Barack Obama shows off his presidential pecs

December 22nd, 2008 // 85 Comments

- Barack Obama hit the beach in Hawaii with his family for the holidays. Anyone else concerned that the paparazzi were able to get a shot of him? Jesus, after the Bush/shoe incident, remind me never to run for president. Because I’d win!
[Full set of nearly 40 photos of Barack and family in Hawaii at Celebuzz]

- Kendra Wilkinson has become “more conservative” and doesn’t “flash anymore” since getting engaged. Wait. Then why am I even writing about her? Quick, what’s Screech up to? [People]

- Russell Crowe is trying to get Gladiator director Ridley Scott fired from their latest movie Nottingham because he wants the actor to lose weight and show up for work on time. Here’s a compromise: Shut down the omelet bar promptly before shooting. He’ll either be on time – or thinner. [Page Six]

- Holly Madison plans on proposing to Criss Angel who says “what Holly and I have is really something that money can’t buy. She is enough for me.” Read: I’m not paying for the ring unless it’s from Hot Topic. [Us Magazine]

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, WENN

  1. Off The Chain

    This is wonderful, lets hang the taxpayers at a tune of $35k a day for a retreat to Hawaii for the new “entitled ones”. The media used to raise hell when Clinton or Bush would stay on the mainland doing this stupid shit. WTF?
    So much for the change?WTF?
    We are getting the same entitlements x3 plus 40 acres and a mule, what a fucking joke already….

  2. #72 aka yog relax I was being more than sarcastic, and as a matter of a fact if you read one of my earlier posts you’ll see that I think of Obama as a very sexy President-elect. Im black, and Im a little different. This is how I choose to respond to ignorant comments. I love Obama…love love love. I have the Ebony edition of Obama too. Obama kicks azz.

  3. Btw…what is a hick anyways? Can anyone tell me? I guess I don’t know since I don’t get into a lot of name calling. One of my friends once called me a cunt in order to get the crowed laughing, but I found myself laughing right along with them. They tried to explain to me what it means, but I still don’t get it. I really don’t think it’ll ever mean anything to me. Words are just words, and sometimes yog…you just have to take the clever route. That way no one will ever cause you to get mad, and I learned that only I can make me mad.








  5. LargelyGay

    #78, stfu.

  6. #80 who ever said I was talking?

  7. kbplaya33

    number 53 uh yeah if he did grow up ghetto or watever hed be in better shape than he is now! have u seen black peoples body? sory to say its the americans(white normally) who are the most obese and out of shape people around so dont say since his parents were white hes in good shape, he did it himself. AND OMG HAHAH U SAYD HE WAS RAISED UPPER CLASS?! READ A BOOK THEY WERE POOR AS DIRT HIS DAD WASNT AROUND AND THEY BARELY MADE IT HIS MOM WAS ALONE! SO GET UR FACTS STRAIT I DUNO IF UR A RACIST OR W/E OR JUST SOME RIGHT WING REPUBLICANS BUT GET IT STRAIT!

  8. White Guy

    You deserve to be treated like a man, not emasculated by some little white slut.

  9. Shiri

    Damn Obama, nice pecs. I’m impressed!

  10. Hoonany

    Man Boobies


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