Barack H. Obama: The 44th President of The United States

January 20th, 2009 // 390 Comments

President Barack Hussein Obama was officially sworn in just moments ago to a mammoth crowd in Washington, D.C. Whether you voted for him, or not. Believe in his message of change, or remain apprehensive. A monumental moment in America’s history happened today that will be one for the history books.

Now, about my 401k….

Dedicated to the GDAB and my brother Josh for serving his country.

Official Presidential Photo: Change.Gov

  1. Randal

    Dear Readers,

    Frist bitches.


    - Randal

  2. OJ's Mom

    Suck it RedNecks!!!
    Black man in your WHITE House.


    Scott Klose for Prez 2012>

  4. tasha


  5. ATLien

    He’s half black you ignorant d-bags. It’ll be a long time before we have a true black president

  6. Congratulations Mr. President, congratulations first lady, and congratulations first daughters.

  7. Mikey

    The beginning of the end has begun… The Celebrity Elect is now the Celebrity of the United States…

  8. I’m actually surprised that we already have our 1st black president. I guess rednecks just talk a lot of sh!t and don’t actually vote. :)

  9. Cya George Dubya

    About time that idiot George Dubya got replaced. No offense Americans but he has screwed your nation and the shockwaves are felt around the globe. He needs to be brought forward to a court on charges of War Crimes. He is a terrorist. Not only is he a terrorist, he’s a fucking moron for letting the economy get as fucked up as it is now. He’s been fucking america up the tail pipe for many years….. I hope Barack can fix his fuck ups and bring America back to the glory it deserves.

  10. Mikey

    Today is the beginning of the end… sure are gonna be a lot of “I told you so’s…” over the next four years…

  11. SATAN

    who’s this ugly cunt talking right now?

  12. David

    Wow History has smiled on you guys! There is probably not a country in the world right now that its people would not wish to have a man like him at the head of their nation. A note from a Canuck

  13. lvuc

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  14. Hormones Raging

    What a dishy man.

  15. WTF EVER

    THANK GOD…now all you idiot no nothing about how to run a country liberals can STFU. What are you going to say when we go under another terrorist attack because this 1/8 black man opens the doors and lets all the terrorist in. You people are so fucking stupid. Make it a race issue, dumb asses


    HAPPY HAPPY DAY! what a great time to be alive

  17. SATAN

    what does “dishy” mean

  18. end of the world

    First time poster, long time lurker:

    You bush bashers are nothing but a bunch of whiney pussy wimps. Shut up, you sound sooooooooooooooo pathetic everytime you open your mouth. Take control of your own life and your own miserable existence instead of blaming bush who is one of this country’s most underrated presidents. You will get Obama, don’t worry, and you will be paying for years to come. Mark my words, obama will go down as the most overrated president, ever.

  19. Bamboozled

    my president is black in fact he’s half white, so even in a racist mind he’s half right, so if you gotta racist mind its alright, cause my president is black but his house is all white.


  20. La Dee Da

    Amen, Amen, Amen.

  21. sheana

    Cheers David!! You words are so true…….. Congrats to all my friends south of the border!
    another note from another Canuck.

  22. lol


    You mean like Bush did for 9/11 after multiple staff changes and him and his staff ignoring reports of an imminent attack?

    I hope we have learned *something* from the past 8 years.

    I have to say “thanks” to Bush for making this easier.


    AMEN. IT IS GOING TO BE A LONG FOUR YEARS. But it is the republicans fault, they did many things wrong…especially putting up McCain. GOD HELP US ALL

  24. 23 You IDIOT...


  25. cranky conservatives go home

    i can’t understand how some of you people still manage to be so negative… i can’t say i blame you, it’ll probably take a while for all the shit from the last 8 years to wash off. then maybe you can remember we were happy once

  26. HippieShake

    Oh my, this is so great!

  27. ATLiend

    @20 i really hope you voted… you seem really intelligent

  28. MOving Forward

    Fantastic! Now, after the celebrating today, we need to get to work and make things happen.

  29. blackout

    Moon Cricket

  30. Devin

    I did vote but not for him. I would congratulate the fact that he ran for president and won, but he DID NOT make history. He is actually the 6th HALF-BLACK, HALF-WHITE president. Hate to burst your bubble. Hopefully, he’ll keep his word. =)

  31. lucia

    maybe not all voted for obama
    but the entire world want bush out
    I hope that YES, YOU CAN make your nation a better place, let the wounds heals, and welcome back to all the young mens and womens that let their life in war and now had the chance to get it back and fight in a different form. In the form of a united nation.

  32. Thank you Mr. Bush

    Dear Mr. Bush,

    thank you for keeping our Country safe for all these years. You are a true trooper!

    Good luck Mr. Obama, God Bess!

  33. diediedieobama

    Piss off and die!

  34. Sid

    “Today is the beginning of the end… sure are gonna be a lot of “I told you so’s…” over the next four years… ”

    The first part is true – today is the beginning of the end of the “Reagan Revolution.”

    The country is a mess. Only dead-souled far right conservatives are looking forward to Obama failing, because people are suffering now and if he fails it will be much worse and there will be even more suffering. True Americans don’t root for that to happen to their fellow citizens.

  35. Joe Melnick

    It’s amazing – as of today it’s okay to be patriotic, America is right to wiretap terrorist phone calls and look at your library records, and the military aren’t just inbred racist killing machines. Rendition is also ok and interrogation formerly attacked as torture will be given a new name and ignored by the media. The FISA court approved all of Bush’s patriot act policies last week and there wasn’t a peep out of anyone on the left.

    I think Obama is more likely to maintain Bush’s policies than McCain so I will just wish him the best – I want every US president to be a great president, unlike the left who hate republicans and their country if they’re not in charge. Well you’re in charge now, all 3 branches, so grow up and move forward, and show a little class this time.

    Here’s what you won’t get: endless tirades and assassination chic, unhinged conspiracy theories and poisonous ‘debate’. Bush is still a much higher risk for being killed, I hope his secret service detail doesn’t think the threat has been eliminated.

    And now that the waters will begin receding, maybe the democrat mayor of New Orleans and the democrat governor can fix things up a bit, now that Bush isn’t forcing them not to improve their lives.

    And maybe the democrats Chris Dodd and Barney Frank will admit they caused the mortgage crisis with their heavily-funded support of Fannie and Freddie, and ignored Bush when he asked so many times for reform.

  36. t


  37. John

    Oh, you mean your 401k that Dems want to roll into social security to save it. You made your bed now lay in it.

  38. John

    Oh, you mean your 401k that Dems want to roll into social security to save it. You made your bed now lay in it.

  39. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    That’s a really good photo.

  40. Rick

    “You will get Obama, don’t worry, and you will be paying for years to come.”

    Yeah, see, the markets have lost 50% of their value, lots of homes have lost nearly that much, businesses are going bankrupt, and unemployment is skyrocketing. We’re already paying. And…did you already forget about the Bush Administration’s SOCIALIZATION of $700 billion of American capital resources?

  41. Eric

    Having read the enlightened comments of my new conservative friends, I now realize that rather than a day of hope, today is a day of despair.

    Dear God, please don’t let Obama mess up the nirvana that Mr. Bush created. Amen.

  42. malffy hernandes

    Finally a good looking president!

  43. Andrea

    If I ran the RNC, I’d ask for donations while offering a gift of a handkerchief signed by Sarah Palin, because you guys sure are doing a lot of whining and crying these days.

  44. Beau

    I would have had respect for him if he would have used the $50,000,000 plus for helping the country not for a bunch of parties like FDR did. Small ceremony, chicken salad, down to business. That would have earned my respect.

  45. Beau

    I would have had respect for him if he would have used the $50,000,000 plus for helping the country not for a bunch of parties like FDR did. Small ceremony, chicken salad, down to business. That would have earned my respect.

  46. xkl

    He needs botox. But, ya yaya ayayya!

  47. You mean the 401k that the Repubs want to use to by cars and kill off polar bears.


  48. Crusty

    As a Republican, I say thank you to George Bush for your service to America, for your successful efforts to keep America safe after 9/11 and for doing that which you felt was best for the country while being constantly bombarded by those who wanted America and Americans to suffer just so they can validate their displeasure with your Administration.

    Also, as a Republican, I congratulate Barack Obama for becoming our President and sincerely hope that your Administration provides the improvements to our country promised during the campaign.

    Note that I said Obama is “our” President, just as George Bush was. Anyone who wants to see Obama fail is simply stupid – just as those wanting to see Bush fail were equally asinine. We’d be crazy not to want Obama to be a successful President.

    As a Republican, I will do that which millions of people were childishly unable to do in 2000 and 2004 – support the President.

    Now go back to your corners and suck on your pacifiers.

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