Bar Refaeli in a bikini

August 13th, 2009 // 196 Comments

A crew member on the set of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition posted the above behind-the-scene photos of Bar Refaeli on Twitter late last night which proves a long-held theory of mine: Jesus works for SI – but only the swimsuit issues. As for his use of Twitter, honestly, I’d thought that’d be a little too fruity for him. Plus he only has 12 followers which is kind of embarrassing. (I went for it.)


  1. Newcastle


  2. urpo

    hassut hartiat

  3. Jacksback

    Thats what im talking about

    your daddy sure do love his job MMHhh

  4. Harold^Sick

    Six to twelve in nanoseconds.

  5. Leo

    i can’t wait to see what the haters have to say..

  6. Ohhhh myyy

    SHE´SSSSSSSSSSSS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. omg something happened in my pants

  8. knowitall

    i want her butt!

  9. x-ray

    That pooper’s winking at me !

  10. Mickey0123

    In my humble opinion she is the hottest girl on the planet right now. I would like to know what Leo is getting that is better than this.

  11. BENJY


  12. Buffalo Bill

    It puts the themometer in the pooper!

  13. Hash

    BENJY admit it, you just wanna fuck her in the a$$.

  14. OMG

    Those pictures make my johnson dance happy without viagra. I would clean Bar’s toilets just to hear her say thank you.

  15. JDBarron

    My computer monitor is now covered with homemade yogurt.

  16. Deacon Jones


    Once in a blue moon, there comes along the kind of woman who’s so hot, you’d be willing to rape her in front of the police and spend the next 20 years of your life behind bars. This, is one of them.

    Fuck you Leonardo

  17. Deacon Jim


    I’d kill the cops while I’m at it, too, so I could rape her again.

  18. Taco

    Oh my, bikini tops that fit. I never thought I’d see the day.

  19. Truth

    For a girl that hot, she must be a complete bitch for any guy to send her packing

  20. Nameless

    And people think Megan Fox is the hottest thing out there. Let’s see Megan do something like this under natural lightning and looks this great.

  21. jealousbitch

    Yes. She has an incredibly gorgeous body, I wish I looked that amazing! Her face, though, not so much.

  22. Dieter

    Afterward, I would remember our passionate lovemaking every time I look at the lampshade.

  23. farles chew

    My gawd! That ass could lead us to world peace!

  24. yeah right

    1. Fake tits.
    2. Ugly face.
    Yeah you chronic masturbators are buying into this shit. You should see the pics of her without her makeup. She’s hot but not that hot. I see chicks better than her in the mall everytime I go.
    Yeah I know she is an “industry girl”. *wink*

  25. Harry

    Take a long look at pic #2 and remember: Leonardo DiCaprio got tired of that.

  26. She is absolutely gorgeous. Leo Dicaprio must be gutted he is no longer with her.

  27. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    She makes me want to support Israel.

  28. Larry

    #24, that ass has already led me to a world record explosion in my pants.

  29. Yasser

    I’d bulldoze 10,000 Palestinian settlers just to get to her.

  30. Dayyyyyam

    BOING! Smoking hot.

  31. Holy Hell

    I would walk through 5 miles of broken glass barefooted just to sniff where she last pissed.

  32. Moe says

    @23: She’s perfect , rich & a jetsetter and you’re a laptop pirate in the basement. Booyah biatchee!

  33. torah torah

    Superfish, how could Jesus have anything to do with this? She’s a Jew!

  34. nerp

    #25 hangs out at the mall

  35. uh Uh UH! Yeah ... hand me a kleenex, and clean yourself up. Here's $10, take a taxi home.

    Agrred. She must be a total fucking nightmare for Leonardo Dicaprio to ditch that.

    Yasser, I’d bulldoze 10,000 Palestinians just for the fun of it. What’s your point?

  36. YeahRightRetort

    @25…I masturbate in front of her just to hear her say pig

  37. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  38. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  39. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  40. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  41. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  42. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  43. nameless2

    Jesus was jewish too moron

  44. nasty me

    wardrobe people:: BIKINI BOTTOMS ARE TOO SMALL

    love handles anyone?

  45. LOL

    #38,#39,#40,#41,#42,#43,#44: when calling someone a moron, it’s best not to hit the “post” button over and over and over again, like a retard.

  46. Sarah

    #45, on a chick this fine, there is no such thing as a “too small” bikini.

  47. Moses

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about

  48. nameless2

    the button got stuckkkkkkkkk

  49. LAW

    hmmm….. she is a very pretty girl but no different than any other pretty white girl walking around L.A. county.

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