Barack Obama shows off his presidential pecs

December 22nd, 2008 // 85 Comments

- Barack Obama hit the beach in Hawaii with his family for the holidays. Anyone else concerned that the paparazzi were able to get a shot of him? Jesus, after the Bush/shoe incident, remind me never to run for president. Because I’d win!
[Full set of nearly 40 photos of Barack and family in Hawaii at Celebuzz]

- Kendra Wilkinson has become “more conservative” and doesn’t “flash anymore” since getting engaged. Wait. Then why am I even writing about her? Quick, what’s Screech up to? [People]

- Russell Crowe is trying to get Gladiator director Ridley Scott fired from their latest movie Nottingham because he wants the actor to lose weight and show up for work on time. Here’s a compromise: Shut down the omelet bar promptly before shooting. He’ll either be on time – or thinner. [Page Six]

- Holly Madison plans on proposing to Criss Angel who says “what Holly and I have is really something that money can’t buy. She is enough for me.” Read: I’m not paying for the ring unless it’s from Hot Topic. [Us Magazine]

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, WENN

  1. 1moreidiotintheworld

    I’m patiently waiting for my fucking check, Obama…………………………

  2. bootlips

    He looks like a shaved monkey. LOL!

  3. v tard

    @16 maniacFive:

    I totally agree with you. He’s aging horribly and his hubris is backed up by unreliable talent. He’s been good in some movies, terrible in others. Gladiator doesn’t count as his role was easy.

    The Hugh Jackman thing?
    1) I can guarantee Hugh is overbooked. There just not enough hours and days for Hugh to do every project offered to him.
    2) I have yet to see Hugh portray a convincing asshole/villain/anti-hero type. Hugh is a nice guy in real life AND IT’S TAINTING HIS CAREER. No one will ever offer Hugh a chance to be evil.

  4. chickdowntown

    Super. This is great in so many ways. The best way being that, if he had shoes thrown at him, Obama looks to be able to just run over and beat the crap out of whoever threw the shoes. That is better than looking at the moron like you just found out somebody pissed in your lucky charms.

  5. Robbert

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  6. aliknievel

    Dude, you’re The President of The United States not some R&B singing Lothario or some redneck at a Nascar tailgate party. Put your freekin’ shirt back on!

  7. Jenn

    EEEEEEW he is getting those old man breasts already!!!!!!
    he is not hot by any means, you woman have such low standards, good thing I don’t that is why I have sexy young men in my life :D
    power is not that sexy if it’s attached to some aging sagging half breed lol

  8. F-Obama

    When is the press going to loose their erection over this guy who has yet to do ANYTHING but win the election. He isn’t Jesus, stop worshiping him. He’s just another President. Whoopee

  9. Russel Crowe is Joe Bloe who should be from Traveler’s Rest, North Carolina sporting a flannel shirt. He got lucky. Way lucky…

  10. GG1000

    I hate to even say this, but if someone could get a shot of him with a camera lens, couldn’t someone with..say…a scope also get that shot? What were the Secret Service smoking?

  11. GodIsAGirl

    pls call back all the soldiers and troops in iraq~don’t blame these soldiers in iraq, they just fulfill their line of duty. Whether you agree with wars or not, soldiers still deserve our respect, Remember people it is the SOLDIER not the politicians or news reporters that keeps you free. pls support & love them @ U n i f o r m e d M a t e.c o m this is the unique military club for military singles and admirers in the world! Dedicate to the men and women who defend our freedom. Support our heroes who serving our nation. Support our troops that safeguard our safety!

  12. friendlyfires

    Ahem, a little balance here?
    Can we have Michelle Obama in a bikini, please?
    My Fair Lady can’t stop drooling over the Barry’s pecs, abs, and boxers …

  13. Cartman

    Obama and his shaved chest. There are pics out there that show what a hairy mofo this brother normally is.

    President Barack Hussein Obama, the first metrosexual President of the United States.

    We are so fucked.

  14. Cartman

    Here’s a pic of Obama in highschool with chest hair.

  15. alex

    i don’t see any hair whatsoever
    you’re a retard congratulations

  16. Sheva

    Shaved chest and regular exercise brought to you by the Chicago Metrosexual Society.

    Of course the guy’s in decent shape, he exercises regularly and has never held a job even the length of one Presidential term.

    But whoever devised a strategy of two mere words as a campaign and keeping his records secret from the hospital he was born (none has confirmed he was born in any in Hawaii) to his records in college, the Illinois State Senate, his medical records (McCain released over a 1,000 pages) and you have a situation frought with problems.

    America’s enemies are rubbing their hands together so eager for January 20th.

    No one knows what this guy will do. But if he does for America what he did for the southside of Chicago, well it’s going to be one big spending boondoogle.

    And like his slumlord pal, Tony “house discount” Rezko, there will be those who benefit and the rest of America can go fish.

  17. Mike

    Photoshop FTW

  18. alice

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  19. Nugaloopagus

    He is hairless like a woman?

  20. Obama is a very intellegent man who had worked very hard to become President of the USA. He has a great body, soul, and mind. He has a big job ahead of him and he will do a great job.

  21. Eva

    Obama…. wow I’m speechless!!! Me likey!!!

  22. lol


    hell do a horrible job then have nobody to blame, can’t wait
    to see your messiah fail, scrub pres is scrub lol

  23. Yep

    right on, # 46.

  24. Kosh

    The Secret Service would’ve been asked to allow this guy to approach. The photographer would’ve been vetted in advance and selected by Obama’s PR team. This is obviously a submerged photo op, one you couldn’t run officially.

  25. Happy Hiker

    Nice! Obama’s got a body of a 22 year old. Impressive.. I think he’s capable of many nice suprises

  26. Happy Hiker

    Nice! Obama’s got a body of a 22 year old. Impressive.. I think he’s capable of many nice suprises

  27. grab me where I pee

    some Obama lover won’t let me post on here

  28. sid

    50# 51# are you retarded?

    what twenty somethings you know have such obvious drooping pecs/breasts whatever you wanna call them and his stomach is soft! he should really do something about the face though he looks like a pencil pusher!!!! ANd those aren’t even abs unless your talking about the body he may have under all the layers of flab hahahahaha keep in mind he didn’t grow up ghetto poor, he ws raised by white ppl who know what portion control and exercise is…..HIS white grandpa was a doctor for fuck’s sake…he was living the upper class lifestyle.. he’s as black as he is white! so he wasn’t pigging out on fried chicken and other nasty heart clogging shit ..keep it in perspective.

  29. my comment

    Obama sucks and he has man boobs.

  30. Delgo

    Barrack can do much better than that horsetoothed orangutan he’s married to. Time for some Kennedy-esque infidelity in the White House.

  31. LargelyGay

    Barrack, two words:

    Bitch Tits.

  32. momo

    by the looks of things … YOU people (and the rest of the world) better hope Mr Obama does a good job … it will benefit us all … I am glad he is in shape considering the mess he’s walking into … I guess those of you hoping he fails must have solid jobs

  33. badchick

    all ya haterz needa sit down dnt be hatin cuz mccain old ass lost…get ova it k??? thanks buh bye;]

  34. Jaime

    Some of your racial and hateful comments make me ashamed to live in the same galaxy as you. Picture aside……I wish Obama the best of luck trying to lead this often small minded country in a time of economic destruction.

  35. brick

    #24 Eat a big one. I hope your kids die in a car-fire.

  36. brick

    #24 Eat a big one. I hope your kids die in a car-fire.
    Merry fucking Christmas.

  37. devilsrain

    Wouldnt it be funny if brick ended up dying in a car fire? Lol or even worse living with 3rd degree burns all over his body. Merry Christmas fuck up, youre no better than 24

  38. mary

    Jenn … shut up! You sound annoying! Who cares if you are ho-ing around with a bunch of young guys…congrats…now tell someone else who cares! Obama is past 40 y/o and looks better than most of the men I have seen walking around…with their clothes on whether or not this has been photo-shopped. And thank you Jaime, I feel the same way! This country is just so sad if there are still people running around basing their comments on the color of someone’s skin. You are living in one of the most diverse countries in the world. Get over it already!

  39. mary

    Sid… that was by far one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. I am angry at myself for even taking the time out to read it, but it’s okay, because I get to let you in on something..shhh don’t tell anyone, but you’re in idiot! First of all, why are you analyzing his body so much, all you could have said was..’he doesn’t look good’. I mean what is he supposed to look like, at 40something? Stop putting so much emphasis on how much he doesn’t look 20, because guess what, HE’S NOT! And what makes you think that every black person loves fried chicken, cause I don’t. And are you saying that all white people are slim and healthy and blacks are not? Have you been outside lately? Anyway, have your self a wonderful holiday…and stay away from commenting on anything else plz.

  40. wh

    #62 Who cares? Go pray a rosary or something. Sounds like he/she needs to pull their panties out of their buttcrack.

  41. Air Mail

    You gota love Obama! Worst unemployment and resession in years and he stays in a 35 thousand dollar a day resort home!

  42. Natas

    Yeah… it’s not like he’s waiting for George Bush to end his joke-of-a-presidency. -_-

  43. I’m surprised he just didn’t wear a t-shirt or sleeveless shirt. Maybe he wanted to work on tanning or it was really hot.

  44. theotherguy

    am i the only one who’s noticed that the point has gotten lost in all this?

  45. Barak O Drama!

    who gives to sh**s about this man. So what hes the first black President? It was bound to happen one day but it should have been someone else with a brain. Barak is a con man/ anti christ! You have all been fooled by the liberal media, and public schools into voting for this man. I fear for the future…

  46. Damn #27 aka bootlips…I had no idea that shaved monkeys looked this fine. I might have to go to the zoo and spit some game in the primate section. They must be scrumptious. Forgive me Mrs. Obama I don’t mean no harm.

  47. yog

    #70: Comb your mullet, get back in your pickup, crack open a PBR and go home for a babymama-beating session. Don’t forget to pop your kids one (if they are even yours). Does it make you feel better to denigrate (I know that’s a big word) a successful and worthy individual instead of admitting that you are a worthless, most likely unemployed, undereducated trailer dweller? Makes you feel like a big man, doesn’t it, Jethro?

  48. yog

    Above comment applies to #71 as well. Stupid hick.

  49. yog

    On second thought, #71′s comment might have been sarcasm, but it’s hard to tell without hearing the tone of his/her voice. Oh well.

  50. Yackem


    Stereotyping is not a one-way street. Perhaps next time you could at least try to conceal your elitism. You appear better than that.

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