Bar Refaeli in a bikini

August 13th, 2009 // 196 Comments

A crew member on the set of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition posted the above behind-the-scene photos of Bar Refaeli on Twitter late last night which proves a long-held theory of mine: Jesus works for SI – but only the swimsuit issues. As for his use of Twitter, honestly, I’d thought that’d be a little too fruity for him. Plus he only has 12 followers which is kind of embarrassing. (I went for it.)


  1. Deacon Jones


    Your reply caused my eyes to develop a distant, glassy stare, the same one I get when I listened to fat black women bitch about something while they make zig-zag patterns in the air with their right arms.

    Please post a pic of yourself so I can stab my computer screen with a rusty pocket knife.

  2. Dread not

    17. Deacon Jones – August 13, 2009 1:17 PM


    Once in a blue moon, there comes along the kind of woman who’s so hot, you’d be willing to rape her in front of the police and spend the next 20 years of your life behind bars. This, is one of them.

    Fuck you Leonardo

    Dn: You know damn well you’d just rape her in front of the cops, so they’d throw your ass in jail where the REAL raping you’re looking for would take place. Hence the, “fuck you Leonardo.”

    I’d like to show, Bar, the motion of my ocean

  3. nameless2

    lol funny Deacon. U may be right

  4. Dear Deacon

    Unlike the Butterface goddess here, I don’t paste pics of my face nor my jutting out ass anywhere. I am not a whore. Like your wife and mother.

  5. Deacon Jones


    Well that’s a good thing. The second you did something like that your computer would bitch slap you.

  6. £it

    @ 52

  7. A+

    world’s best dumper …….unless you are a fruit or jealous porker………………..what’s a face?

  8. @25FromTheChronicWankers

    @25…ok your such a man then you get a non-photoshop picture of yourself with your arm around Bar (clothing Optional) and in your other hand you hold up a sign that says : F*CK YOU DEACON JONES: REAL MEN GET THE GIRL AND DON”T HAVE TA MASTURBATE” . Do this and be respected. Don’t do this and open your mouth to taste the love of my man gravy.

  9. Adolf

    I’d like to spin my dreidel in her kibbutz….if you know what I mean.

  10. Mary

    She has a sick body! WOW there is nothing wrong at all !

  11. Wow. Curvy and sexy. Nice change from all the skinny, stick figures you see from most hollywood types.

  12. Moose Knuckle

    I’d drag my bag across a mile of broken glass just to suck the last cock that fucked her.

  13. AJ4584

    that orange bathing suit is very very cute!!

  14. AJ4584

    that orange bathing suit is very very cute!!

  15. Jethro

    I think the natural look is the best look.

  16. Yitzak

    She could stand to lose a few pounds.

  17. Big O

    Oh the things I would eat out of her ass….

  18. Delgo

    I’d eat her used toilet tissue

  19. Jester

    I would lick her butthole repeatedly.

  20. Moses

    I’d part her like the Red Sea, and follow any commanments from her burning bush. I’d wander in her desert for years, and ask God to her peehole go.

  21. Deacon Jones


    “I’d like to show, Bar, the motion of my ocean”

    WTF does that mean? I’m behind on my butch lesbian terms

  22. itzcock rabin

    I’d lick the schmutz off my own schmeckle after schtuping her … yes?

  23. I think Bar would’ve convert Hitler. its just my opinion…

  24. Hitler wouldve want to be call Yidsh-cock Yank-el…

    I know these things- im clairvoyant

  25. Religious Scholar

    I’d bang her 8 times with my flesh candle, once for each day of Hanukah.

    I’d pass over her unleavened snatch for Passover.

    I’d Yom her in the Kippur for Yom Kippur.

    I’d ram my yarmulke so deep into her synagoge that she’d scream for more of the Torah.

    I’d put cream cheese into her bagel hole, after licking her lox.

  26. wtf

    Seriously, which doctor did that boob job?

  27. wtf

    Seriously, which doctor did that boob job?

  28. Detroit

    This woman is my motivation. I have a picture of her on the wall across from my elliptical, and one of Marisa Miller by my treadmill. *sigh*

  29. Kyle

    I dunno, jumpy #76 and #77, but he deserves the Israeli Medal of Honor.

  30. Richard McBeef

    Let me be Pacific, I wanna be down in your south Seas, but I got this notion that the motion of your ocean means small craft advisory

    @71 – I think it means taking her to a WNBA game but it could also mean something about softball.

  31. Pat Robertson

    If she let me bang her, I’d even forgive her people for murdering Jesus.

  32. kingofbeer

    She’s PERFECT! Perfection!

  33. PhDiego

    #81 LMAO

    but seriously, even Arafat would start working for the Mossad for her..

  34. Tanzarian

    I’d blow my hot schpilkis in her genectagazoink.

  35. STL Hawkeye

    Let me see, Bar Refaeli in a bikini or some Iranian broad in a burka. Tough decision, thinking, thinking……

  36. puhleez

    look at her work that pussy!

  37. Gando

    Isn’t that a great tan!?

  38. How could anyone insult this woman’s appearance? She is absolutely gorgeous and her body is flawless. Her breasts aren’t fake by the way. Her face is adorable, she’s curvy and looks healthy. Some of you are nuts!

  39. Nero

    Damn,that ass is nearly perfect!

  40. cze

    jebaubym az by spuchla

  41. really?

    Okay, you know how they do the “painted on swimsuit” thing with body paint sometimes? Is that green and white one real or painted on? The strings could be glued on. I swear it looks faked- even with the folds.

  42. Hefe


    Don’t let your sexual orientation cloud your judgment regarding her beauty.

    It’s ok that you swallow the pole, but to knock her looks because of it is just absurd.

  43. Jesus, lay off the donuts you revolting fatass.

  44. lizzy

    that orange bathing suit is ADORABLE, and she looks really cute in the last 2 pictures. the green suit is cute too.

    i still don’t think her face is all that great. ridiculous body.

    oh well.

  45. John

    Stunning, absolutely stunning

  46. Wow. Life is a good.

  47. martina

    Any guys who are complaining about her should be summarily executed, and their pathetic carcasses dragged through the streets of Tel Aviv, and then dumped into the Red Sea to be fed to the sharks.


    fake tits dont indent under the pressue of the top
    thats pure heaven bay beee

  49. Meh

    Yeah it’s a boob-job, but who cares? It looks good.

  50. anonymous

    if it is a boob job, it’s very natural looking…the orange bikini bottoms are a bit too snug, they make her hips look weird

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