Bar Refaeli’s Naked Video

July 1st, 2009 // 111 Comments

Nobody has a clue, or honestly gives a fuck, where this mysterious video of a naked Bar Refaeli came from today because it’s Bar Refaeli naked. To put things in perspective, if someone asked me “Hey, want to see a naked video of Bar Refaeli?”, I’m not going to hem and haw and ask “Hmm. In what context?” I don’t care if the entire backdrop ended up being my grandfather’s windsock of a penis, I’d watch like it was the goddamn moon landing. That’s called heroism, kids. You can’t teach that.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of heavenly assness.


  1. wendy


  2. UglyPeopleSafaris


  3. anonymous


  4. Francesca

    I guess no ones noticing that sad retarded face.

  5. Que

    Que disappointing.

  6. kala


  7. Regan

    ooh buttcrack, how risque.

    come on, does that really need stars?

  8. cavy

    Bar is one of the prettiest women on the planet, but is that ALL she does? Yeah we get it…she’s hot, but come on….I guess she has nothing else going on but showing off her bod. Seems kind of vain if you ask me…but I’m a straight chick so wtf do I know?

  9. Lee


  10. nalgon


  11. Dave

    8. cavy “…I guess she has nothing else going on but showing off her bod. Seems kind of vain if you ask me…”

    The sheer stupidity of that statement is making my head hurt. Of course she spends loads of time showing off her body! She’s a MODEL. People pay her money to show off her body. It’s her job. Does that make her vain? No, although she could be. Who knows?

    In any event, why should she do something else? Modeling is a full time job and I’m sure she makes more than any of us doing it. If she smart with her money she could probably retire by 35 and live better than 98% of the population of the planet.

  12. Kay

    “Booyya” you are a fucking racist jackass. You’re probably some fat pimply lard ass who could never get a girl, much less one that looks like Bar.

  13. lolypopsicles

    so how many superficial writers are there

  14. Axel

    Dave. You are an idiot. Or gay. I forget which is more insulting

  15. Bob Rainey

    It is hard to read the above inane commentary with my penis in the way of the screen.

    I say- NICE VIDEO.

  16. jew

    oh man, this dirty jew is here again. listen jews, you’re going to have to compensate for her mediocre looks with full nudity. otherwise it’s just another worthless, tax-dollar leeching jew.

  17. cbobgo

    couldn’t you have warned us to only watch the video with the mute on? What was that screeching music? ugh.

  18. Harry

    Governor Mark Sanford loves her tan lines.

  19. RedFantaGirl

    @3, epic fail!

  20. Womb Raider

    In Hebrew, it says “Bar has the floppiest tits in Israel.”

    I mean sure, she’s cute and all, but her breasts are soooo saggy. I still want her to sit on my face, though.

  21. leo is gay


    how could he have rejected this?!?!

  22. Harrods

    jesus, 19, what an ignorant.
    people in argentina are white. their grandparents are all european. italy, spain, germany.
    except the poor people. those are descended from natives (usually).

  23. captain america

    although: better late than never!!

  24. kmm

    She’s OK from the neck down, her face is a fucking train wreck. Oops, sorry to insult a train like that.

  25. LOL @ anyone insulting this woman’s appearance. She’s so gorgeous and her body is AMAZING! Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just can’t see how someone could say her face is a trainwreck, etc. She’s so damn cute and I don’t even like vagina!

  26. Choochoo Johnny

    @22- Leo’s not gay. As someone else said in an earlier post, you can be the hottest woman in the world, and somewhere, someone is sick of putting up with your shit. You think a girl like Bar isn’t high-maintenance? I bet she’s fucking infuriating! After a couple of years and many, many sex-filled nights, Leo just got tired of her shit. Hey, it happens.

    @17- Like you give a shit what religion she is! And BTW, her nationality is Israeli, not, as you so eloquently put it, “jew”. Either way, you still wouldn’t say no, unless you prefer men, so STFU!

  27. She’s so hot… is that video for sale?

  28. Val

    WTF, stupid writer guy…. I sent you topless Megan Fox pictures this morning, and all you post is half of this broad’s asscrack from the dumbest video I’ve ever seen?

    You’re so lame.

  29. Not bad, but if all we get is asscrack then I think I can do better lol

  30. Lus

    This video is for the beauty event in Israel… couple of days that concentrate in beauty only. The video will screen and symbolize the start of the event.
    All of the people would see that video – Large!

  31. Penticle


  32. Nudgie

    Wow – saw more at your sister’s Bat Mitzvah :P

  33. Yeah

    One of her uncles needs to go back in time and molest her so she grows up to be a porn starlet instead of a millionaire cocktease.

  34. eva

    she is all real. no fake. no sililcon. that’s how real boobs looks like.
    and for # 17: go to hell. you are so gelius. show me an attractive arrab girl on her level and i ‘d shut up.

  35. max

    She has the beadiest eyes. You can actually see more eyeliner than eye.

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  37. joe

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  38. shane

    Bar has two modeling poses in her repertoire. She either looks bored or like she smelled a fart. On a good day she manages to combine the two.

  39. 22. I assume Leonardo DiCaprio can upgrade; Caroline Trentini is really hot right now, he could tap that for us.

  40. Galtacticus


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  42. Super Girl offff :)))))porn star

  43. The sheer stupidity of that statement is making my head hurt. Of course she spends loads of time showing off her body! She’s a MODEL. People pay her money to show off her body. It’s her job. Does that make her vain? No, although she could be. Who knows?

  44. mikeock

    Dig up a video of her shaving her twat, then I’ll be happy. This was a bore.

  45. Wonder if shes into candle wax…that chic is so sexy my heart just skipped…

  46. Rhialto

    She’s naked in this clip,PG-rated level.Kudos for her awesome body though!

  47. Exo

    Nice bod, but thouse are a dime a dosen on the net.
    The face is what crowns a perfect 10.
    And all her fece is telling me is “Bowowow!”

    If she does’nt watch out (with the help of a good plastic surgeon),
    her face will drop to the level of S. Stallone’s mom sooner than she can winkywonkyblink them itsybitsy eyes!

    Cute, but all I see is a nice little cottage built on a alarmingly muddy foundation.

  48. Where can i see this?

  49. Gary

    Does anyone think that this woman is even in the top 200 hottest women? She is nothing special. The only thing she has going for her is an exotic name and the fact that she is a foreigner.

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