Bar Refaeli in revealing outfits

January 27th, 2010 // 150 Comments

And watch as I completely ruin these crazy hot pics of Bar Refaeli with one sentence:

The campaign was shot in Paris Hilton’s former home in Los Angeles.

Anyone know how to disinfect a supermodel? (In the name of all things holy please say tongue bath.)

Photos courtesy of Rampage

  1. watermeloniqua

    HOTTTTT, oh god why did you make me so ugly

  2. Nameless

    Gotta agree….lighting isn’t right or something because her face looks old and haggard. She better watch it before Leo trades her in for a younger model.

  3. dancy

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  4. kitty_kat

    I love how she’s in everything now that she’s slept with Leonardo Dicaprio.

  5. Sam

    Spot on whoever said she’s starting to look like Sarah Jessica Parker. And like Sarah Jessica Parker, she admittedly has a great figure.

  6. lei è troppo bella!
    amore il colore dei suoi occhi ..

  7. Her lips are great!!!!

  8. I think she’s breathtaking, there’s something very grown-up and sexy, yet innocent and young about her.

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  10. Mr. Lahey

    Hey # 56 download. Speak English dickslapper! How arrogant of you to think that everyone understands your gibberish!

  11. gen


    Actually the term “anti-Semitism” denotes any prejudice or hostility towards Jews.

    Don’t call me a retard. I’m confident that I’m way fucking smarter than you.


    Settle down. That’s just the spam that speaks italian, presumably so that you’ll get curious and click on their link. They used to ask repeatedly how they could read the article, now apparently the message actually fits the topic.

  12. I wanna bang this chick so hard

    reasonable satisfying speech from obama. just upset with two things: Spending freeze (huge mistake) and not announcing a tax raise on the wealthiest people with the income bigger than 250K.

    But we all know that he is a good speaker. that is not the crucial problem. the problem is giving in to the right, wall street, corporations, not having a spine to be progressive leader among dems, and basically not doing what u promise. you’re gonna act on your words in order to gain trust back, obama

  13. POW

    Face keeps going down hill. Nice to see a top that actually fits for once, though.

  14. I just don’t think she’s that hot.

  15. I don’t get it.

  16. She is gorgeous.

    Ladies, check out my new blog a blog for us:

  17. Haywood Jablomey

    I wonder how much plastic surgery she had to fix the hook nose

  18. This woman is GORGEOUS and her body is perfection.

  19. Ashkenazi Jew

    She’s an Ashkenazi Jew

    “In an ethnic sense, an Ashkenazi Jew is one whose ancestry can be traced to the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.”

  20. Sam

    There are black Jews, there are blonde Jews, there are redheaded Jews. The Jews are not a distinguishable race, and all these poorly informed Anti-Semitic (yes that’s the right word, dipshits) are just sad. She’s a beautiful woman. Yes, admittedly, she does look a little “hard” in these pictures, but if you spent the majority of your career wearing next to nothing in the sun you’d probably age prematurely too.

    And all this pseudo patriotic pompous “traitor” bullshit is a fucking waste of words and has no place in a fucking gossip blog. If you think she’s such a traitor, don’t look at her.

  21. Chris

    This is just another Israeli looking for a meal ticket. My Israeli family knows her parents and how they have pushed their daughter from little to go after money and marry a movie star. Leo is that chump movie star hitched to this Israeli wannabe deep pockets.

  22. poorlittlefella

    besides i guess none of the Jimbo or Americanwhitetrash have never been in israel.

    had they been there, they’d know there an IMPRESSIVE amount of beautiful girls there, and that bar rephaeli is just one of them who got to be famous.

    oh, but maybe i am wrong. considering the obvious redneck ancestry of those white aryan type… their definition of beauty is “fat and teethless”…

    .. while is israel they’re so so thin and curvaceous.

    sorry jimbo, keep fu@king your fat aunt. i forgot about your standards.

  23. Anon

    She looks slighty retarded in the second pic

  24. Lawl

    #20 is a butthurt jew.

  25. uh huh

    The jews here are from Khazar long ago and interbred with Mongolians, slavics, Germans mostly. They are not Hebrew and not semitic in a racial sense and are not genetically middle eastern, but mixed. So how can someone who is not genetically Hebrew claim to be other than what they are. And that is like most of us here in the states – mixed. If you were born here and your allegiance lies elsewhere you should move there. That goes for everyone prouder of their ancestry rather than place of birth.
    The only country that matter to me is this one. In terms of finance, military, etc.

  26. She makes me ill… seriously.

  27. Don’t be like that .. everybody knows there are only 3 beautiful Arab women in the world – his majesty king of Jordan’s wife , Syria leader Mr. Assad’s wife & the former Israeli beauty queen – Mrs. Rena rasslan.. Sorry , that’s the truth.

  28. Great pics. She looks hot.

  29. Kitty Furry

    @20 STFU you clown…ol’ girls face IS looking kind of know kinda porn starry even..oh well butterheads will get it too

  30. tal


  31. DDD

    @78 That is not true! The only woman from your list that is good looking (in a very average way, I must say) is Rania, the queen of Jordan.

  32. scooby

    Average. Girls like her are a dime a dozen. Moses must be proud.

  33. FFF


  34. Sprmcandy

    WoW !!

  35. sdfsdfds

    She looks ‘hard’ cause she chain smokes and I am assuming abuses drugs.

  36. Jimmy

    This looks like a woman who routinely soils her underwear.

  37. AmericanWhiteTrash

    #20 ROLF wtf are you talking about? Touch a nerve? Funny how if I made fun of any other nationality using “derogatory” words you would be no where to be found. Beat your “anti semite” drums elsewhere.

  38. bitter texan gal

    #73 is one angry little jew. israel is one butt ugly country. the only way you’ll see a semi-attractive girl in israel is if you find a european tourist in that shithole. you won’t find that many, though. people tend to avoid going to israel after getting spat on and thrown rocks at by the jews.

  39. Schlomo Ziegler

    jew broad

  40. Aryan

    The only attractive girls in “israel” are the palestinians.

  41. poorlittlefella

    actually, after careful thought, i must give it to whiteamericantrash, and bitter texan gal, and aryan, and kittyfurry, and lawl…

    the reasoning, incredibly well layed out truths, and philosphical ruminations you have layed in front of my eyes force me to acknowledge that you are right and i am wrong.

    i am in astounded admiration of your brain power, education, culture and sophistication.

    and your pride, man. what lucky countries are those in which you live! if only all the citizens of the world were like you…

    … it would be one big, fun, trailer park.

  42. void

    To the meatface above: Good. Leave then.

  43. Israeli Barbie

    @89 I bet your boyfriend (if you have one, which i find hard to believe) will think I’m (and all of my Israeli disgusting Jews friends) wayyyyy hotter than you.
    I already know for a fact that I’m smarter than you (it’s not that hard).
    I feel sorry for people like you, who have such a low self esteem.
    Poor little ignorant thing, who have never been outside her country.
    btw- even you get out of your trailer and spend the rest of your life in the gym, you’ll never have a body like her’s.

  44. Israeli Barbie


  45. bitter texan gal

    @94, if you say you’re hotter than someone on the internet, you’re supposed to provide proof. until then, you’re a wig-wearing, sheet-fucking, flushed, retard-looking jew whose only useful purpose in this world is opening bottle caps with her hook-nose.

    i eagerly await your picture.

  46. She really has the weirdest torso and is actually not so hot. Someone knows how to shoot and photochop her Plain Jane ass, though.

  47. AnonymousError

    So so sooooo pretty and still looks real and not like she’s going to keel over and die from malnutrition @ any moment! Love her!

  48. She looks like a witch. Wouldn’t wanna be around when this Plain Jane hits the big 4 0!

  49. chupa



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