Bar Refaeli > Leighton Meester

November 18th, 2009 // 106 Comments

Here’s Bar Refaeli launching Passionata’s newest collection officially making her the hottest chick in lingerie today. I’d feel bad for Leighton Meester right now if my erection wasn’t threatening to tear a hole in the very fabric of time.


And here come the dinosaurs. My bad!


  1. Agnes Peabody

    She is stunning….. Leighton who?

  2. Mike Tastini



    Bar has a great body but her face is not that special. Leighton’s face is much more beautiful, naturally.

  4. she's ok

    WOW roll out the red carpet! I am not sure why…oh yeah, now I know (clenches fist). This woman is no hotter than any of the other whores here and yet she get’s treated like royalty. I’ll pass and take Meester. At least she didn’t betray her country, right?

  5. OK

    How about if we DON’T compare Leighton to Bar and instead just call it a blessed duo that we would all like to make a threesome. Both are hot and sexy.

  6. boys will be boys

    Oh.My.God. I think there are REAL breasts on this site! How did that happen? I thought you guys only liked the grapefruits or basketballs shoved under the skin- This is such a step up! I’m so proud of you, I think I’m gonna cry…*sniff*

  7. Arska

    #5, this particular rack is not real if you thought so.

  8. Arska

    #6, this particular rack is not real if you thought so.

  9. Dinosaurs, yes! Somebody help me catch one with this net.

  10. Yay!

    Even if they’re not, they’re pretty damn good.

  11. misterfister

    Just think…..Leo got tired of hitting that.

  12. Rough don't dance

    Where did they shot this in pleasantville…

  13. I_LOVE_BAR

    Bar is a goddess. I would convert to Judaism for her. I would kill 1000 palestinians to be with her.

  14. Glenn

    I’d rather have Leighton Meester.
    Bar does have an amazing ass though.

  15. Georgeo

    You fucking useless “first” people. At least comment on how fat these women are instead of basing your life’s purpose on having the first post on a message board.


  16. wow

    her body is exactly what a woman should look like. wish there was more from the front…there is something about that little waist and those hips in the shot with the swing. plus her boobs look huge in that shot.

    lets not ruin it by talking about her face…

  17. Youreugly

    Does anyone see something wrong with the fact that these Bar pics are totally airbrushed? Leighton looks way hotter because she looks NATURAL. Look closely at Bar’s pics, they look like paintings!

  18. Ronald McDouchebag

    i’d take Leighton over Bar anyday

  19. See Alice

    Why is her ass discolored on the first pic ?

  20. Ron

    Arska: this rack is definitely real, she’s been modeling since 15-16
    look for some of those pics

  21. Jake

    Bar > Leighton any day of the week. I would even fuck Bar on her period. I’d even go down on her afterwards.

  22. Jake

    #19- its called lighting numbnuts

  23. dk

    You people amaze me! This pig needs to do something about those fucking hips and get in the fucking GYM!!! Can you say F-A-T… OMG and she even has an ugly face. Some fat pigs at least have a pretty face WTF!

  24. dk

    You people amaze me! This pig needs to do something about those fucking hips and get in the fucking GYM!!! Can you say F-A-T… OMG and she even has an ugly face. Some fat pigs at least have a pretty face WTF!

  25. Rough don't dance

    Since this debate is a tough call, we’ll have to go with these two without make up…Leighton have such a sweet face and ass that cannot be dismissed easily…Im torn!! no decision from me yet…

  26. Hanson Danson

    I would support Israel.

    In my pants.

  27. Deacon Jones

    I’d give her an 8…….smothered in pig shit

  28. Mr.Mr.

    i seeing a lot of photoshop.

    1 more thing… i dont care.

    me and her can go half on a baby

  29. Fyvush Finkel

    Why does your horrible website’s shit code reload the whole fucking page when I click on a new picture. Learn to code a modern website, you stretch mark covered fat fuck with numb diabetic feet.

  30. say what

    Why would someone want to kill Palestinians to fuck this chick #13? Perhaps you should leave the jawbone alone and just eat ass motherfucker.
    Bar is pretty sexy but her face aint so hot. Any Russian chick on the streets is as hot as she is.

  31. Rutty

    Years of internet porn has destroyed my enjoyment of simple lingerie. It’s like living at an all you can eat sushi bar, and then trying to get excited about something not hardcore porn.

  32. not so great

    plain jane

  33. turdburglar

    leighton any day. she makes me wet my undies (in a bad but good way) and i’m a girl. straight.

  34. Soft Peen

    I can’t flap to this :(

  35. cc

    Sometimes the pics here make it worth getting up in the morning…this is one of those days. Goddam what a beautiful woman!

  36. greggo

    Who wants to split hairs about white-hot versus red-hot? But for the record Leighton actually has facial expressions which is cool.

  37. fact

    Just think…..Leo got tired of hitting that.

    Leo is fuckin gay. No straight man gets tired of fuckin a woman like that. Even if you only fuck it a few times a month.

  38. 2large

    I be bring her roses and candy. then we go skip in da meadow for grate romanz. now we share hope and dreemz. nuff dat, now i hit dat
    hit dat
    hit dat.
    whew i be tired. kick dat bitch to da kerb.

  39. The Truth

    Leo’s not gay. He can tap almost any woman on earth. Ever think Bar was a whiny little beotch who nagged him about settling down……think a little!

  40. I Think

    leighton wins.
    i mean they’re both gorgeous, don’t get me wrong.
    but seriously these photos are weak, the poses are all basically the same.

    i mean just look at the 5th and 6th of leighton’s.
    daaaaaamn girl.

    but still a total win win for days lingerie pics.
    well not that coco pic. bleh.

  41. Spud McKenzie

    I see nipple where is the RED STAR???? LMAO!

  42. lol jewbacca

    too bad she’s a jew. she would’ve went from a three to a seven.

  43. qwerty

    Yeah,straight as a rainbow

    Leighton’s hotter

  44. hateyoufornoreason

    She looks slightly retarded to me…or maybe just a bit slow.

  45. I_LOVE_BAR

    #30- fuck you sand-jigga. Do you know how many Israeli children have been killed by Palestinian suicide bombers? I’m sure there were many who would have grown up to be as hot as Bar who never got a chance! Shame on you!

  46. I-hate-bar

    Hey #45 why not leave Palestine then? If you invaded my homeland I would try to kill you as well. Hey how about the fact that Israel is an apartheid government? It seems decency is never factored in is it? The Palestinians have little hope it seems. They live in a giant cage. Which is where someone like you belongs you subhuman evil pile of shit.
    And by the way, I am Anglo.
    I am sure there were many Palestinians girls that would grow up to be prettier than Bar as well. Don’t forget, all of the world has lost millions and they count as well, scumbag.

  47. pat d.

    Not true. Bar looks like a thousand other models. Leighton is a babe for real.

  48. I_LOVE_BAR

    #46- “palestinians” come from egypt, syria and jordan. They should go back to where they came from. And then they go ahead and elect Hamas who says all jews must die! Wow, great people those so called “palestinians” are.

  49. fly

    i dont like bar particularly, but im with u #48! if the “palestinians” and first of all their leaders wanted peace they would have gotten it already! but it is not possible with people with so much self-hatred, mixed with fundamentalism, so how could they live in peace with somebody else?! it is an easy to manipulate sheep like folks with money grubbing leaders!

  50. Jammy

    I dont know people on here can say that she’s gorgeous, but to me she’s always kinda looked like Leo in a blonde wig. Everyone has their own opinion i guess

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