beleive that true equality exists until a African American can be a Republican without being ridiculed by other AA’s.

  34. Kunta Kinte

    Attention White People: Report to the cotton fileds at 0500 tomorrow morning!

  35. @78, I know, seriously. Too bad for them, they’re all AFRICAN!

  36. .

    @80, like chanting ‘drill, baby, drill’ or ‘Maverick’?

  37. pat

    GDAB ? What’s that? George Dumb Ass Bush ? Greater Dayton Association of Baptists ?

  38. HankTheDwarf


  39. Saviana

    I’ve made my peace with the fact that this preachy “I-have-a-good-speechwriter” half black wannabe is now the president, but what I can’t take? People saying “change has happened”. NOTHING’S FUCKING HAPPENED. Alert me when he does something that changes shit, because as of right now all he’s done is made some bullshit jargon speeches and fumbled up the presidential oath. SCORE! You rock my world Obama.

  40. James

    I’m a Republican and I didn’t vote for Obama. But I congratulate him on his victory and I hope he does a great job as President.

  41. rob frost

    yes no. 7
    except the media’s turned him into more than a celebrity – it’s like he’s a hero, but he hasn’t achieved anything yet – apart from having a tan!

    Anyone else think he’s talking just like Bush?

    Talking about the vast “evil network” of international terrorism,
    talking about how soldiers are overseas right now “ensuring our freedoms”
    (not murdering innocent Iraqi’s.)

    I’m deeply concerned that he’s towing the same line as Bush.
    Not too surprising if you do some research and find that he’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations with Bush Snr, Cheyney, Rumsveld and Rockefeller!

  42. Zed

    “I am a Republican who knows that this man is in office ONLY because he’s black (or half black, whatever).”

    I agree. It’s not because the Republican ticket SUCKED. It’s not because the country turned against Republicans for the second straight congressional election cycle and put a bunch more Democrats in office. It’s not because early polls have Republicans losing even more seats in the 2010 congressional election. None of that is true. It’s all a media conspiracy. You, over there – you’re a media elite, aren’t you? You’re conspiring against me! All of you! You can’t fool me!

    Palin 2012

  43. OMG #82. You have seriously just changed my whole outlook on Barack Obama (or should I say That Dirty Jackass who became President Asshole in Chief Douchebag). I totally can’t remember why I voted for him! What was I thinking?!? You have truly touched me (and not in the way your pastor touches you). I think I’m going to change my voter registration form from “free thinker” to “guy who follows #82 in his infinite wisdom). I have learned from history, #82. I have learned and I will never make this mistake again.

    ps. Sliced bread is great. But only if it’s white bread (none of that “nutritious” brown crap for me, thanks) and doesn’t run for or win the presidency.

    pps. When is the next Klan meeting again? Could you forward me a map to your grandma’s basement? I can’t remember how to get to your “apartment.”

  44. Bee

    83: good point, my dad is a republican and we make fun of him behind his back. Im an independent, though. We need to be more accepting of Black republicans.

    84: LOL no way

    85: Everyone always forgets that

  45. Lalita

    Wow Fish! I’m used to you making jokes about every little thing you put on here but what you wrote about Obama being sworn in was quite beautiful! Let’s just hope he can be change America so desperately needs!

  46. Jrz

    Now can someone put a fucking muzzle on Jill Biden? Jesus Christ, lady….some shit you just ain’t supposta repeat…I mean…fuck….

  47. godzulu

    Who cares if he’s black? Liberals are scumbags and with the new pres. its just business as usual for the oligarchy. All the rhetoric of Hope, hopie , Change change, and the same old hacks are appointed etc. Maybe Sandy Berger will be appointed to something so he can steal more documents. I am proud not to be one of the 69 million freakin idiots who voted for this fraud. Noiw I’ll just sit back and watch the insanity progress while our freedoms slip away – I’m sure my next post will be from a re-education camp.

  48. bean bag

    tee hee, I LOVE the idiots who go on here and grade other peoples comments, so they can tell you how superior they are (please see #93). Unfortunately these dopey people vote. Who cares? Let’s celebrate when the “change” occurs. Like getting us out of this recession, keeping unemployment in single digits, getting us OUT of Iraq etc. right now he hasn’t done shit but people pretend his JFK already. Let’s see the work get done and the speeches stop.

  49. Oh So Happy....

    Congratulations American’s – You’ve finally gotten it right! Let’s get you guys back into the WORLD’S good graces!

    - A happy neighbour to the North –

  50. lol

    lol.. insecure white boys are hilarious

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