Bar Refaeli in a bikini

February 22nd, 2010 // 185 Comments

Here’s Bar Refaeli in Mexico on Sunday which got me thinking: If I threatened to vote Republican and start driving an oil tanker to work, would Leonardo DiCaprio let me have sex with his girlfriend? What if I just promised to start recycling? That’s gotta be worth at least a boob grab. Above the shirt.

UPDATE: Last offer. I’ll finally watch An Inconvenient Truth, but only if it’s projected on Bar’s naked ass. Think of the children!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Hot Jew

    Other beautiful Israeli women: Moran Atias (crash), Gal Gadot (fast and furious), Didi Benami (American Idol).

  2. Lea

    Um if Jews aren’t from eastern europe where are they from? It’s a culture, not a race you idiot. A jew can be white blonde and blue eyed or tan, dark hair and dark eyes. There is no defining look.

    Judaism was the first monotheistic religion from which others came. You are an imbecile; a child with no understanding of history of this world.

  3. Hot Jew

    It’s because she’s Ashkenazic Jew, ashkenazic Jews look like Europeans (like Esti Ginzburg and Bar Refaeli), while Sephardi Jews have a middle eastern look (like Moran Atias and Emmanuelle Chriqui).
    Not all Jews look like Sarah Jessica Parker (which is not Jewish at all, btw).

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    All those people are either ugly or have some other blood in them BUT Jewish which makes them blonds with green eyes etc, point is, Jews are ugly if they happen to have some other blood in them – thats what makes them attractive!!!
    Typical Jewish appereance, big parott nose, horse head, hairy big ass alll the rest boney- witches and NOT ATTRACTIVE

  5. Lea

    “All those people are either ugly or have some other blood in them BUT Jewish which makes them blonds with green eyes etc, point is, Jews are ugly if they happen to have some other blood in them – thats what makes them attractive!!!
    Typical Jewish appereance, big parott nose, horse head, hairy big ass alll the rest boney- witches and NOT ATTRACTIVE”

    There are simply no words for your kind of stupid. Jewishness is not a racial feature, it is a culture and a religion. Is there a specific “christian” look? Nope. The same goes with Jews. JEWS DO NOT SHARE ONE COMMON ANCESTOR.

    Doc since you are so concerned with appearances here’s a fashion tip: your mouth looks better closed.

  6. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Anyone who has been to Israel will know that typical Jew looks like that, NOT like Bar Rafaeli (who definately looks like she has some German (Nordic) blood in her).
    And so sick and tired how you Jews promote yourself, your evil values and how you help each other climb on the top typical in Hollywood. Maybe some people like me are tired of your nipotism and your Sarah’s faces on the screen. Maybe some people want someone more human like. With face features in proportion.

  7. Lea

    Jew = Israeli? Wrong. Israelis aren’t all Jews and all Jews certainly are not all Israelis.

  8. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I congratulate you, Jew on pointing to me how I should educate myself about your jewsness. Maybe I will open a text book on jewsology and SUDDELY see a very beautiful blond blue eyed girl like above in ALL the pictures and then go to Irael – WOW all women there look exactly like Bar Rafaeli, Nooo Noo, I am so wrong, forgive me. All Jews in the world are attractive like that, in fact Bar is so typical. Let me google pictures of Israel – wow really. EVERY single woman is damn Bar Rafaeli. Nah, Bar Rafaeli smokes anxiously in the corner because she is NOTHING comparing to you and to them.

  9. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Yeah. Maybe I should go and read up on some and look at you for some more cause DAMN SURE there is not enough of you people sticking out of everywhere ALREADY.

  10. Lea

    Well I guess since I’m NOT Israeli I can’t be a Jew. Ho hum tweedledeedum.

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I didn’t say you would be a jew only if you are from israel, you are mean typical jew and perverted my words.

  12. Lea

    Oh but I can’t be Jewish! I have eastern european blood and according to you there is some Jewish blood pool that exists somewhere…but it can’t be Israel since that country is made up of Jews/Christians/Muslims. Where can it be? I bet Carmen Sandiego is there!

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    112 You know, let me just tell you, be proud of who you are, Jew. There is so much to be proud of. I wish they put your face on the screen too, cause you are such a long -suffering people and need sympathy.

  14. Moron Doctor

    Oh crap!

    There are no such things as Jews! I just found out guys–we are all born from MONKEYS. We are all descendants from the fertile crescent! Holy shit we are all traceable back to a mitochondrial DNA sourced Mother.

  15. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I’m an idiot. I love penis in my mouth.

  16. Doc Schweinstrudel

    114 Typically you would deny the truth when it looks at you hard. You Jews have hereditary diseases which doctors of medicine have to study separately (from all other folks).
    And so typical that you say of Israel, like Palestine has never happened to distract attention from what you did and continue doing to Palestinians in the XXI century.
    People around the world hate you and this will not stop. I’m glad that Bar moved and didn’t serve in the evil army who fucked up all the middle east. You go around the world massacre people and get away with this cause you infiltrated every damn thing you could.

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I’m sorry, my mother never taught me right from wrong.

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Thank you Mrs Frankenstein, for telling me I love cock in my mouth. Even with being an idiot and a cock in my mouth I WOULD STILL NOT BE EVIL UGLY JEW

  19. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I don’t know anything about Frankenstein. He’s actually the human doctor who created a monster often mistakenly referred to as Frankenstein.

    Oops. My bad.

  20. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I don’t know anything about Frankenstein. He’s actually the human doctor who created a monster often mistakenly referred to as Frankenstein.

    Oops. My bad.

  21. Lea Frankenstein, ( self proclaimed) hot JEW

    Well…let me see, HO HO HO how many UN treaties have we broken today? How many Palestinians died? What??? NOT TOO MUCH. Please, tell the media how they should portray it in our favour for all the dumb goy folk. Call Sarah, I need to be on that show!

  22. wtf

    Lea stop paying attention to this troll freak. Either he’s for real *inwhich case I hope he’s sterile* or he’s a bored teenager.

  23. Lea Frankenstein, ( self proclaimed) hot JEW

    I’m a bored teenager.

  24. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I <3 Jews.

  25. Lea Frankenstein, ( self proclaimed) hot JEW

    Sterile and with a cock in my mouth. Gorgling your Jewish semen.

  26. Lea Frankenstein, ( self proclaimed) hot JEW

    I agree, 124, jews buttfucked the ENTIRE PLANET

  27. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Mmmmmmmm Lea you sound like my type. A/S/L ? HAWT

  28. Lea Frankenstein, ( self proclaimed) hot JEW

    they just stuck American’s taxpayer nuclear warhead up my ass. The location changes with wind. WIll be at your house soon.

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ooooh yeah baby.

    Is it okay that I’m riddled with herpes and have an inverted penis? Thnxbai!

  30. Lea Frankenstein, ( self proclaimed) hot JEW

    No biggies, as long as your little penis is circumsized and you wear those breads while doing it. HAAVA LAHILA HAAAWA LAHILA LEI LEI LAAA

  31. Yos

    Very n ice!

  32. brooklyn

    This is where the Superficial loses it.

    The stereotype is fun, but pretty tiresome as well.

    The idea Republicans drive oil tankers to work, and Democrats don’t drive the SUVs?

    The concept Republicans don’t recycle?


    It reveals a very provincial political bigotry.

    The Superficial can do better.

  33. Movie Watcher

    Someone on here a time ago bragged that most of Hollywood was Jewish. No wonder tv has changed so much. The values have degenerated and vulgarity now passes for wit. Fuck they tried to put Howard Stern on American Idol. Why? He is a pig and a pervert and offers nothing to society other than his dirty fucking mouth.
    I don’t know guys, but if you know anything at all about world history particularly this century’s, you will realize that some evil sonofabitches run the show.

    Time to change the channel.

  34. ddffdf

    What sucks is how unhealthy this woman is….always chain-smoking, probably a coke-head…She’s like a rotting corpse is a beautiful doll wrapper.

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Lea. You can steal my identity any time you want (Was it you posting as “Bar Rafaeli” as well) . It flatters me a lot, dear so please, procede, Frankenstein, sick and tired of ya. One wouldn’t know what normal people look like, judging by the tv screen. As for me I want different normal people let them be overweight, multiracial, dumb, but I’m sick of you guys, your immorality that you try to inflict upon us.

  36. Lea, you really love defending the butterfaces. You must be one, although I suspect you are fat like Christina Hwhatever. Natalie Portman had a nose job in college and she is dumb. She only supported Roman Polanski b/c he is Jewish like her. She’s an over-the-top Zionist and her Wiki page proves that her heart belongs in Israel.

  37. listennnnnnn!!!!
    ????? ????? ????????!!!! ?? ?? ????????????!!

  38. Shut up Olfactory

    #137 you should really get out more. Bar aint shit.

    ????? ????? ????????!!!! ?? ?? ????????????

  39. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ich liebe Juden!

  40. Very sexy woman. Curvy and not stick thin like most models today.

  41. Lea

    I have no real opinion of this chick except that she is not fat or unseemly looking.
    She’s got a far better body than you ever will. If you are another Jew Hater then it makes sense you are so ugly on the outside with all that evil on the inside. Hate black chicks too? How about Arabs?

    Didn’t post as Bar, I don’t speak/write/know hebrew.

    Jews aren’t immoral you piece of shit. They wrote the frakking old testament that is the cornerstone of Christianity and Islam. I’m not religious in the least but I do recognize that these books created the legal codes that have helped regulate our society since their inception. (Though they have also all done their fair share of causing war as well.)

    Of course any educated person can tell you all about Hamurabi and other rules of even older polytheistic religions that are what the Old Testament pulled from. It certainly isn’t the original text, just the one that is most widely disseminated today.

  42. shh

    Doc Schweinstrudel: the ONLY hot jew????????
    In the last issue of sports illustrated there were 2 Israeli jewish models. Bar Refaeli and Estee Ginsburg. Given the percentage of jews in the world population, this throws your theory down the drain.

  43. #69 !!
    truley i feel bad for people like you..because of people like you the holacost tooked place and take my advice,come to israel and see for yourself how people around here are so beatiful inside and outside !
    so shame on you !!!

  44. Blonde and Blue

    Dear barbi above cunt: how are the people who are Palestinian doing over there? From what I read and hear and see not so well.
    There have been many holocausts throughout history. Try picking up a book for a change and read about other people rather than just your own.
    As to the Old Testament, are you serious?

  45. jkay

    she’s def not fat but her legs upset me a little. she’s a gorgeous girl but their too thin. guys think its hot in pictures but when you see her in life its kind of scary.

  46. Lucy fer

    Sue me you bitch I am a lawyer. This is the us and we all have first amendment rights so we can say whatever we want. I truly hope that this is you up there and you get the message that you are despised and viewed as a loser internationally. You absolutley are a piece of meat and not a choice cut at that. As far as respecting you and leo, stop talking about him like you are really a couple that is going to last. Put it this way if he wouldn’t marry Gisele you think he’s going to marry you? Nice job with the fake engagement rumors that was so transparent! I mean Leo must really be stupid if he doesn’t know who’s doing this with you wearing the gumball machine ring and all in Berlin. As for the housekeeping at target that was real obvious who did that too.

    Nice spoof if it isn’t you. You are the type of bitch who
    is just minimally intelligent enough to get herself in trouble likesetting up an offshore account to hide from taxes is really going to work.

    Pretty fades. Stupid is forever!

    Leo wise up! Alamo

  47. mackmamma

    and another thing !

    I had to switch to my desktop from my Ipod Touch just to keep going ! This is GREAT ! I’ve so longed to tell her what I think of her…….if that is her and not a good spoof.

    BAR, just get it though your head. You are NOT that pretty. NO ONE EVER HEARD OF YOU before you started fucking Leonardo. NO ONE! You would NEVER have gotten in SI without him. NEVER! People hate you because you are undeserving of what you get, but that is OK because you wont be getting it too much longer. I’ll be suprised if you are EVER in SI again, and really, there are only so many bikini and lingerie companies. You will NEVER do runway because you are TOO SHORT and you will NEVER do couture or cosmetics because you are TOO DAMN MEDIOCRE. Leo only fucks you because you have a fleeting resemblance to him and the face he loves the most is his own.
    GISELE was a real model who made EVEN more than Leo did, (150 million)
    and so she could walk away with nothing lost. You havent made even 1/75th
    of what GISELE made on her own, and you will never do ANYTHING else.
    You must have a PHD in cocksucking though, with that little pie hole mouth you look like a blow-up doll. AND, you have to pay some MAJOR back taxes.




  48. mackmamma



  49. Lea

    thanks superficial! I totally forgot about Mila Kunis. Another great jewish beauty.

  50. Yasmine Bleeth comes to mind. She’s hot

    And Lea, enough w/calling me fat. My ass stops traffic in Manhattan…

    You don’t own a site b/c owning a site and posting every day takes balls.

    Thanks to you my comment section is now ON MODERATION!

    You live out east in the boonies, in Suffolk County so STFU!

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