Barack Obama jokes about Jessica Simpson

President Barack Obama was supposed to be featured on the cover of Us Weekly with his family, but found his face covered by Jessica Simpson. In an interview with Matt Lauer, Obama jokes about the incident which proves the entire nation truly is captivated by her expanding ass. Us Magazine reports:

“Yeah, it’s a little hurtful,” he quipped when Matt Lauer showed him the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now, featuring a portrait of his family.
“You got replaced by Jessica Simpson!” added Lauer, who sat down with Obama before the Super Bowl aired Sunday on NBC.
“Who’s in a weight battle, apparently. Oh well!” Obama said.

Thank you, President Obama. Your proclamation of “Oh well” will hopefully shut the mouth of every star who heads to their blog screaming “We should be celebrating the president blah blah blah.” The guy’s cool with it, people! And to cement that fact he should give me a medal. Or a jet. Or a medal that turns into a jet. Yeah, that one.

EDIT: Added pics of Jessica performing in West Virginia over the weekend.