Bar Refaeli in a bikini

February 22nd, 2010 // 185 Comments

Here’s Bar Refaeli in Mexico on Sunday which got me thinking: If I threatened to vote Republican and start driving an oil tanker to work, would Leonardo DiCaprio let me have sex with his girlfriend? What if I just promised to start recycling? That’s gotta be worth at least a boob grab. Above the shirt.

UPDATE: Last offer. I’ll finally watch An Inconvenient Truth, but only if it’s projected on Bar’s naked ass. Think of the children!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Lea


    stops it because it takes 10 minutes to waddle across the street maybe

    I own sites, but not ones where I post manipulated photos of myself using the “myspace angles” because I’m not interested in losing my privacy and…oh yeah, I have self esteem

  2. Lea, I blocked your IP address so you can’t post on my site. East Setauket, what a classy neighborhood you come from all the way out in the boonies.

    But thanks for thinking my photos are manipulated. Yeah, I DO look at good.

  3. Thomas dietterich

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  4. Lea

    Fat Kitty

    I don’t know what you are smoking but you clearly have the wrong IP address for me

    I don’t live anywhere near where you think I do MWAHAHAHAHA

  5. Lea, here ya go twunt….

  6. Lea

    That makes sense how?

  7. Yoo-whoo, Lea, go take a looky at my pic and even though those black velvet pants were tight and I’ve a liitle of a gut, you’ve got no place ‘competeting’ with me. And yes, my body is in proportion unlike Bar. Good day, Sir!

  8. Oh wait, you’re from Sacramento. Sorry.

  9. Lea

    Hahaha wrong again FAT kitty. Aren’t IP routers fun?

    Also if that’s you, I’d stop talking shit. Damn. FUGLY.

  10. Alright, Davis then. Where the hell is that? Like my fatkitten pics?

  11. Lea

    You definitely are one FAT kitten. Though kitten is too cute a word for you.

    How about a Fat-Pigeon?

  12. Nice try but I’ve lived long enough to know I’m hot. Don’t need some ‘net Troll to try and undo it. Ain’t gonna happen,

  13. OK, pigeon it is then. I’ve always supported them.

  14. Lea


    That’s why you felt compelled to post pics of yourself (Blurry ones at that) because you are SO secure with your looks.

    Go throw up fatpigeon.

    (Also I’m not from California at all but nice try)

  15. It’s almost 1 here. Gotta get some sleep. Talk to you tomorrow. Night Lea.

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  17. Shila

    OMG – She is a model? What size is she? 8/ 10 ??? the only reason she is out there in the first place is because De Caprio ‘pays her a visit’ – FAT & BIG GUT – Like Leo….

  18. See this beautiful woman,, she looking so hot and so sexy in bikini and bra, and watch her boobs, that is so big, and so seductive, i like her.

  19. LOL @ SICKKITTEN still insisting she is hot. Kitty-Kat, there is nothing hot or remotely attractive about a really chubby Asian with “emo” written all over them. You are sadly mistaken lol.

  20. Jango cohen

    for comment 19 – a fraud
    Bar will never misspell her name (Rafaeli – Refaeli)
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  22. LOL @ SICKKITTEN still insisting she is hot. Kitty-Kat, there is nothing hot or remotely attractive about a really chubby Asian with “emo” written all over them. You are sadly mistaken lol.

  23. She is really attractive .. kinda came out of nowhere.

  24. Ilan Ben Menachem

    Really so sexy and sweet ………….

  25. laws

    She is no ashkenazi descendant of japheth.

    She is SEPHARDIC as wikipedia states – no real ashkenazi has an upper lip, cute nose or beautiful face/body. sara was beautiful {abe’s wife} and she was a Shem/Eber true jew, not a khazar ashkenazi.

    sara silverman is the pick of the ashkenaz litter and she’s a scat dog

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  27. me

    Just a regular women, nothing more nothinf less.
    Not very pritty and surtenly not a top modell…
    PS: The israeli people heate her guts, and most of all heate the fuct that her famose thing that she ever done was to fuck with non gewish gye…
    and one more thing those picture are the aglee that i ever so consider for a top model, specialy her boobs thats seems to belonge to a very old lady after some pregnennts….

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