Barack Obama jokes about Jessica Simpson

February 2nd, 2009 // 131 Comments

President Barack Obama was supposed to be featured on the cover of Us Weekly with his family, but found his face covered by Jessica Simpson. In an interview with Matt Lauer, Obama jokes about the incident which proves the entire nation truly is captivated by her expanding ass. Us Magazine reports:

“Yeah, it’s a little hurtful,” he quipped when Matt Lauer showed him the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now, featuring a portrait of his family.
“You got replaced by Jessica Simpson!” added Lauer, who sat down with Obama before the Super Bowl aired Sunday on NBC.
“Who’s in a weight battle, apparently. Oh well!” Obama said.

Thank you, President Obama. Your proclamation of “Oh well” will hopefully shut the mouth of every star who heads to their blog screaming “We should be celebrating the president blah blah blah.” The guy’s cool with it, people! And to cement that fact he should give me a medal. Or a jet. Or a medal that turns into a jet. Yeah, that one.

EDIT: Added pics of Jessica performing in West Virginia over the weekend.


  1. butch

    “It was a little hurtful”?

    Come on this guys ego is out of control. So his great likeness was not shown on a magazine cover. BFD!!!!

    Look folks he aint done anything yet. Lets wait a little bit until we canonize him!!

  2. She looks like that woman on Reba..

  3. leatitia

    @butch, “It was a little hurtful”? – He was joking, it was irconic.

  4. 10pound

    She looks like a shit I took this morning.

  5. #1 – it’s called a sense of humor. You should try to get one yourself some day.

  6. Rush Limbaugh

    President Obama doesn’t care about fat white people.

  7. Alyssa

    I’m liking this guy
    I think we can expect good things from him – and he’s coming here to Ottawa first – awesomesauce.

  8. Brian

    Whats hurtful is that she would make a better president than this moron ever will.

  9. AteIsEnough

    @6 – If you really are Rush, that’s goes double for you! ha-ha-ha!! : )

  10. Mr Hobbes

    Yeah, he was obviously just along with Matt and just having a good sense of humor. When he said she’s in a weight battle he was just reading what was on the cover.

  11. vera

    I just can’t get over that Matt Lauer said “Let me finish” to the president!

  12. Natalie

    this was taken out of context. he was reading the headline on the cover of Us Weekly that said ‘jessicas in a weight battle” or something along those lines. and to #8 brian – shut up :-)

  13. Sauron

    Great video,straight to the point!.Obviously directed by a professional.Great job!

  14. lhlvkgcjgf

    I see that the stupid nigger president wants to appear on the cover of tabloids. Well, good for him. I guess that beats wanting to appear in public next to one’s urinal, like that dumb stupid groid Reggie Bush.

    When is the commander in chimp going to do something about the rancid monkey-house smell emanating from his wife’s pussy? It’s enough to choke a big FAT urinal.

  15. Deacon Jones

    Well, it explains why most women don’t have a clue about world events.

  16. Max


  17. Sauron

    Did anybody miss me?

  18. Kizzle

    President Hollywood’s first strike. This empty-suited phony is going to be a bigger joke than GWB by the time this is over.

  19. Jrz

    Actually, the unedited version of that part of the interview went like this:

    Lauer: “You got replaced by Jessica Simpson!”

    Obama: “Who’s in a weight battle, apparently. OH WHALE!”

    The pinko, liberal bleeding hearts at NBC fucked with the sound to make it like he said well and not whale.

  20. Jrz

    And be fair, Fish….after that part of the inteview aired this a.m. on the Today show, Lauer even said, And let me make it clear he was reading the headline on the magazine cover and not making a joke, or something to that effect.

    God knows I’m not on the Obamabandwagon, but be fair.

  21. havoc

    Don’t you think Michelle Obama is getting a little porky too?

    She’ll be wearing mu-mu’s by Easter….


  22. Joe

    I’m not a big Obama fan, but come on, he was being dry and self-deprecating, not egotistical.

    He was saying “oh well”, as in “oh well, that’s the way it goes with tabloids.”

    And as far as “battling a weight problem”, he was READING the cover story of the magazine Lauer was holding, not making his own comment on it.

    Context people!

  23. Deacon Jones


    Was that before or after they blended in the subliminal images?

  24. Tammy

    Obama’s comment was inappropriate.
    End of story.

    He got caught up in the moment and said something wrong… if it was any other President people would be flipping out.

  25. Nichole

    Now, here she doesn’t look so bad and definitely doesn’t look “fat.” The last time it was just that horrific outfit!

  26. theDouche

    Even if you don’t like Obama’s politics, how can you not like the man? He’s about as normal and down to Earth a President as we can EVER expect to see.

  27. Roxi

    alright we have had enough about this Jessica Simpson Crap, why doesnt she admits that either shes pregnant with tony romo’s child or that she has been eating a lil too much lately for God’s shake!

  28. jhjgxhfxhx

    @ #26, theDouche: Are you talking about the nigger?

  29. nigger nat

    Either way there would be an ass on the cover!

  30. r nat

    either way theres an ass on the cover

  31. Nikki

    She looks fine.. enough about her… on and on… who gives a good crap? She is not fat. She is normal. She has muscles and looks like she is healthy. Who cares if she gains weight. That’s her business.

  32. Beth

    She’s not fat…for West Virginians.

    She’s in show business so it’s not “her business.”

    And…she’s bringing quite a muffin(top) for breakfast today.

  33. Fat Chicks Suck

    @31: Actually she IS fat. She is fat in appearance as well as by medical standards. That makes her fat. You can say that she doesn’t appear fat in your opinion…but that won’t change the fact that she’s medically overweight. That is a fact.

    I care because a once-hot chick is now disgusting…and she makes it everyone’s business when she’s all over the media. If she wants it to just be her business she shouldn’t be out in public performing and making waves.

  34. Ali Knievel

    #28 A Black guy stole your girlfriend didn’t he?

    Probably not even your girlfriend but the girl you had a crush in High School who was nice to you even though you’re a 5’7″, 280 pound, prematurely balding, Pizza Face who showered with his underwear on in gym class. Remember when you wrote her that nice poem where you compared her to Starbuck from Battlestar Gallactica and gave her that creepy photoshopped picture of what your kids would look like?

    That Black guy is probably fucking her brains out right now. Her mouth is wrapped so tightly around his cock. While your mouth breathing, home-schooled-till-age-15 ass is sitting by the computer jerking off to reruns of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

    You better run before you’re late for your mom to give you a ride to your afternoon shift job @ Hardees. Those greasy fucking biscuits aren’t going to bake themselves.

  35. Andrea

    If she had true acting or singing talent, then her weight wouldn’t be a big deal. But she’s become famous based on putting minimal talent into a “hot” wrapper. If she lets herself go and looks more like a sausage wrapper, she’ll have no reason to be onstage. Just imagine how incredibly pissed off the promoters are on her current tour – singing pigs are nothing new to country music, but she can’t sing.

  36. Harry Doyle

    Did you hear that Sarah Palin got a million dollar offer to appear in playboy?

    Michelle Obama got the same offer……….

    from National Geographic.

  37. Sid

    Yep, Michelle Obama is no Laura Bush.

    For example, her facial muscles move. And her brain works.

  38. Bah, Obama will be the anti-Christ in about a year. Here is the breakdown of who voted for Obama:

    10%-His intelligence, push for technology progression and long-term economic stimulus plan
    30%-Because he is partially African-American
    60%-Thought they might get something for nothing out of the deal i.e.(reparations, continued welfare/increased welfare)

    At least 60% (guess which) of his entire voting population will call him a sell-out in less than a year, mark my word. The 30% mentioned will probably be on the fence about him and the 10% will still like him.

    So, with this Jessica remark, let the anti-Christ evolution begin!

  39. gmhdgmd

    @ #34, Ali Knievel: I was just seeking to stir the shit. It looks like I succeeded, and you’re the odiferous shit I stirred.

    It’s OK if you’re a nigger-worshipper. I’m sure you’ve sucked plenty of shitskin dicks, and that there will be plenty more for you to suck on in the future. You can get back on the downlow now faggot, you’ve done your multicultural dicksucking duty. Hurry! Hurry! The sticky essences of the homosexual tearoom await your greedy gullet!

  40. headin.towards.socialism

    Don’t worry Barack, you, Harry and Nancy can nationalize all the celebrity magazines, along with health care, the banking and credit industry, and the automobile manufacturing industry.

  41. Ali Knievel

    @ #39 Actually, I’m the Black guy who stole your girlfriend.

    She says to stop sending her emails with your “World of Warcraft” scores and she’ll leave the copy of “The Muppet’s Take Manhattan” you loaned 2 years ago that you keep using as an excuse to try to talk to her with your mom.

  42. Pat

    #40 – really? I don’t think Obama will follow what Bush and the Republicans started.

  43. Ali Knievel rocks!! Awesome..

  44. Alfred E Neuman

    Of course Jessica can always lose weight. What’s President Empathy going to do about those barn doors hanging off the side of his head?

    All the workouts in the world ain’t gonna fix that

  45. Freebie

    First, lay off Obama. He’s a breath of fresh air compared to what we had. When I look at him and his lovely family, I don’t see any color – just a beautiful family and a decent man.

    Second – I think Jess Simpson is preggers. And, if not, she looks like a healthy woman – not some bubble head on a stick. I’d trade figures with her any day.

  46. Linda B

    If you don’t think this weight gain was encouraged or even orchestrated by her father…come on now. First of all she has no talent. Zero. How else would she get so much attention? Look at the attention Jennifer Love Hewitt got. What about Cheryl from Dancing with the Stars. Misha Barton. Weight gain is a great way to get unsolicited comments from everyone who wants to apppear PC. Free publicity for nothing! Typical of Joe Simpson.

  47. Realtiy Check

    Jessica Simpson is officially fat. She is probably eating just as much as her boyfriend. A lot of females become fat from eating the same amount of food as their overweight or athletic boyfriend/spouse. It is rare to see underweight Americans and most are models,celebrities, or sick people. America has become the land of excuses and excess. According to a lot of fat American standards, no one is fat because they are either curvy, stocky, real woman body, or thick. The bottom line is fat is fat and Americans are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Stop the denial and push yourself away from the plate fat Americans and take a walk while you are at it fatso. Obama is a very intellegent man, articulate, and has a good sense of humor. He will do his best to fix the Bush Administration mess.

  48. butch

    So we all drank the coolaid today eh?

    Joke my ass. He wanted a clean sweep. He’s been on every other mag cover. Now Jessica’s fat ass covers him and he’s pissed.

    #45 get a life!! Breath of frewh air my ass. He is no better then Bush or Clinton. Same criminal cabinet same low standards. I just surprised he hasn’t named blagojevich to a position yet.

  49. Jrz


    Now fuck off.

  50. Kennedy


    It is obvious you are a Ditto Head. Quit listening to right wing talk radio. Bush lied to the American people and abused his power as President. There was a surplus of US money when Clinton left office and now American has a huge deficit from the Bush Administration. Clinton got his cocked sucked by a desperate fat intern name Monica that kept on throwing herself on him. Clinton never had intecourse with Monica. Newt Gingrich who was the former Speaker of the House tried to impeach Clinton while he was having an affair! It is great to once again have an intellegent and articulate US President.

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