Bar Refaeli in revealing outfits

January 27th, 2010 // 150 Comments

And watch as I completely ruin these crazy hot pics of Bar Refaeli with one sentence:

The campaign was shot in Paris Hilton’s former home in Los Angeles.

Anyone know how to disinfect a supermodel? (In the name of all things holy please say tongue bath.)

Photos courtesy of Rampage

  1. race card

    What’s happening here, is people are confusing attitude, with looks.There are more than plenty of gorgeous jewish girls in Israel in U.S in Canada, and I could go on.

    Every culture has it’s ‘yentas’. Let’s all take a step back and remember we are all on the same boat, taking different roads, but heading down the same place.

    Let us remember that until I see internet pics of Bradley Coopers full throttle, I am not getting off this site.

  2. banker

    she is the hottest goil in da woild

  3. dancy

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  5. bella foto. Ha davvero il tronco più strane e non è poi così caldo.

  6. henry

    This girl looks twice her age! Total butterface.
    It’s sad cuz I think her body is hot, not too skinny

  7. Boogeyman King Dong

    That’s a pretty good looking body! How much $$ she got on the bank?!

  8. Nero

    Her blonde hair,her western features.That’s a little present from the crusaders of the Middle Ages.There’re more like her all over the Middle East.

  9. Gando

    The Middle Eastern women they did wash themselves.This in contrary of the European women in The Middle ages.The choice is quick made!

  10. SICK KITTEN (#97), you never have anything nice to say. I understand what this website is for (although I don’t understand what YOUR particular website is for because it’s nothing but nonsense and looks like a 4th grader designed your page), but really, come on. We’ve SEEN you. You are the first to put down anyone and everyones’ appearance and yet you are the LAST that should do so. You’re a fat, bitter, annoying emo chick who gets her jollies off at others’ expense. Do us all a favor: re-vamp that shit website of your’s and stay off this one. Thanks =)

  11. history

    109 and 110
    The woman is European period. 80% of Israel is Ashkenazi, not Hebrew. Do you know the difference? Most of these people have recently emigrated and are largely not Arabic types, like the folks from thousands of years ago.
    They should just come back here and we should leave the middle east alone. It is costing the taxpayers too much money and the Arabs will never leave them alone anyway.
    Bar is lovely nonetheless.

  12. My deepest concern is that these articals might be wasted on some people, and that the real apreciation of them is with those that are least affected. Some of the “hype” about the magic of Hollywood, is the it provides a place for actors to live and to congragate. When I think of a possible regret that I might have about, not neglecting to comment, it is that I have to many things that I will never do, and it is just one more.

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  14. she looks old in the face

  15. mackmamma

    She looks better in sunglasses because they hide her ugly face. I mean, really its a disappointment, and her legs are too short, she looks like a troll in a full body shot.

    I hate her because I think she is stunningly mediocre and am planning on joining the boycott of any product she is flaying….I cant stand her. She is a nothing. When will Leo go out with someone with a BRAIN, PERSONALITY or TALENT ? then again if all you want is pussy then models are a good bet, you can keep the stupider ones on the back burner.

  16. mackmamma

    also that is one big UGLY tacky pink pocketbook. Hey RAMPAGE (whoever that is, you are actually alienating people by using this bitch.Israel hates her, I hate her and I will never buy your products.

    Chris, Leo isnt a chump because he doesnt marry her. He keeps her in the background for humpty-hump. Try and pay attention ; ) ! He keeps their “relationship” behind the scenes because she is embarrassing. What, he is going to introduce her to Martin Scorcese so theycan charmingly sit around and talk about lip gloss and butt thongs ? She is gross.

  17. She't not that bad

    Her face might look old and worn out, but her body is on fire! And she’s pretty down-to-earth in real life, quite tomboy-ish and not some stuck up bimbo who only cares about having nice hair. I think she’s a pretty good catch for Leo actually.

    Have to say, though, doesn’t Leo seem to have a thing for prematurely-aged models?? Gisele was old-looking too. IMO, Kate WInslet is classically more beautiful and younger-looking than both Gisele and Bar. I think he’d rather have her if she was avaialble

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I hate zionist! its the cancer on humanity!
    Besides that, she is objectively gorgeous and I’m jealous of her wonderful tits.

  19. very nice photos she looks great

  20. she looks great. where is she from?

  21. luli

    she from Israel..
    BAR we love and you are gorgeous !!!!!!
    kisses from ISRAEL (-:

  22. American

    Only women from this country please we don’t need her kind here.

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  27. This beautiful girl is very sexy!

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  29. She so gorgeous. I really ;like it.

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  34. Bar Refaeli is a gorgeous woman. She’s a supermodeal and has even been on many magazine recognizing her beauty.
    She has a better set of boobs than me that’s all I know,

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  37. What was the music on the Ellen DeGeneres show when Bar Refaeli was introduced?
    Bar Refaeli is a swimsuit model who did a cover shoot for Sports Illustrated in 2009. The song in question contained the lyrics “Something Beautiful, Something Beautiful”

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    Her beauty is simply commendable!

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