Bar Refaeli in revealing outfits

January 27th, 2010 // 150 Comments

And watch as I completely ruin these crazy hot pics of Bar Refaeli with one sentence:

The campaign was shot in Paris Hilton’s former home in Los Angeles.

Anyone know how to disinfect a supermodel? (In the name of all things holy please say tongue bath.)

Photos courtesy of Rampage

  1. Joe Mama


  2. Jim

    So hot, yet so yesterday.

  3. lisa

    probably the most beautiful woman in the world

  4. keijo

    uuuuuuuuuuuuh yea

  5. Max Planck

    Looks a little hard. Not nice.

  6. yes

    the pink undies gave me instaboner.

  7. Adam Cutter

    I’d hit it! Multiple times!

  8. polymath

    She normally looks radiant, but she looks haggard in these pics. Might be time to take a break from modeling–it’s hard on women…


    Another blonde woman with a great body, great hair and a totally average face.

  10. lilu

    Amazing bod, butterface!

  11. sandra

    Now this model has a beautiful body. Not too skinny like Kerr and Ambrosio, she’s perfect.

  12. Judge Smails

    She looks used in this pics

  13. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Christ isn’t she like 25? She already looks like an old jew broad. see pic 4

  14. my name

    She’s starting to look like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  15. bleech

    a poor man’s Gisele…

    actually in pic 4 she does look like Paris’s mom, a bit…Kathy, that Grande Dame of Whores.

  16. lgl

    does a bikini really count as an ‘outfit’?

  17. evenkeeled

    The break-up with Leo is causing me to calls-it-as-I-sees-it: Butter.

  18. poorlittlefella

    #13, americanwhitetrash,

    is obviously in some sort of defaillance (whitetrash, look it up, it’s not english… it’s from a language in another country! did you know other countries existed?): no way to tell if it is economic, or maybe some insecurity stemming from his physical appearance or a lower than average IQ.

    regardless, he has found the culprit: the jews!!
    i wish to reassure you, whitetrash: you are right. They, in a global conspiracy, are responsible for your impasse (another word from another language! unfortunately it’s the same as before, so you will learn the name of only 1 country outside the US today…. sorry!).

    therefore you should, as you do, use the term “jew” in a derogatory way: it makes total sense!

    especially since i am sure that this particular jew, this nasty jewish whore that is bar rephaeli, WOULD DIE to have a chance to go out with a pure “white boy” such as yourself! make her pay, whitetrash! make her pay!




  20. hymie spankowicz

    I agree – clearly this broad is part of the global zionist conspiracy to give me a boner!

  21. Luz

    her face looks so old..wth

  22. Jake

    I love to bulldoze her Gaza strip.

  23. Hefe

    Face does indeed look beat up in the first pic.

    The body is still stellar though. One of the best bodies out there.

  24. Jen

    as a straight female, I would eat her asshole

  25. Loser

    In case anyone is confused, #26 is a guy posing as a “straight female. ” A guy with gender identification issues.

  26. Melissa

    Hey Mr. Fish,

    How come you didn’t comment on her jowls? They’re no competition for Brooke, but still. Journalistic integrity, we expect nothing less from you.




  28. gotmilk?

    i love the difference between the actual photoshoot and the airbrushed to shit ad.

  29. The Rickester

    Oh the things I would eat out of her ass….

  30. gigi

    EXACTLY. and when I mentioned the butter-face from the get-go, everybody told me I was jealous…… this *does* prove one thing tho– for the bulk of sheep across the planet — ladies: body trumps face time & time again…. moral of our story? TO THE GYM!!!!!!!

  31. Jen

    #27, I really am a straight chick. she’s hot.

  32. Fabio's rectum

    “I can’t believe it’s not butter…face.”

  33. oooaaahhh

    i’d like to belly up to her bar.

  34. bitter texan gal

    this cow is the prettiest woman ONLY if you live in a butthole of the world like israel. even with massive photoshopping, her face is droopy and old. worst of all she’s a JEW (ew!). her body is alright but doesn’t compensate for all the bad features.

  35. gen


    Fuck you. I think jewish boys are sexy, and there are plenty of pretty jewish girls. I’m fucking sick of anti-Semitism.

  36. gen

    ps- Bar Rafaeli is fucking gorgeous. You guys are retarded.

  37. Valerie

    she is gorgeous, but she’s only 24-going-on-25 and YES she’ll definitely have jowls. Sucks for her! Nice to see a size 6 supermodel, though, I agree.

  38. farles chew

    Bar Rafaeli without an ass shot? That’s like serving decaf coffee babe!

  39. Jammy

    I never thought she was attractive, she’s always looked like Leo in a blonde wig, such a butterface! especially in the first pic.

  40. Lesson for #37

    “I’m fucking sick of anti-Semitism.”
    I thought semites were Arab types? This woman is clearly European. Period. Whatever her ethnicity exactly, you don’t get blonde hair and light eyes from the middle east unless you are mixed with Aryan types. Hebrews came from the middle east idiot. People there did not look like this. Being a part of something does not make you whole. She is clearly a non-type, whatever her religion.

    That being said, this woman has a nice body and the face is not so nice. She is still lovely but will age poorly. She’s a traitor to Israel though so I have no respect for her other than her obvious sex appeal.

  41. Cordoba

    Pic 4, thats her real FACE?

    What the hell, guys? How awful…just comparing pic 4 and pic 5. Its a completely different woman. What fucking asshat made her a model?

    How about…Christ, I don’t know, hiring models who HAVE pretty faces…and just maybe saving a whole bunch of…you know, valuable time and money that goes into what basically is computerized plastic surgery? Oh wait, they DO do that…but for some reason this completely average woman is getting publicity. Sucking the right dicks helps, I suppose.

  42. Mr. Lahey

    Whats Leo doing? With his fame (and $$$) the guy can get almost any girl he wants. He goes for this?

    The first thing I would do if I had her is the “Joe Pesci head tap move from Casino.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would put it in her, but no kissing.

  43. lololololol

    she’s a traiter to israel? just because she would rather make money & bang leo instead of killing women & children in gaza? i actually respect her more for refusing to join the idf. wish more israelis were like her.

  44. Borat

    She needs it my missle in her anoos….whaaaaaa

  45. hahahahahahahah

    If you betray the laws of your nation that you were born into you are a traitor. Sorry. I agree with you about not wanting to murder innocent poorly armed indigenous humans (war sucks and is evil) but being beautiful does not mean you should have rights that ugly people (like the women on this site) don’t have.
    OK I am full of shit.

  46. anon

    fuck that, I would kill a 1000 palestineans to get a piece of her arse! She is a goddess!!!

  47. Jimbo

    I think she would look sexy in an SS uniform

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