Bar Refaeli in a bikini

February 22nd, 2010 // 185 Comments

Here’s Bar Refaeli in Mexico on Sunday which got me thinking: If I threatened to vote Republican and start driving an oil tanker to work, would Leonardo DiCaprio let me have sex with his girlfriend? What if I just promised to start recycling? That’s gotta be worth at least a boob grab. Above the shirt.

UPDATE: Last offer. I’ll finally watch An Inconvenient Truth, but only if it’s projected on Bar’s naked ass. Think of the children!

Photos: Splash News

  1. wow

    her body is literally perfect. anyone who thinks she has a ‘gut’ or weird legs or something is wrong with her ass is just intimidated by her absolute perfection. she is unbelievably hot. and the red sox hat makes her even hotter…if that was possible.

    and @ #8 jeff – you are the one who needs to relax. he was making a joke because leo is super political and very liberal. he wasn’t just randomly trying to push his own agenda. looks like liberals aren’t stupid, jeff, its you!

  2. datroof

    Israeli = Jew = likes it up the pooper

    Good body and face to boot. Hot and down for anal. She’s a keeper!

    Someone should nab her while Leo is off making another one of his shitty, overrated movies. Shutter Island was too long and boring and Leo wore the same “I’m so tortured” expression the whole film. And at the big “reveal” several people fake gasped cracking up the whole audience.

    Bar’s too good for Leo now. Come home to papa, baby!!!! I forgive you!!!!!

  3. Dirk

    Her left tit is considerably bigger than her right tit.

  4. Not a good pair of legs to stand on

    Face aint that hot (of course) and her gut is sagging not to mention her legs are not very nice.
    Sorry to disappointment her little fan club of fugs.

  5. Some Girl

    I am completely bewildered by these “gut” comments… I mean, you’re joking right? And the sarcasm isn’t being delivered well through typing? Because I work out every day, weigh just over 100 pounds, and my first thought was, “How is her stomach so perfectly flat?” I work, work, and wish for a stomach like hers. Bar, I hate you. I hate you because you’re beautiful.

  6. Fat Chicks Suck

    She definitely doesn’t have a gut – anybody that thinks she does is a moron. She might look even hotter if she lost 5 pounds…but it’s hard to say for sure. She looks pretty damn good considering these are candid photos.

    She doesn’t have the typical supermodel shape…but that has to do with her bodytype and not her fitness level.

  7. She might look even hotter if she lost 5 pounds

    I dedicate this to the fan above me, you idiot.
    I see chicks this hot all day long. (well, in the states of course as we are a much more attractive people)

  8. britt

    She got hard boobs for such a soft looking body – which leads me to believe they are not real. but she’s got a good body – accept for her short legs–but i could live with that, so long as she stays on her on her cute knobby knees 24/7.

  9. Movie Buff

    The blue back cover of the BOOK she holds shows that it is “ALL BECAUSE OF TOM,” by Assaf Shapira. I know they’ve been working on an English version, and probably a Hollywood screen adaptation titled “”. Will Bar play the lead maybe?

  10. gen

    What gut!?!?

    You guys are fucking annoying assholes. Her body is perfect.

  11. Janet

    GUT?!?!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?! ….?!?!?!?!?!?!?! people, all of you, go find a full body mirror and proceed to lift your shirts if you want to see a real gut. her bod is gorgeous even in candid photos taken from horribly unflattering angles! her face? still painfully plain… but her bod is f’ing hot

  12. Jammy

    Now this is what a woman’s body should look like, not like that curveless bean pole Alessandra Ambrosia, and these arent even airbrushed! why would anyone say she needs to lose weight! she’s still a butterface though

  13. See Alice

    Nice gut . Forget her ! Where has Kelly Brook been ?

  14. Jay Popeski

    skinny fat!

  15. Lea

    Doc Schweinstrudel- way to be a dumb bigot. the ONLY hot jew?

    How depressing to see the level of anti-antisemitism on here

  16. You Are SO Pathetic :)

    Don’t mind the delusional anorexic hags on here. They clearly are self-loathing and have mental problems.

  17. Z-Jay

    Bar wrote in Hebrew:
    “Thank you for reading this. My lawyer will contact you soon”.

    This sounds like something Linsay Lohan would say.
    @ 19: LiLo is that you?

  18. medi0169

    She’s pretty hot, for a Jew.

  19. Empress

    #19 can’t actually be Bar, because then she would’ve misspelled her own name. Being that it’s Refaeli, not Rafaeli.

    And for all you losers saying that she has a gut, weird legs, too skinny, etc. You people are pathetic. You morons probably wouldn’t look this good after working out for the next three months and getting airbrushed and photoshopped, let alone in random candids like this chick. She has an awesome body and you people are just haters.

  20. George Clooney...really!

    I would love to french kiss her vagina….so hot!

    Where did the ugg come from? Most people will tell you that UGG Australia is the brainchild of Australian Brian Smith, who first brought his bag of sheep skins to America in 1978 with a plot to take over the country two feet at a time. This is not the complete story, however. Before the UGG, with two capital G’s, there was the ug, the ugg, the ugh, and even the fug. If ugg means ugly what does fug mean? Get your mind out of the gutter; a fug is a flying ugg, worn by WWI pilots.

  22. OMG, this girl’s torso/hip area is freaky. Just bad genes. But great surgeon who fixed her nose when she was 16. He didn’t give her that “parrot beak”.

  23. Lemmy Caution

    A marvel of architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright would agree.

  24. Vinnie the Chin

    Motorboat city!

  25. Legz Akimbo

    She needs to work out on those legs.

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  27. Doc Schweinstrudel


  28. bitch

    I dont care about her and her huge boobs…wheres her boyfriend???!??!?!?! LEOOOOOOOO <3333

  29. bitch

    PS Shutter Island was the best movie so far this year, whoever thinks its boring is of low intelligence. ^

  30. captain america


  31. gen


    Whaaaat? I’d never heard of it. What’s your source, guy?

  32. there seems to be a lot of aggresive comments here, they are only pictures !!!

  33. Lea

    Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman come to mind immediately. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rachel Bilson is jewish, Scarlett Johanason has a Jewish mother. Michelle Trachtenberg. Jessalyn Gilsig. Idina Menzel, Keri Russel.

    Spread your hatred all you like, it’s based off ignorance and stupidity.

  34. Lea

    Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman come to mind immediately. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rachel Bilson is jewish, Scarlett Johanason has a Jewish mother. Michelle Trachtenberg. Jessalyn Gilsig. Idina Menzel, Keri Russel.

    Spread your hatred all you like, it’s based off ignorance and stupidity.

  35. Lea

    Oh and there’s Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui who is amazingly hot.

    PS: calling me a Jew because I stand up for them = flawed logic.

    Oh and it’s nice to see fat kitten back here again making comments about chicks waaaaaaay skinnier than her.

  36. yarr

    who the hell finds this weird alien good looking. shes got hobbit feet and weird angled knees.

  37. chosen

    My family heritage is only Geman Irish Swedish Dutch
    We are second rate and according to some have no soul
    I wish I was chosen by God but alas, not

    I wonder if stuff like this makes people mad?

  38. Doc Schweinstrudel

    #92 Rachel Weisz is kinda unconventional in the face, personally I don’t find her beautiful (nothing like Bar, for sure). Natalie Portman is actually Polish-Romanian (although she is trying to hide it) and thats why she is beautiful. SMG – fuck you she is ugly as fuck, young SJP!!!! List goes on and on but her look at yourself in the mirror, another big nosed Sarah, you are ugly as well!!
    Most importantly, you ugly jews spread your Zionist atheist movement across the world. YET You call yourself “Gods chosen people” why are you so buttugly if you are so special??? Next point: everybody knows that you have volumes of hereditary diseases in your DNA (which any doctor of medicine would know) cause you felt like you were too good and multiplied only between yourselves (inbred thus ugly).
    Last but not the least: you came to other people’s land with your bulldozers leveled others people homes and now the native people of Palestine live in a fucking concentration camp and that is in the XXI century!!! You promote yourselves and your immoral values of profits across the world and we have to look at those ugly jewish Sarahs on our movie screens, while there are people more talented and MUCH better looking working as waitresses in next coffee shops. Get out of the damn movies, I am tired of your ugly faces!

  39. One of the most beautiful models out there, and not too thin.

  40. hateyoufornoreason


  41. Hot Jew

    @Doc Schweinstrudel: Natalie Portman is 100% Jewish.
    What about the other SI Israeli model Esti Ginzburg?

  42. Doc Schweinstrudel

    99 Typical Jewish Name, Natalie, hah? Anyone looking at her would say she is Polish-Romanian looking rather than a Jew. Don’t fucking delude yourself. She has Eastern European roots along with Jewish AND THAT IS WHY SHE IS ATTRACTIVE.

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