Bar Refaeli’s Naked Video

July 1st, 2009 // 111 Comments

Nobody has a clue, or honestly gives a fuck, where this mysterious video of a naked Bar Refaeli came from today because it’s Bar Refaeli naked. To put things in perspective, if someone asked me “Hey, want to see a naked video of Bar Refaeli?”, I’m not going to hem and haw and ask “Hmm. In what context?” I don’t care if the entire backdrop ended up being my grandfather’s windsock of a penis, I’d watch like it was the goddamn moon landing. That’s called heroism, kids. You can’t teach that.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of heavenly assness.


  1. ugggh, horrible music and no nips or folders.

  2. blp

    I’m so immune to hardcore porn this does nothing for me, it’s like watching a weather forecast. Sad ain’t it?

  3. FFF

    The only thing better than tonguing that pink pucker would be licking those feet whistle clean!

  4. Detroit DAK

    Do it baby! Reminds me of Jennifer Granholm and Bernard Kilpatrick!

  5. Boring. Where’s the link to the actual video? Oh and @53: You’re gross.

  6. arealcad

    She’s rolling around like she has a stomach cramp.

  7. Damn, I’d like to occupy those golan heights!

  8. Inmate #2648927

    Oy, and for this I should plotz?

  9. shysocks

    To anyone who takes any issue with how Bar looks at all:

    Tell ya what, if her eyes, or her face in general seems to be some kind of deal breaker for you, I will GLADLY take her off your hands for you

  10. Deacon Jones


    I just goose-stepped around my cubicle.

  11. Mark

    She’s too skinny and has no tits. Not the type of body most guys want to fuck. We like big tits and curves

  12. Pat

    She is just a younger, worse, version of Gisele Bunchen.

  13. Trench

    no nipple, no landing strip, and her mouth looks like a crab’s.

    Oh, did I mention the shit soundtrack?


  14. Otto

    She’s got my oven all fired up.

  15. pappy


    i dont see what was so nsfw about that video, although it was uberawesome

    @62 you must be insane bar is so much better than gisele manly face and big shoulder.. youre probably biased cause you like the pats and she ran through the whole team before landing on brady….you twat

  16. Call me a hero because I watched it twice!

  17. Mako

    Reminds me of Ursula Andress (Bond girl) but better looking. This girl is fine! Healthy body, no fake crap…

  18. dk

    If you would have photoshopped in Ray J this could have been relevant!

  19. Michelle Darcey

    These pictures got me so excited I put my finger in my butt.

  20. Michelle Darcey

    These pictures got me so excited I put my finger in my butt.

  21. Michelle Darcey

    These pictures got me so excited I put my finger in my butt.

  22. Hash

    OMG that sofa, it’s huge! I love it!

  23. Really?

    I don’t get it. What’s the video for? It’s never ceases to amaze me what a woman will do for money. I don’t care how hard up I was, I would never roll around naked on a bed or couch for a bunch of men and women so they could make trashy comments about me. How shameful. Even if I wasn’t hard up, I wouldn’t do it. Sucks for me that no one’s interested in a woman having class anymore.

  24. Margucha

    this was shown on a Beauty event in Tel Aviv, Israel.

  25. dirk

    Dude, I saw more nudity than that when my plumber fixed my toilet.

  26. uh

    This doesn’t turn me on since I’m a straight girl, but you have to admit that she is almost physically perfect.

  27. Heinrich H.

    I’m all about saving the environment, but I just don’t think a fluorescent light bulb has the warmth to bring out the full beauty of her skin on a lampshade.

  28. V Gates

    @ 78: Look whose still standing buffalo bill. Ironic, but the Nazi’s get the furnace eternally. HA HA HA!

  29. Now, if I remember correctly, didn’t Leo dump this chick? See, I respect that the guy gets bored of pounding away at the same flesh routinely…at the same time, it appears to be some top notch flesh, plus I am sure she doesnt speak great english, so whats to lose?
    The Rake

  30. twellve

    fake boobs just don’t do anything for me. i don’t really get the whole plastic surgery thing, too ‘frankenstein’.

    does make me curious how leonardo di caprio manages to score all these south american models tho.

  31. SEO

    No complaints here :)

  32. love sex movis

  33. Kim

    Great, a haggard looking she- man with fairly big tits.

    Who’d hit that ??

  34. beep beep

    Why is Drew Barrymore naked again?

  35. bert

    I’d crawl through two miles of broken glass to hear her fart in a phone booth!

  36. 1moreidiotintheworld

    That fucking annoying ass sound track…….. otherwise, VERY nice… daddy likes!

  37. Lou

    For the bunch of ignorants that don’t know the song: it’s called “Dear Darkness” from the album “White Chalk” by the great P.J. Harvey.
    But anyway, most of you listen to Eminem, so it’s no wonder you don’t like it…

    oh…and yeah, Bars’s ass is doable in any way possible!

  38. Jamie

    She acts like she’s god’s gift to man when she really looks like Leo in drag

  39. Getreal

    I love her nosejob. Fucking sephardic israelis.

  40. friendlyfires

    lucky i’m circumcised, wouldn’t wanna piss off rabbi david ben levi, now that bar and me are naked, well, you know, heh, heh ….chocolate fondue strawberries are nice

  41. karen -IL

    i just finished reading ur stupid and racist comments , u people make me sick because there’s no doubt that Bar is absolutly beautiful ans successful and anyone who thinks otherwise is just jelous or racist . yes Bar is jewish and israeli but thats nothing to do with the fact she’s a beautiful girl so grow up stop being racist and ignorat. and yes, Israel’s got the most beautiful weman on the planet deal with it.

  42. May

    This video was made for a chain of drug stores (like CVS or Duane Reade) in Israel.
    They have a 2-3 day event in Tel-Aviv called “Beauty City”, and this video is to be aired there

  43. Sweetiepie

    You can see her implant move at the 10 second mark and yeas she looks as if she has Down Syndrome and a bad nose job to look like the white girl next door. This is my first post I enjoy the sarcastic humour although some is def. off color or rather vulgar such as (Id love to fuck her in the ass er whatever [are u gay or used to fucking skanks u nasty pervs] or I am gizzing all over my keyboard [probably the only thing u get to gizz on or in for that matter]) but I enjoy the site emmensely(did I spell that right ugh who cares). Thanks superficial!

  44. white girl next door

    Sweetiepie, you’re a racist idiot
    bar is gorgeous..


    She wonts Leo back desperately, so she try to arouse his attentio
    This is so pathetic…And you can trust me I know it for n…sure…


    *** attention.

  47. mr mister

    Hot chick. I’d do her on the cold hard floor of a concentration camp gas chamber any day!

  48. YumYum

    2 hands, 3 holes.
    That’s about it.

  49. kyle1988

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