Bar Refaeli in a bikini

February 22nd, 2010 // 185 Comments

Here’s Bar Refaeli in Mexico on Sunday which got me thinking: If I threatened to vote Republican and start driving an oil tanker to work, would Leonardo DiCaprio let me have sex with his girlfriend? What if I just promised to start recycling? That’s gotta be worth at least a boob grab. Above the shirt.

UPDATE: Last offer. I’ll finally watch An Inconvenient Truth, but only if it’s projected on Bar’s naked ass. Think of the children!

Photos: Splash News

  1. the o

    starting early today


    bar is my shit

  3. croissant, coffee and boobs, nice monday !

  4. Cam

    Awesome woman.

  5. Jeff

    shut the fuck up with your political shit! god you suck now fish, what would you voting republican have to do with any of this? fuckin liberals

  6. No much to say. Not to good.

  7. Her body makes me sad that I’m sitting on the computer looking at these pics and comments. Meaning, I need to start working out 2+ hours a day. And I did once have a great body.

  8. Littlecupcakes

    What’s happened to that girl’s legs?

  9. OVER RATED!!!!….but yes, I still would!
    Definitely Over-Rated.

  10. josh

    Is Leonardo still hitting her ? I thought she was available… What’s her phone number ?

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  12. NG

    Side pic is ok, but I see a gut. Photoshop where are you now???

  13. whoprey

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  14. this certainly made my day

  15. Rantamundo

    A gut? Really? What the fuck is wrong with you people? There is no gut there. Look at how her back curves at exactly the same spot you see the “gut”. Fuck, she’s got a perfect weight, if not even a tad underweight. There’s really something wrong with you. Do you know how many women would kill themselves for a stomach like that? Some actually do start killing themselves through anorexia. Give yourself a big fucking applause.

  16. Bar Rafaeli

    this is my first time on your website.I am not too pleased with the comment you have made. Perhaps you should give me and Leo some respect. I am not just a piece of meat you can look at, but I am a person and a professional model which is what i do. I am truly grateful for the support you have for my photographs, but there is no need to comment disrespectfully at my body.

    ???? ?? ?? ????? ??. ????? ??? ??? ????? ???? ??? ????? ..

  17. Puddin' Taine

    Perfect body, definitely NOT overrated. So what if everytime I look at her God kills a kitten?

  18. friendlyfires

    @Bar Rafaeli

    Welcome To The Superficial, Bar. Get used to it. It is a satirical celebrity snark website. Think of it as being abused on a daily basis by Seth McFarland, but without all the blood, snot and feces that perpetuate his twenty three minute animated romp through celebrity -pop-culture fizz.

  19. friendlyfires

    @Bar Rafaeli

    To put it another, Bar, your image is nothing than another sock brought to life in this websites rampaging puppet show. Order another refreshing beverage, lie on the beach and try not to notice the paparazzi trying to get a quick shot of your taint – ask Leo, he’ll explain it.

  20. NG

    Do some abs Bar, that can only help you get back with Leo. Fat bitch.

  21. NG

    I meant: do some crunches. It’s hard to write on crack.

  22. captain america

    maybe it’s mexico’s fault?

  23. hey what happen with her,she not looking hot in bikini.she should take care of her figure.

  24. crypitic arrangement of symbols

    Hi Bar, I hear you ran out on your military service? What a traitor and selfish pig you are! As to the writing in swahilit or whatever barbarian language that was, can you please translate? IT is rude to do that you know. Of course, a skank like you would not know that. Let me make this clear in good ole American English:
    Nice ASS though!

  25. NG

    @Advanced Acai: totally agree with you. Beer belly is disgusting on women.

  26. gahhh

    Wow, the writer is such a douchefuck. How about she will fuck you if you are as hot as her, and not because you don’t destroy the envrionment on your way to work (although I didn’t know they was an actual commute from the couch to your computer).

  27. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Her figure looks weird in pic 3 but maybe she’s just on her period…
    Still maybe the only knock out gorgeous jew on the planet!
    Heya, keeping a low profile, sexy bum? I like you, when the Earth is mine your death shall be quick and painless.

  28. Anexio

    Nice pics of Israel’s favorite draft dodger.

    Fat gut.


  29. hank

    Good body, but has the legs of a 3rd world anorexia victim. Blech… Then again, so do most girls in hollywood. I wish Jessica Beil would go back to being a bit thicker, she was super hot then.

  30. blah

    Hey, Bar, By not paying your taxes in Israel you must have some extra cash, why don`t you buy a gym membership? With that gut and your weird oompa loompa legs you won`t be able to keep Leo on the long run! LOL!
    Where`s photoshop when it`s REALLY needed?
    Not impressed at all. Way overrated, definitely not a supermodel. Famous girlfriend, that`s all.


  32. bbw28

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  33. Austin Powerovich

    Looks like Bar wrote in Hebrew:
    “Thank you for reading this. My lawyer will contact you soon”.

    Anyone who thinks that she is fat is on crack. She`s got an awesome body.Don`t listen to this dumbasses, Bar.

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  35. "Thank you for reading this. My lawyer will contact you soon".

    Ass-face above me, please leave the living. Bar is a second rate model. I would rate her at about an 8.

  36. This and That

    @Bar Rafaeli

    You are a piece of meat. You get paid $$$ for your body. That’s it.

    BTW. Your legs are freekish on your body. You’re just not that hot. I wouldn’t call you a “Super” model.

  37. mfbinc

    whoa she let herself boldy go…

  38. Dirk Diggler

    In picture 7 it is like her bikini bottom is an arrow saying “Stick it in here”.

  39. humina.....


    I would let you pee on me!

  40. + boobs
    + nice ass
    + normal thumbs
    + white skin (in other words, not black)

    - gunt
    - jew
    - leo

    in conclusion, if any of you find a lower jaw bone, please contact roger ebert.

  41. humina.....

    To all the folks who think she has a “gut?”……..really? are you kidding me?
    Beauty was placed on this earth to be admired… just sit back and admire.

  42. You belong in a Zoo

    SHe has the body of a griaffe.

  43. an Israeli officer & a true gentleman

    what’s gone in to you all?
    give Bar a break..
    she – alike all celebs deserves a little slack..
    Can’t she go on vacation without having pathetic vultures harrassing her?!
    jealousy will get you nowhere..please get a life..

    ??, ?? ???????..????? ?????..?????? ????..?????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???

  44. coco

    Natural beauty! I love!

  45. jerry

    she looks like a cheese asss. nice tits though! thats about it. hate the big double chin face.

  46. BiJenni

    Goddamn, I would SO do her!

  47. wow

    her body is literally perfect. anyone who thinks she has a ‘gut’ or weird legs or something is wrong with her ass is just intimidated by her absolute perfection. she is unbelievably hot. and the red sox hat makes her even hotter…if that was possible.

    and @ #8 jeff – you are the one who needs to relax. he was making a joke because leo is super political and very liberal. he wasn’t just randomly trying to push his own agenda. looks like liberals aren’t stupid, jeff, its you!

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